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  1. Exactly my point! Thanks, Adrian!
  2. Is it just me, or can anyone else not notice any improvements other than the Cub? And I don't see that as anything important, when the water still doesn't look like water! Ok, maybe we still see the flickering trees, the weird look on the ground through the clouds, the terrible anti-aliasing, The "locked spot" view has never been locked, as it floats and changes during flight. We are supposed to believe that it's not "optimized" yet because they are still working with True Sky? Scrap it, and work with Active Sky or REX and cloud issues solved!! Or, even the default FSX cloud textures were better! Had my hopes up and still do for DTG, but can they at least make it look good first, then move on? I will keep hanging in there, hoping! Mike
  3. Hello, Let's face it, I have enormous faith that DTG will come up with a final version that might just blow our minds! But until then, why does the scenery look so bad, including trees, clouds(I know True Sky is involved), general anti-aliasing and so on....I keep trying it now and then, but, well, you know. Mike
  4. Very Interesting! Thank you, Jim. That satisfies my curiosity, wondering if any of the ACES team are still involved at any capacity! Thanks, Mike
  5. Thanks, Raymond. I wonder if anyone else here has info on the ACES team? I'm just curious if they are still involved, and helping out! Mike
  6. We all realize it's not the best it can be. That's what makes you wonder why they keep building on it?? Like you said, is it the money? Mike
  7. Maybe they're (ACES) still laying in the pink sand on some tropical beach, high-fiving and ordering surf and turf to enjoy with their cool tropical drinks, then using the little cocktail umbrella's to pick the steak and lobster out of their teeth? Just Wondering, Mike
  8. Wow! I have been thinking about this for the longest time, wondering if anyone would bring it up! They (ACES) must have known that they built the best possible code for the best Flight Simulator. Why else would Lockheed Martin P3D and now DTG FSW not just scrap it and come up with a better platform to build on? Speaking of the ACES team, has anyone heard from any of them? If any of them are still involved in developing or assisting add on developers? Thanks, Mike
  9. Spot on, Michael!! I can't believe more people haven't commented on this! Didn't DTG FSW have any other choices? The default FSX clouds are an upgrade compared to "True Sky". Michael.
  10. Hate to disagree, Chock, because I respect and follow your posts, but True Sky in FSW really looks bad, I think. Nothing like REX or any other weather programs. I call it False Sky!! It's awefull!! Unless they fix it. We'll see, but I think they had a lot better options. Mike
  11. Does anyone know what was updated today? It ran an auto update, but no announcement, or details. Looks and seems all the same to me. Checked the forum, and nothing. Thanks! Mike
  12. Because I think the FSX standard lessons are the same, better actually, without the injected DRAMA, while based on the same lesson. Check it out for yourself.
  13. Hey, All! Has anyone compared the standard FSX "learning center"/lessons to DTG FSW? As a private pilot, I think the FSW lessons are an insult, and quite comical, to be honest. Therefore, didn't anyone notice that "DTG Flight School" was a complete waste of time? The FSX Learning Center Lessons are so much more realistic! Mike.
  14. I totally agree with this, too! Thanks, ca_metal
  15. I agree with airernie. waiting for the tree flickering to be fixed ! mike.
  16. Yes, it is compatible. I've been using it over a year now in FSX-SE. When you go to install it, just let it go to programsx86. it is meant to run outside of the Sim.
  17. It could be, like I have noticed, that many people(me included) are building new computers from the top down, and have no reason to tweak things anymore? I used to look for and chase any forum posts about tweaking for better performance! No More!! The only thing I changed was wide view aspect=true, but that's a norm. ORBX and my TON of add-ons ...PMDG, Fly Tampa, FSDT, REX Essentials+OD, REX 4, Soft clouds, MCE, Old Prop, Carenado, Captain Sim, all need NO Tweaking at all!! No more slow loading textures, Popping autogen, OOM's(I've had none!!) Frames average mid 100's for default aircraft, and upper 70's for payware near payware airports!! So, maybe that's why forum activity has decreased some? I spend so much more time flying and enjoying now.
  18. No, bcuomo, I want to believe and support DTG, I guess I am disappointed that it just doesn't look good. we'll see, in due time I guess. Mike
  19. The Adirondack Mountains are beautiful this time of year!!
  20. looking to fill the seats, if you were close to upstate NY, I'd invite you!
  21. Yes! Like going to the Warren County airport and taking my PA32 Saratoga for a flight over Lake George because I am a pilot!!
  22. Great, caring people, I'm sure. But we are not fishing.
  23. You said "That's the whole point of Early Access, so you can get an idea of how good it will look when it's finished." I have an idea, and it looks bad. Sorry.
  24. I have to agree with jymp. As far as "false sky" and all the shimmering, bad coloring, and I have a brand new state of the art build! I think REX would have been a much better choice for the environment. I'm willing to hang in there to see where it goes, but I can't understand why DTG thinks things look ok? look at the trees in the engine failure lesson?? I just don't get it. Can Nvidia Inspector correct anything? Mike
  25. And, I forgot to mention..NO tweaks to the config at all!! FSX-SE with a TON of ad-ons!! With the AMD Ryzen 7 1800x 8 core processor and the CROSSHAIR VI HERO motherboard which has a direct PCI connection for a Samsung 1Terrabyte SSD hard drive, Everything is crisp, fast, and totally stunning! I'm so glad I don't have to "tweak" things anymore!! Sim heaven finally achieved !!!!
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