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  1. Hello. I just built a new system with the AMD Ryzen 7 1800x 8 core processor, let me tell you, it's amazing! No more autogen popping, no more blurries, no more stutters! I have never been happier! I hope that helps. Thanks! Mike
  2. I don't understand why they didn't just leave the lighting alone, as in FSX. Isn't that what they built this from anyway?? Thanks, Mike
  3. Wow! Well done! I thought I had tried everything, but you just proved that it can be done! Have to give it more tries when I get out of work!! Nice job!! Mike
  4. Hi, Chock! Have you figured out how to complete the mission "The Impossible Turn?" It's driving me nuts!! Maybe it is truly impossible!! Thanks! Mike
  5. That's the sun and sky, as you said, but can you tell us which specific REX wave animations you chose? Please share as that water looks awesome!! Mike.
  6. Can you tell us which REX setting for your wave animation? I have been using "Low fly over choppy", but yours looks so much better!!
  7. And the water is beautiful too!! What textures are they? REX?? Mike.
  8. Looks to me like that last screenshot, you have something else going wrong. Even the airplane looks weird. Although I agree that P3D water has always "sucked" and that's why I don't bother with it even though I bought it, have you looked at Poppets posts here regarding how to delete your shader files and Scenery Indexes? Take a look, search her posts here... it helps, but you are right that P3D Water sucks!! In general. Mike.
  9. Jetguy, I might have listed that backwards, I think I moved the dll file,then installed FSDT add on mgr. The add on mgr creates a fresh dll. Ooops! I hope you get back up and flying! Mike
  10. Hello. I had this problem for awhile. 2 things cleared it up. 1, if you have any FSDT products, reinstall the latest ad-on manager, then, remove your dll.xml config and let it rebuild. There was an entry in there that was stopping an add on from running. haven't had that error ever since. hope that helps. mike
  11. Phil, Although we have never chatted, (I don't think), I just said a prayer for you to have faith, and stay strong! God Bless! Mike
  12. Was it the ACES team, or was it a third party? I know Captain Sim did the Hornet, but what about all the other models? Mike
  13. Hello. It's in the PMDG introductory manual, both 737 manual and 777. Regarding aircraft "bouncing". The mesh resolution slider cant be above 19m. Hope that works for you. Mike
  14. Check it out, only in winter time of year, the dessert looks totally different but really great! The sand looks blown and very realistic at about 1000ft and above. But why only in winter?? Try it, fly outside of Kuwait Intl. Set to winter, and it looks great! Forgot to mention, FTX GLOBAL I forgot to mention, with FTX Global
  15. Poor Rob just asked a simple question. Rob, just check your current version, then look at MCE's web site and compare. Download it, if newer than your version. save it to desktop. uninstall your version first, then run the new installer from your desktop. I can't count how many times I've updated, but it works every time. Sometimes it may ask you to run the App Wizard as if it's the 1st time you have used it, but that takes 2 minutes and all is well. Take care, Mike
  16. This is getting interesting, because I have a new Gsync monitor and I have been told to go with unlimited FPS, and disable anything to do with Vsync in NCP and NVI. So far(6 months now) I love watching the frame rate counter at average 100 FPS. And up to 174!! Over or near my FSDreamteam airports I do drop to around 40 FPS. Mike
  17. No harm intended, I'm just so disappointed with LMp3d, I should ask for my money back, but I've spent too long just trying to make it work that I'm past the refund period! I guess I'm just "venting".
  18. Really? That looks soooo bad!! Fluorescent yellow cartoon fields? Horrible, sorry.
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