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  1. pow0011

    MJC Q400 Repaint Thread

    Basically for me its the Horizon Air paints, love them all. However anyone who might not know N425QX (25th Anniversary paint) was scrapped last year and sent to WestJet for training but its still a great paint to have.
  2. pow0011

    How does one install the McPhat installer NGX?

    Not gonna ask why but it really sucks you guys can't even release them as freeware.
  3. pow0011

    How does one install the McPhat installer NGX?

    I had the Delta and American paints and they were pretty awesome. Don't know why they took the freeware down but I lost my paints after reinstalling FSX.
  4. pow0011

    GSX follow me quick question

    I flew into Narita last night and being default I already knew I was going to have a follow me. However right now I'm flying into LAX and if I didn't know where to go (which I do) I would use the charts seeing the taxiway signs are clearly labeled and the gates are to. One thing I didn't like with the AES follow-me is that I appeared right next to you, though it would be nice to have the GSX follow-me there and ready when you land it would have to know what taxiway your getting off at which you, the pilot, may not even know.
  5. pow0011

    Most boring Long Haul in FSX?

    I flew from Stansted to St Maarten in the MD-11 not long ago and realised I was flying over a cyclone off the east coast.
  6. pow0011

    Most boring Long Haul in FSX?

    Done this in FSX and real life nearly a month ago. LAX-MEL close to 16 hours in the T7. It comes down to the love of the bigger aircraft for me, resulting in the long flights which I do enjoy.
  7. pow0011

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Can't wait for the Lone Star Chris. Been flying Illinois and Nevada One and starting to get bored of the paints.
  8. pow0011

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Thanks Marcelo! Only thing better than a home country paint is a home town one (almost).
  9. pow0011

    Condensation effects?

    Ok then, explain to me why a get a drop in FPS when there are dense clouds around? When I start up one of the old A2A warbirds and smoke pours out on a cold day? When I approach a big airport at night with thousands of lights?
  10. pow0011

    Condensation effects?

    I do like sound of the condensation and water spray effect. Though it does effect FPS due to polygons being produced. If it is that much of a FPS hit then surely it could be an option rather than not have it all because some people complain about performance hit's on their computers.
  11. pow0011

    Door Manager

    Hi Jim,Hope it's still alright for you to send the files. I have a few problems with the Caravan (which Carenado should address) and one is the doors which is a pain.Thanks in advance.
  12. pow0011

    MD-11 Climb Performance issues

    Got no weather programs besisdes FSINN but that's off.
  13. pow0011

    MD-11 Climb Performance issues

    I to have climb performance issues. It could be because I'm inputting something wrong, cause I've just reinstalled the MD-11 and it should have no bugs.Pax: 150Fuel: 85000LBCI: 200FL:375When I'm climbing I can bearly get over the yellow tape and can't get to my climb speed nor cruise speed. At FL375 I'm stuck at 236IAS with a AT setting of 275IAS.Any help would be appreciated.