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    orlando, fla, USA
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    flight simulation; airliners, modern and classic; prop liners; general aviation; WWII to 1970 military aircraft; navigation; vfr nd some ifr.

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    Earlier in life I was a private pilot with some multi engine exp., trained in Conn, USA. Now I'm in the legal field. I prefer to have some control over my plane, and to "fly" my birds, using my head to do my flight planning, navigation and computations (or double checking FS9's flight planners plans),keeps dementia way. I appreciate and frequntly use the AP, but do not really like the full FMS and full auto nagivation experience, good tool but seems more like computer programming and less than piloting. Concerned too much reliance on progammed AP will dull basic skills. Frequently use approach charts and always use noaa charts except when no option. Try to keep experience a real a possible. Not really a "gamer". I'm an aviation history and foreing travel buff.

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