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  1. Buenas tardes Alberto,


    Muchas gracias por tu post sobre las Islas Canarias!

    Ya estoy descargando Gran Canaria en este mismo momento.

    Solo tengo una duda: ¿es compatible con FWI ( Fly Wonderful Islands)? Si no, tengo tambien descargar GCLP de SimGiants.



    Fdovillamil / GCLP


    Hola Fdovillamil.


    Sí, es compatible pero NO instales los ficheros GCLP_ADE_ASS.BGL y GCLB_ADE_ASS.BGL de mi escenario, bórralos. Cuando te descargues el fichero verás que hay un documento Word con la explicación detallada de cómo lo tienes que instalar, léelo por favor.


    Un saludo.


    Alberto Sánchez

    Madrid - (Spain)

  2. Hello,


    My name is Alberto, from Spain.


    I developed a photoreal sceney for the whole Canary Island only for FSX. It is totatly free ands works perfectly with the sceneries of the Canarian airports published until now.

    You can download Gran Canaria at: http://uploading.com...ran+Canaria.rar


    And you can download the rest of the islands at: http://www.airhispan...5b0f0c407#p6226 (you have to download the seven island separetly)


    The resolution of the ortophotos is 1 m/pixel and the mesh is LOD13 (5 meters)


    You can watch a video created by alocaDOSTV at


    Hope this helps.


    Alberto Sánchez.

    Madrid - Spain

  3. Hi,I've tried to turn the switch OFF and then save the panel state but it doesn't work...it still turning to ON while Initialising System.My switch turns always to ON even with the MCP hardware not connected.As I told in my first post with the first version of lua file the FD switch worked fine.I would say it is a little issue of 2nd version of lua file (or something that interacts with NGX) cause if I replace the original FSUIPC.ini the FD swith stay in OFF position (with or without MCP hardware connected)Alberto Sánchez

  4. Thanks roarkr!!The VERTICAL SPEED wheel now works fine, but the Captain FD still is in ON position in Cold & Dark...small issue that I can live with it :Peace:Thanks again for your great work.For bussgarfield...thanks for your posts and helps, I didn't answer to you cause I was waiting for new roarkr scripts, but I appreciate your interest.Alberto Sánchez

  5. Hi,I've been working with the first version of the script and lua file (MCP_PMDGNGX_1.ssi and PMDGNGX_1.lua) and recently I updated with the latest version that roark published NGXMCP_PP_2.02.ssI and NGXMCP_202.lua. I have two problems and I don't know if someone else have the same problem or I installed something wrong:- When I start the fly and the NGX begins it 'System Initiallization' in Cold & Dark the Captain FD becomes from OFF to ON, so I have to turn it off again. - The second problem is the VS wheel works inverted, when I turn to DN position the vertical spped goes up and when I turn to UP position the vertical speed goes to down.I don´t have the EFIS, I only have the MCP.I've beend reading the post but didn't read nobody have reported these issues. They are not big problems but appreciate some helps.ThanksAlberto Sánchez

  6. I fixed my problem with the heading selection on the MCP. For those who have the same problem or are interrested, I just removed the lines regarding the bank selector in the [buttons] section (From the "!7=" line to the "82=" line) in the FSUIPC.INI file. Heading selection know works like the other selectors.
    Hi Fabrice,deleting the lines you said the Heading rotary works much better!!Many ThanksAHS334A

  7. Hi Bart.I have te Opencockpits MCP working on PMDG 737 NGX and I think you have read the post by roarkr where he tells how to do it work.Yes, you are right when you turn the rotary switches, like HDG, sometimes it goes down instead of up eventhough you are turning to the right. You must to turn the rotary switches slow and it works fine. It is not perfect but works.I have the same problem that you, when you turn some switches the kneeboard windows apears, or the flight control get deactivated,...it is because in the file 737NGX_Shortcuts.ini from roarkr post some keyboard keys are already used and become in conflict with other predefined keys of the Flight Simulator.For example i think roarkr asigned de keystroke CTRL+SHIFT+I to decrease the HDG, but the CTRL+SHIFT+I is used by Fspassengers too to display theDisplay Kneeboard dialog. You have to asignated another kesystroke in the fspassenger, in my case I just erased the assignation and I have no one to display the Kneeboard dialog. I think there is a problem to with CTRL+SHIFT+M too.There is another keystroke that become a problem, I would swear it is when you increase the speed, but can´t remember exactly. It deactivate the flights controls, this is because in the Control Assigments of the FSX is defined that CTRL+SHIFT+K activate/deactivate the flight control so you should to erase that assignation in the FSX Controls Assigment.If you have more problems you can check the control assignations on the FMC of 737 NGX and verify if it is pre-assignated to another control in the FSX.I hope when PMDG release the SDK the opencockpits group develope a SIOC script that works 100% perfectly.Hope this helps. Excuse my english.

  8. Many thanks roarkr, it works great!!!To MiSpa:I had some problems to do it work but with two changes in sioc.ini file it worked:- First I changed the number of deviced as roarkr says:[MASTERS]MASTER=0,5,1,51[Note: change the number 28 into the Device number of your USB expansion card, see SIOC main window, devices]Mine is nº 51 so I changed it, but eventhough it didn't work- Second I changed the second number (In roarkr script he put a 4) and I changed it by a 5, that I know it means the type: MCP Opencockpits.Try it, perhaps it works to you too.Of course, be sure you changed the path in sioc.ini file to find the script, in my case it isCONFIG_FILE=C:\Program Files (x86)\IOCards\SIOC\mcp_pmdgngx_1.ssi

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