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  1. kenspac737

    Update to 737 for prepar3d 4.3?

    Did Prepar3D update 4.3 this morning. Now PMDG shows no panels and settings no longer load! What happened and what is the fix?
  2. kenspac737

    737 Aux fuel tanks

    My work around is to add extra payload equal to the excess fuel before flight. At some point (before needing to turn off center fuel pumps) I add the fuel and delete the extra payload. It's not perfect but it works. You will need to ignore the "Insufficient Fuel" warning on the FMC for quite awhile though. This has been an on and off topic for a long time. There has been no interest so far by PMDG to fix it though.
  3. kenspac737

    P3Dv4 Update v1.20.8443

    No problems at all.
  4. kenspac737

    737-XXX (any variant) beat up and worn livery

    Really nice!. Thank you Chris.
  5. kenspac737

    Resolved the infamous FSX 5-10min freeze!

    Nope, Sorry Todd tried everything you said. Was good for a few flights, then boom! 14 minute freeze 1 hour and 10 minutes into flight from KSAN to KIAD.
  6. kenspac737

    [31DEC14] A little something for the New Year...

    Good news for the New Year! Thank you Robert and team.
  7. kenspac737

    777 update

    Enough already! New to PMDG? Patience is required here.
  8. kenspac737

    how does FMC update AIRAC cycle in flight in real life?

    You learn something new every day. Thank you!
  9. kenspac737

    Nav Data Out of Date?

    Same exact issue last year with 737NGX. It has something to do with the change in year. Goes away with first update (JAN08) of new year.
  10. kenspac737

    No Longer Initializing

    It almost sounds like you have some sort of file corruption issue that actually may be with FSX itself. This would be especially true if you did not change anything prior to it starting.
  11. kenspac737

    PROBLEM: no error...just automatic reboot of PC!

    Rich, Can you explain a little about what "ENB - Series" is?