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  1. So upon further investigation I discovered that although I had run the URP installer to remove that program, most (if not all) of the files were still present. I deleted them from the documents/prepar3d files folder, as well as those pertaining to ENVDIR. Perhaps only one was the actual culprit, but subsequently PBR is working.
  2. Bingo! Although I had run the URP installer, all the files were still in the documents/p3d folder. Same goes for ENVDIR. Deleted them and it appears to be working. Fixed my PBR texture issue, as well. Thanks to Matt and Adam.
  3. After uninstalling PTA and ENVDIR, then re-installing Client: http://tinypic.com/r/nn04d0/9 Now using your preset: http://tinypic.com/r/2wf2104/9
  4. Yeah, sounds like uninstalling ENVTEX might be the way to go initially. There is a setting related to PTA but only seems to apply if you use ENVSHADE.
  5. How does this look to you ? http://tinypic.com/r/2hnc9r9/9 http://tinypic.com/r/wmb4ht/9
  6. I believe I posted about this months ago; I simply don't see any differences among the presets using PTA. I remember, when I first purchased, being "wow'd" when I installed Thopat. I've made sure HDR, bloom, etc. are set as required for each preset. I've also deleted my shaders folder, restored original shader files. Not sure what the issue could be... I do have ENVDIR (not ENVSHADE) installed as well. No error messages in the log. Two screenshots: one after reinstalled P3Dv4.4 client and deleting shaders folder, the other is THOPAT http://tinypic.com/r/242zx1l/9 http://tinypic.com/r/r0wgtt/9
  7. Here is a screenshot. I have URP on my hard drive, but do not believe it is installed. I am definitely not running tomatoshade. http://tinypic.com/r/23rnvwy/9
  8. I am running 4.4, and the built in Falcon as well as Flysimware's DA50 (both use PBR) do not render external textures completely. I have run both the client and content installers; in the control panel I show 4.4.16.xxxxx for both. I have also re-run them, deleted shader files, and restarted my system... what else can I do ?
  9. I have the same issue. URP is not installed. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the aircraft, and deleted my shaders files.
  10. Just chiming in... I have a 1600x with an Acer Predator 1440p monitor, GeForce 1080 and MOST of the time I can get between 30 - 40 fps. Running ORBX products, TopoSim, Active Sky with mostly MilViz aircraft. Here are my graphics settings:
  11. Sounds like you should head on over to the Milviz Support Forum. Those guys are great about timely help. https://milviz.com/forum/index.php
  12. I just bought this product and was surprised to find virtually no discussion, nor a support forum of any kind. Is there any one that is well versed in this model? I have some questions about getting the left Multipurpose Color Display working and using add-on LN3 / moving map files...
  13. I have a Ryzen system... 1600x with a GeForce 1080, 16 gigs, Acer Predator 2560 x 1400 monitor. P3D is installed on on Samsung 500 gig SSD. I use Orbx, Evndir, PTA, Active Sky, TopoSim add ons. I fly almost exclusively MilViz aircraft and achieve 30 - 40 FPS (avg close to 30) with my settings, which are (without getting into specifics) all dialed up towards high or max. I was away from PC's and simming... for a very long time. Wanted an affordable platform and believed a lot of what I read about Ryzen although Intel does indeed dominate flight sim builds. I am very happy and will replace the 1600x with whatever comes out next that will work with my B350 motherboard.
  14. Admittedly, I did not know that you had to apply those values yourself. Thanks much.
  15. I only received water shader errors, yes. So I tried applying 263_01 and comparing screenshots I do see some difference(s) now. I've been trying some by Matt, RDS, and Thopat... all look exactly the same.
  16. I guess I will bump my own thread... still not seeing any changes when I load one preset vs. the next... could use some ideas!
  17. I recently purchased the aforementioned add on; FPS are quite lower than all of my other aircraft and at least some of it appears to be related to the GTN units I have integrated into the panel. Other users have tweaked the F1 GTN .ini file to use a different CPU core and have improved their FPS; I don't know if this might be an option? I have noticed that the FPS jumps by 10 - 15 with the unit(s) off. Thoughts?
  18. I can confirm this is resolved. Thanks for your help.
  19. Yes... I will post over there!
  20. Interesting point. I am not familiar; I have the Reality XP GTN's and yes they are installed. I found the following line(s) in the .ini file for the Reality XP units. I changed the CPU value from -1 to 0. Didn't do much if anything BUT when I turn the unit(s) OFF the FPS is where I would expect it to be.. ; sets trainer process CPU: 1 to 32 (0: last core, -1: automatic). CpuAffinity = 0
  21. The frame rates are not great, not great at all.. even turning off the TCAS doesn't do very much on my machine. I have a consistent 30 - 40 FPS on all my MilViz aircraft and Majestic's Q400 as well. That being said... I flew a DA20 which I loved; similar systems on the DA50 which are well modeled. This would be my "go to" P3D jet if the textures and frame rates could be improved. Overall I think it is an impressive add on!!
  22. Unfortunately I spoke too soon. As soon as I double-click on the 650 or select it in the panel manager the sim crashes. Upon restart I lose both GTNs and have to set them up again. First I select the option to replace gauges. Second, I configure the pop-up windows. When I am done, what I am seeing is THREE OR FOUR GTN's in the panel manager. Two or three reference 'Unit 1' and one references 'Unit 2'. The GTN 750 populates the panel but the 650 does not unless I assign it to mutiple VC's. Please see screenshots. This might be self-imposed, somehow but I have been adding a single 750 to various aircraft for months with no issues. I believe my panel.cfg has become problematic... Here are the relevant 'Window' entries in the .cfg file. There is obviously too much information: // GTN750_650 [Window Titles] Window00=Main Panel Window01=Throttle Window02=C310 Prelight Window03=Reality XP GTN Unit 1 (managed) Window04=Reality XP GTN Unit 1 (managed) Window05=Reality XP GTN Unit 1 (managed) Window06=Reality XP GTN Unit 2 (managed) [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=500,243 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=70 window_size= 0.400, 0.324 window_pos= 0.000, 0.040 gauge00=C310_XMLGauges!C310_Preflight, 0,0,500,243 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=937,390 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=7 visible=0 ident=14403 window_size= 0.340, 0.260 window_pos= 0.660, 0.728 zorder=99 gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_650_1, 0, 0,937,390 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=937,990 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=7 visible=0 ident=14401 window_size= 0.340, 0.580 window_pos= 0.660, 0.160 zorder=99 gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 0, 0,937,990 [Window05] size_mm=100,100 window_pos=0.000000,0.000000 window_size=0.324219,0.573711 visible=1 always_visible=1 zorder=99 background_color=0,0,0 ident=15751 gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 0, 0,100,100 [Window06] size_mm=100,100 window_pos=0.000000,0.573711 window_size=0.324219,0.254176 visible=1 always_visible=1 zorder=99 background_color=0,0,0 ident=15652 gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_650_1, 0, 0,100,100 I've now re-installed my Milviz C310 in order to get a clean panel.cfg file. I think I see the crux of the problem: BOTH GTN units are assigned as 'Unit 1'. I'm not sure what I am doing to make this happen? In the end, a simple change to the panel.cfg file: the 750 is 'Unit 1' and I renamed the 650 as 'Unit 2'.
  23. It seems that all is resolved by re-installed the GTN's via the Reality XP GTN Menu.
  24. I believe it is a 750 unit. I went ahead and used the Add-On manager to remove both products; the extra panel is still visible in the panel manager (see screenshot) even without any GTN setup.
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