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  1. Yes, that's something we thought about. The problem is many customers will then buy both and email us asking why they only see one type. Sometimes even if we let people know on the sales page about how a product works, customers sometimes don't understand the intent of a product. So we are trying to avoid confusion, and refunds.
  2. Initially, the idea would be to have different jetways for the different regions of the globe. For example with North America an all steel or metal jetway for the rest of the world different types, but this was not possible with the current SDK. Certainly if this is possible with the SDK and not going outside the sim to accomplish it, we will do it.
  3. You need to download contrail and then login into your latinvfr.com account https://getcontrail.com/
  4. To your first question, will be both. About an option to install, since these add-ons are created with the marketplace in mind, its impossible to actually think on giving options on install.
  5. Thank you all for your support and your feedback. We are really taking notes. We wanted to ask you folks, are you guys OK with spawning into a gate with static aircraft on it? I would prefer the people who answer are the folks who would be interested with a package like this, or have bought it. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I think the review is there. Its a 2 star review right? We don't have any issues at all with negative reviews, in fact we allow customers to write negative (not offensive) reviews or comments on our forums. We like the transparency that comes with the comments either negative or positives. So we encourage the feedback, the fselite site has many comments most of them criticizing the lack of airports. We don't have issues with feedback or comments as long as they aren't offensive. As to the current review on simmarket, this person says that there aren't enough aircraft at gates. Yes, at most airports, we did not add traffic at gates which are in front of the terminal because we did not want that to interfere AI traffic, or with a customer that wants to park its plane on a certain gate. We removed gates at EGLL, EDDF, LFPG, EHAM, KJFK, OMDB, KMCO, RJTT, and a few others and it was a very painful thing to do because we thought, oh that's nice starting your flight there, or finishing it or such. But we still removed a few here and there not many so that the airport can look filled with traffic. On the rest which are the majority if we did remove gates, specific addons would conflict and cause issues. So there were many issues at play here. That's why we resorted to add at the remote stands, and wherever there was gaps in gates. As for populating payware airports, we will certainly try to do this, but it will all depend on whether or not the developer for that payware airport made an exclude, that would eventually remove our aircraft from that payware airport. Therefore, we can't guarantee that our models will show. Thank you all for your comments, but this is the first of this sort of payware product and I know many people ask these questions and have these comments.
  7. Hi, we are expanding the airport list. To all major airports in the globe. The idea is airports with significant commercial service. Stay tuned.
  8. We will add yes, but they will be on this product as we add more airports to the list, for those who dont have our KMIA or any other and yes KPHL is getting static aircaft
  9. It actually is, we forgot to add it on the list
  10. Thank you, our addon is different. We don't put aircraft on top of gates that would go into conflict with AI or any other aircraft. But thanks for letting us know.
  11. Hi, would have wanted to take a look at that file, but we are unable to download? so we assumed this doesn't work? Or they pulled it from flightsim.to? because its not available.
  12. Reason is only these airports, is that if some 3rd party customized airport exists, very likely it will exclude these airplanes. Also we assume 3rd party customized airports will contain some static aircraft. As it happened in KDEN, KORD, and Sydney where those modified airports had excludes and removed our aircraft. We will continue to find out how to add to other airports, but for now are just these 41 airports.
  13. Only scenery addons are LVFR KMIA and T2G KMCO. The rest is default P3d. Don't actually fly much really. KMCO blends OK with default, the entire stream includes the descent into KMCO and you can see the borders.
  14. Speaking as an enthusiast not a developer. I just did a short KMIA-KMCO-KMIA with this new scenery. Looks very good. Anyone wants to take a look. Sorry for the quality, I am not the average streamer.
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