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  1. Hello folks, Just wanted to clear up that our KMIA, has nothing to do with this or any issue at all. Our KMIA only edits KMIA, no other airport or no region at all not even KTMB or KOPF which are nearby. This airport was reviewed by MS before placing it on the marketplace, and I am sure had it shown causing issues they wouldn't never approved of it. BTW, I personally bought KEYW yesterday and I can also attest that no issues are present, because there shouldn't at all.
  2. Hi all, this is an issue MS/Asobo will address in the future. As some have said, this happens with all add-on airports.
  3. Hi, you are right its not a completely new build, we are using models we have done from before, that's why we have applied a discount to all previous customers. However, the methods and ways we have made this scenery for MSFS aren't completely different to the methods and ways of starting from scratch doing a scenery for MSFS. We have certainly saved time by having the models done, that's an advantage and those who have owned previously have benefited from it too. However, its not that straight forward to bring this to MSFS, takes time. The same CANNOT be said about aircraft design, since a lot of other things come into play with aircraft, that's why we haven't seen much of aircraft being released despite most of us developers having the SDK for many months already. Thank you all for the support!
  4. Hi, everything is made from scratch with the SDK from MSFS, which is completely different and new from that of previous ESP codes. The only thing used was the airport design (models) and materials (base textures) used which did not have any code in them from previous simulators because the new sim won't ever allow you to create a package with old code in it. The texturing format is completely different, even PBR is completely different to that used by P3d, so we had to create new PBR materials based on the new SDK. Object placement completely different so I don't know how people are saying its a 'port over'. Right now, there isn't a sole 'tool' or anything that would allow you to use code from P3d or FSX to bring scenery to MSFS easily. That's as of today, don't know about the future. This sim is maturing as we go, and as it continues we will apply new features and elements it allows us to implement. This airport is done 100% based on the SDK from MSFS, and using the most things available for us to use. Believe me there are no short-cuts. We been with this sim since late last year working.
  5. Hi, we asked you in our forums a question, please try to respond. We doubt the dll is causing the issue you mention.
  6. Hello folks, at LVFR we are doing a February flash sale, 40% on all products, LEMD, KMIA, SCEL, KMSY...... Valid till February 10th! only in latinvfr.com https://latinvfr.com/
  7. Hi, hope you folks take advantage of this promotion. 35% off on all products except KMIA, the discount will show on the cart/checkout. Valid till Sept 3rd! https://latinvfr.com/
  8. Hi Umberto, I am very happy with what you have accomplished and joined the club of PBR airports. I downloaded the scenery and installed it once you released it and I experienced the floating objects issue, at first I was puzzled to see it because most people experienced it (with SCELv2) after arriving from a long flight. I was interested in this situation because it happened after spawning at KORD once I started the sim. And I had a full P3dv4.5 installation. So you must be correct this must be some other form of issue not related to what I had with SCEL. I just wanted to clear the air a bit with a comment from someone saying he will be staying away from PBR airports, and I just do not want that sort of idea being spread out which would hurt our products as well, and presently do not have this sort of problem. Thanks
  9. Hi, not to get into this subject which is responsibility of another product/develoiper that has nothing to do with ours, I just wanted to clear out something here. We at LVFR have released 3 sceneries with PBR. Santiago SCEL, New Orleans KMSY and Miami KMIAv5 The first one we updated to PBR in December a few weeks after the PBR technology was released. It did happen to have some of those floating issues which you hear about. It happened that some customers did have and others didn't. I happen to have the issue. Even with the new P3dv4.5 we still had the issue and the problem was due to mapping/material issues because when we released KMSY (fully PBR native since its creation) it did not have the problem. So we went back and almost had to re-compile the (SCEL) scenery. That fixed it and we are happy to report no one else encountered the issue. I initially blamed it on LM, and it turned out that it wasn't their fault because despite me saying that 4.5 fixed, it still occured. As for the 3 of them, with NONE of them floating issues occur, for KMSY and KMIA did not ever. Just for our first PBR one. I won't go as far as to blame all PBR airports having this problem. KLAS from Flytampa and other airports (tivat, liverpool) have PBR and I think they don't report these issues. I would recommend the developer who has this sort of issue to not consider LM or P3d as being the culprit of this problem.
  10. Hi, this is interesting and revolutionary, I will love to try this. I am away from my main computer so I can't test, but downloaded to see if there is some sort of manual or anything that explains how this works. Also if this file can be distributed by payware developers with their sloped runway addons? if not can some sort of commercial agreement be made? if possible PM so we can talk privately. thank you for your attention.
  11. You could have both. When you activate our downtown buildings you also activate excludes which would remove certain buildings, but not all. So if you have both in certain areas you might just have double buildings, but the significant and most important buildings in the Miami area we did, have excludes because the stock or default area of KMIA had some buildings. DD's Miami city X is great, however we needed to actually offer a bit more to our customers, and I think the majority of which did not have DD's Miami city installed. One thing for sure is that our Miami city has all buildings that are 2019 built. One thing I noticed about Miami is despite me moving out a couple of years back, the development of buildings and high rises has accelerated to a point on which I was myself amazed by the amount of new high rises. Which we included in KMIAv5 🙂
  12. Hi, what exactly causes shimmering ? and is it during specific time of the day when the sun is pointing towards the object?
  13. Hi, we fixed this actually, the latest uninstaller has it. But in reality that was just a 'reference' that was kept by mistake but did not actually 'direct' to the KMSY folder. We tested the uninstaller before we released it and it did its job of removing KMIAv4/5 as was intended. Our apologies for that confusion.
  14. Actually as Lee mentioned, we updated TJSJ with new P3dv4 materials (before PBR). Reason many people did not hear about the new version was because we did not charge. TJSJ was updated last year, with new gate denomination, new textures. And we did not charge nor release as a V2. Others, we hope to come around sometime soon, however there is a new breed of developers looking into some of the smallish Caribbean fields.
  15. Hi, have you tried reading the manual in regards to performance? and if so have you tried any of the recommended settings?
  16. PBR materials could cause performance issues on certain systems. Most of the people who beta tested KMIAv5 did not have issues, a very few number of them did, and it was because systems were a bit on the 'low' end and when mixed with AI traffic, high display settings and high depth aircraft it brought low FPS in certain cases. But there are ways to actually have all of that without affecting enjoyment of KMIA and of the other elements such as high depth aircraft. For example, in my case where I have a medium range system, I have shadows on, dynamic reflections at medium, Autogen at DENSE, but have water reflections off except for clouds, AI traffic at 100%, AA at 4MSAA etc. I get very good performance at KMIAv5 with for example PMDG777 etc. So take a look at the manual and in there you will find 'ideal' settings which you can try in the event you have low FPS. This version of KMIA we did almost twice the amount of textures, we did a lot of 4K textures, a lot of polygons, and took advantage significantly of the 64 bit environment and the latest available technology. So some people who had good performance in KMIAv4 might not have as good performance in V5, unless they revise certain settings and unpick certain scenery elements.
  17. We will take more closer look at the taxilines, thank you for the feedback. In regards to performance, have you folks taken a look at the manual regarding the tips for better performance?
  18. Yes, like I mentioned before, having this setting at "low' won't impact performance, and even at "medium" it shouldn't.
  19. Hi, you can use it without Dynamic reflections, just that the default environment map will show. Yes, we expect they do have it by this coming monday or Tuesday. Actually you can turn off dynamic lights in the scenery display options. I am aware of giving other options. KMIA v4 gives those options.
  20. Thank you, actually feedback on the aircraft textures has been similar, so we will take a look at that too.
  21. Hi, we would like the feedback, and we wish to ask what would you like to select/unselect on the configurator?
  22. Hi, uninstall previous version is required.
  23. If you bought from our store you do get the discount, email us and we sort it out for you. Stanislaw from DRD design is my friend, but without a doubt our KMIA v5 brings update renditions of all buildings in Miami and Miami Beach.
  24. Actually we did a different kind of animation this time, I am sorry you did not like it, we thought it would be better, its basically the same we used for KMSY and we did not hear the same opinion. There seems to be an issue with customers who have the FSX version of KMIAv4 with SODE jetways and KMIAv5 SODE jetways. If you have the FSX version please remove the SODE jetways, and just let them be for P3dv4 version. Let me know in the (LVFR) forums if you need further help on this subject.
  25. Hello Peter, Weather in KMSY deteriorated as the day went by yesterday. I say it because I did a flight myself last night. Anyways, please try to scenery configurator and un-tick certain elements such as terminal interior detail, etc. Check it out and if anything visit our forums https://www.latinvfr.org/forum/index.php we will be glad to help there. thanks
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