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  1. While trying to assign the main wheel brakes to my pedals via the external interface I came across the following problem. 

    I used the following lines to assign the brakes to my hardware pedals. 



    This at first seems to work and I can see my brake movement on the flight control page of the control panel. I can also assign minimum values for the brakes so they only get activated past a certain application level. For instance using the value of 1000 or 2000, since the max value is around 65500. Now, when I'm in the sim and try to taxi by applying power the plane is stuck to the ground (yes the parking brake is off of course and I am able to disengage it by stepping on the brakes real quick). The weird thing is, that when I slightly apply some brakes the planes actually starts rolling, when I let go again the brakes seem to grip again, which isn't represented in th control panel. Am I missing something here? 

    Also, when I assign the brakes via P3D they work just fine. Only not via the external interface. 

  2. No idea if anyone is aware of this but you can assign the steering axis via the external control interface of the Q400. Simply select the spoiler axis in the control panel first and assign the following in the .mjc84ini

    I use the twist pedal on my Thrustmaster throttles for the tiller as it pretty much resembles a tiller 1:1. You also don't need to assign any spoiler axis within the sim for it to work, selecting the spoiler axis in the control panel simply allows the interface to use any axis of your hardware to control the tiller.


  3. Just reading through this and....wow, never thought people would get so wound up about a flightsim addon/tool. Nobody is forcing you to buy it or use it. Like it? Good. Don't like it? Fine too. Also, why should anyone take any of this personal? It has already reached some sort of "religious" level. Just because it's different from what we've used to seing from PMDG doesn't mean it won't be good. Like come on, it's currently only in alpha....

    Now, I have two questions for the PMDG devs: Will customers who own the 747, 777 etc. get basic ACARS functions such as METAR/TAF and arrival ATIS info for free? Will PDC/CPDLC work via the MFD/ECL interface as it should in the real airplane? And will the DC-6 cover these "persistent" state-sharing options as well? That one would be really fun to share with your friends, since it has to be flown properly and taken good care of (maintained properly). And while we're at it, doesnt all this data-sharing lay a good foundation for some sort of shared cockpit? 

  4. Anyway, my final guess is a RJ (E190 or CRJ), since it would fill a gap in their product line and there are no decent renditions of those airplanes for P3Dv4 - the AS one is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Also, anyone remember the Dash-8 100/200 they started to work on many years ago? 😛  (Just posting this for the record and to see whether I was right after the announcement. 😄 

  5. 14 hours ago, kwstakis1312 said:

    True .If there are strong wings this bug is very annoying. Because it is possible to gain speed after the first hop on touchdown. 

    It's not even a hop. I once did a testflight where I experienced this bug, so I went to outside view and the gear was still in "air mode" - so stil just hanging like it would be in the air. The plane was then floating along like on a magic energy cussion lol. 

  6. On 5/27/2018 at 5:16 PM, downscc said:

     If you fly the aircraft properly during landing this should not be a problem.  Landing too fast is a problem.

    Sorry, but what? This is a very serious problem. It just breaks all the physics and ruins any kind of immersion. Period. You do realize that you normally add a couple knots to your Vref if it's gusty or there are strong headwinds. This is in fact how you'd fly the aircraft 'properly'. 😉 

  7. I had the same happen to me yesterday as well. I added +8kts to the Vref (half the gust factor), touched down rather smoothly in the TDZ, heard the speedbrake come up and tried to engage the reverse thrust, which didn't work, since it instantly came back in again. The nose wasn't dropping and I still had 153 knots halfway down the runway. Stepping on the brakes fully barely had any effect. I assume this has something to do with the enhanced ground handling and gear physics that were introduced with the 747, which, when bugged out, make the airplane think it is still in the air and not lose any energy on idle power and constant pitch for some reason (kind of a perpetuum mobile). Very frustrating when that happens after a 9+ hour flight. 😖

  8. Looks promising! Can the pdf reader read any pdf's? Because I personally use pdf charts. 

    Also (and yes, I know this is still beta, but I better say it now than when it's too late): Will the yoke (removing the checklist and changing the geometry a bit) be fixed? And I also spotted the same bug/inaccuracy that is currently present in the -400, namely the wrong accu-break pressure reading (way too low). The parking brake still works but the reading doesn't make any sense.

  9. 3 hours ago, PATCO LCH said:

    Lately I've been totally absorbed in the 6. The folks who are too young don't know what they missed if they never rode on a DC6 or 7, or a Martin or Convair or even a DC3. Those planes had a character lost with the kerosene powered cattle cars. 

    Nice shots .

    I agree, those old radials really do have a soul and each engine has it's own character. The sound is also something unmatched and all new turbine engines are only getting quieter and quieter. It's really a different, very tactile and "raw" kind of flying. 

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