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  1. How else should one interpret this? Not trying to be super pushy or annoying here but I simply genuinely wonder where the project stands right now and why we haven't heard anything at all regarding the 748.
  2. So it's been three months since the last previews already. Any news or maybe some new exterior shots?
  3. If you're looking for that dynamic and independent engine behaviour then you should take a look at the A2A Connie. No taking anything away from PMDG's DC-6 though, it is a great addon and by far the best DC-6 for FSX/P3D there is (and probably ever will be) but it's just not the same living & breathing beast like an accusim aircraft is.
  4. Great shots! She surely is a joy and sometimes a handful to fly. I'll probably be able to check out the Red Bull DC-6 (OE-LDM - the one in my profile picture) at the ILA Berlin again this April. Had a flightdeck visit in it last year and she surely is a bit more modern and upgraded than the PMDG equivalent (when it comes to avionics). The 6 is also a great candidate to test one's skills during the upcoming Cross The Pond event on VATSIM.
  5. Do you actually know how ADS-B works? There's also stuff like ProjectFly, Vatspy etc. for viewing sim-traffic.
  6. IRL is is for sure but what would be the use of ADS-B in the sim?
  7. Well, as far as I know there is no animation limit anymore in P3D v4.2 so things like openable windows, sunshades and all that "good" stuff should be possible in the upcoming aircraft.
  8. It will be included at some point, just don't expect it to be anytime soon because it requires a tremendous amount of data. Guess the tech is there once the 747-8 releases.
  9. Yes, agreed. Wasn't even aware of these problems until now, hence why I thought it was a technical/operational issue of the DC-6 itself.
  10. I never load a default aircraft before the DC-6 and it starts up as it should from C&D every time. If you're actualy having problems/anomalies then there are some issues with your sim.
  11. That's rather weird. What's your outside temperature and what's the engine status on the maintenance panel? It's also not recommended to start the engine with mixture in auto-rich, that's clearly stated in the POH. I usually leave the mixture in cutoff until the engine fires on the primer, only then I set the mixture to auto-rich. Does the engine catch after a few start attempts or does it not fire at all? Last resort could be a clean re-install of the DC-6. Might be something interfering with it or something might be corrupted in the worst case.
  12. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback! @PATCO LCH These are from P3Dv4
  13. Thought I'd leave these here. Really enjoying the DC-6 a lot more than the jets lately. Could listen to those R2800's all day.
  14. Well, Lufthansa use an external, windows based EFB on their 747's and most their other aircraft (some use iPad based systems) anyway. I have yet to see an operator who uses the stock Boeing EFB on the 748. But I agree, the LIDO format and symbology is much better and easier to read than the often times cluttered and unicolor Jepp charts.
  15. Will those windshield rain effects also eventually make it to the DC-6 at some point down the line? Would really add to the immersion as the DC-6 is usually flying well below the tropopause.
  16. Sure, just making sure you guys are aware of that, really. And as far as I know that shouldn't be an option since the -8 has an ECL, thus making this type of checklist obsolete. All the -8f/i flightdeck pictures on the net don't have one as well. But again, great stuff! Everything else is pretty spot on from the looks of it.
  17. Well, since it has "NG" in its name, why should it be the MAX? I'm expecting a re-worked 737NG series, with all new options such as the CFM56-7BE engines, with the improved exhaust structure, new beacon lights, modern radio and navigation equipment (GLS capable), LED lights, the latest U12 FMS software etc. and so on. 737MAX was hinted at as well and might either be a stand-alone product or expansion to the NG3. Great stuff ahead for sure. ;)
  18. Nice! Pretty packed with new stuff. But why are you guys using yokes from the -400 on the -8? The -8 does not have a yoke checklist and the moving memory thingy on it. Just a heads up, really.
  19. Yes, usually try to depart with the RW flight and compare the data afterwards.
  20. Just realized that the last previews we saw of the -8 are from DEC 2015. Wat.
  21. Sure, done both as well. Sidesticks are just better for a day to day use, thw whole point of a yoke goes away once you add FBW. Especially with the needed situational awareness of modern jetliners with big screens you don't want to have a yoke infront of you that might block the view. And tbh when handflying you don't look at the yoke or sidestick and think about it, you look eiter outside or at the instruments and make andjustements to follow the desired flightpath. And yes, yokes might feel more old-school and more rewarding due to the heavier feel to them but keep in mind that almost all modern airplanes use artificial feel units do accomplish those forced for feedback.
  22. Well, I'm awaiting the day someone gets WASTED by the yoke AP-inputs on the 777X as he's leaning too far forward to use the new touchscreens... Like, really Boeing? Touchscreens woth a giant yoke in the way on a FBW aircraft???
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