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  1. Because the MAX is still a 60 year old design with new, big LCD screens wedged into it. It has the same TR as the NG and CL variants. Regarding FBW, the MAX only has FBW spoilers, just like the 747-8.
  2. I was asking myself the same question since I wanted to get the QRH for the 74. Sadly they don't seem to be selling printed manuals anymore, despite having the word "manuals" in their company name... I have printed out the DC-6 POH myself and put it into a respective binder. Works quite well as a reference but for a QRH you really need those bookmarks and sections for quick access.
  3. Christian, yes. That's what I wrote one post above.
  4. Same applied to the late model Lockheed Super Connies and Starliners with the juiced up turbo-compound R3350's, I heard. Guess reliability was a tradeoff for more power back in the day.
  5. If you really want to fly fighters then go and get DCS world. They have a tremendous F/A-18C an F-14A/B coming up. P3D's flight model is just waaaay to limited to even grasp the aerodynamic nuances of a complex, high performance fighter jet and its operation.
  6. Well, we were also "promised" a 737-900ER...sooo.....
  7. No, it's actually either "pony" or "pigeon" , don't you know?
  8. Pretty sure A2A have done it. Their propeller simulations on all their aircraft are all physically accurate and correct to the point. Happens when you take things out of the sim and make them external...
  9. Seriously guys, go do something else or actually FLY your sim. I think you've all been here long enough to know that Robert will only show something once it is fairly polished or is about to enter beta testing. Some of you might not agree with this way of going about previews but there are developers, like A2A, who barealy show any previews and just release stuff. On the other hand there are dev's like Aerosoft, who show every step and every little progress of their development. I resonally like the PMDG way of doing things, even though it can take quite long sometimes, due to them being side-tracked by a new sim platform or updates. It's really like reading a new edition of a magazine or wathcing a movie trailer, whenever there's a new major preview post from Robert.
  10. Well, in FSX you can always use "Accufeel" and adjust those ambient sounds to your liking. Sadly it's not out for v4 yet.
  11. Indeed, been there, done that. Just brush up on the SOP's, flows, the starndard visual pattern and the landing thechnique in the FCOM and you should get a "wow" from the instructor. ;) But to be honest, the Level-D sim handles a bit differently, it's much smoother and actually way easier to land than a desktop sim, with a very limited range of motion and sight picture. What I really like about the 777 is the TAC, which helps quite a lot after a post V1 engine cut... :D And the ECL + EICAS of course - almost no system knowledge required. (EICAS driven aircraft principle). Oh and the B77W actually starts rolling on idle power even at MTOW!
  12. Not everyone has an overclocked high-end CPU and a high-end GPU. And like I said, 4k screens in order to be able to use MSAA aren't an option for everyone. And to be honest, why should I significantly downgrade my visuals when I can have all my sliders right and get 30+ fps during daystime, just to have some fancy lighting at night? A lot of people seem to have problems with dynamic lighting on their systems.
  13. But it IS already there. Why should we, the customers, know or have any idea how it all works in the code and from a developers standpoint? This very topic is a clear indicative that there is quite a large outcry for a better solution regarding lighting. Even at airports that are "supposedly" v4 native I get horrible performance when I turn on the lights (even the cockpit flood lights). This really kills the immersion and is a clear step back when it comes to aircraft development. Why create a new bottleneck for everyone when there is no need? You simply lose customers that way my friend...
  14. The only thing that is "technically impractical" is having 5FPS due to fancy lighting in 2017. P3D v4.1 is such a beautiful sim that performs so well on modern systems but it clearly has its problems in the light rendering department.
  15. Since this very isue has been bothering me after I finally switched to v4.1, here are my two cents on this topic: Not everyone is able to afford a 4k monitor in order to be able to use MSAA an get a halfway decent visual picture and sharp displays. I have been using flightsim on a laptop since day 1 and have upgraded to a state of the art gaming one at the beginning of the year, which runs P3D v4.1 like butter...except when I turn on dynamic lighting. It really boggles my mind how a developer can force such a fps-demanding and currently pretty broken feature on everyone and ruin most people's experience, while at the same time bragging how well optimised their latest aircraft are in various other aspects when it comes to fps. Fact is, that I don't fly PMDG aircraft at night anymore because there's point to land or taxi without any landing lights. Downgrading my graphics to MSAA isn't an option either, since that would make my screens jagged and the overall appearance of the sim far worse. How hard can it be to include the same legacy lighting system that worked so beautifully in FSX/P3Dv3.4 as an option for those who don't feel like halfing their FPS just to have some more fancy lighting? This really seems counterintuitive to me...
  16. Nope. I had addon aircraft set as default for ages. From the A2A Cessna, to the PMDG 777, Aerosoft Airbus or the Majestic Q400 now. Never had any problems.
  17. I never loaded a default plane before loading any addon aircraft in FSX/P3D and have been absolutely fine for all these years on various diferent systems. Don't know why people run into said problem.
  18. Great news! Let's hope it's the moving map on the ND - would be pretty amazing if you guys pulled that off! Hope we'll see some new screenshots of the new bird rather sooner than later.
  19. There's an MD-11 coming to Xplane 11 from Rotatesim. So anyone who really wants to fly a new MD-11 has the option to do so in X-Plane. A much better platform when it comes to flight dynamics.
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