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  1. This is something I noticed on my first long haul across the pond with the 744. No matter what I tried (different GPS formats that are accepted by the CDU variant installed), I was not able to display a calculated ETP on the ND. This seemed a bit strange to me, since the 747 still falls under LROPS(EASA)/ETOPS(FAA) regulations, with the 747-8 having ETOPS 330, for instance. After talking with a friend about this and finding out that a lot of airlines actually use this feature on their 747's (I have no hard evidence, however), I was wondering why this feature isn't simulated by PMDG? Is this due to the particular CDU variant / software version that was chosen or was this simply forgotten? I know there are workarounds for this with times and abeam radials. I do have a reliable source from a major B744 operator, so if needed I can provide the ETOPS procedures, at least for this particular case. Any feedback or further discussion regarding this topic is welcomed.
  2. Well, to get back to the topic: I always have an external landing rate monitor program on (ProjectFly tools) and even a landing that might seem like a greaser in the sim can in fact be a -200 to -300 fpm touchdown, which in airplanes like a Q400 or A320 is a tad harsh. I think the 747's landing gear just absorbs shock pretty well and makes even a standard rate landing seem like a greaser. Nevertheless the 747 is pretty easy to hand fly on the approach, it's stable, flares pretty well and is far less slippery than a 737NG or 777 on the glide.
  3. Something appears to be wrong with your installation. A clean reinstall might help here.
  4. The first question that arises is why you are trying to trim a 777 with a trim wheel to begin with? This ain't a Cessna and PMDG's simulation surely wasn't designed to be compatible with trim wheels.
  5. No, the 777 trim does not feel like the trim in a 737. It's completely different. I've had a discussion about this with a RW pilot who transitioned from the 737NG to the 777. Having flown both types (well, a 737CL) in a level-D sim I can also personally confirm that. The 777 has a so called trim for speed - by pressing the trim knob on the yoke (1 second equals 5 kts) you select a speed, which the aircraft's FBW then pitches to and tries to hold it. You can't really trim the 777 in short bursts like you could in the 737, with it's servo-mechanical trim. The 777 can still be flown quite naturally, it's only a slight adjustment to make, really. If are really having problems with trimming the aircraft properly, you should take a look at your hardware controls setup. Do you have buttons assigned for your trim, are those trim commands representing the 1sec = 5kts bahaviour correctly?
  6. Whoever labeled this graphic should be fired lol - am I the only one noticing this?
  7. If you have the animated option turned on you need to wait for it to be disconnected. Just look outside and you'll see a small car driving up to your airplane, hooking up the GPU and driving away with it. You can of course turn this off and make it instantanious in the PMDG - OPTIONS menu in the CDU.
  8. This one should be pretty accurate for LH. If anyone notices anything, feel free to let me know. [Displays] PFD_groundspeed_displayed=0 PFD_rising_runway=0 PFD_split_axis_flight_director=1 PFD_radio_altitude_above_ADI=1 PFD_radio_altitude_round_dial=0 PFD_landing_altitude_bar=1 PFD_show_landing_flaps=0 PFD_integral_heading_scale=0 PFD_VS_indicator_TCAS=1 PFD_show_V2=1 PFD_PLI_popup=1 ND_trackUp=0 ND_VOR_course_lines_displayed=1 ND_MinimumRunwayLength=7000 ND_RangeArcs=1 ND_TCAS_RangeRing=0 ND_ActWptData=0 ND_GridHeading=1 ND_TAS_indication=1 ND_time_to_align=1 PFD_ND_NPS=0 Fuel_ShowGW=1 Doors_ArmingAnnunciations=1 HYDPageShowsSystems=1 ECS_ShowsCargoBulkTemperture=0 STAT_APUOilQtyAlwaysOn=0 EICAS_FlightCtlIndicatorOnENGPage=0 GEAR_SynopticShowsPressures=1 [AFS] AllowGSCaptureBeforeLoc=0 AutoLNAVonGoAround=0 MCPWindowsLCD=0 [FMS] CRZ_THRLim_CRZ=0 DefaultEOHeight=1000 DefaultAccelHeight=1000 DefaultReductionAlt=1000 DefaultTransAlt=5000 DerateWashoutScheme=0 CompanySpeed=300 VNAV_CLB_Page_ShownAutomatically=1 ShowFMCCalculatedVSpeeds=1 DragCorrection=0.00 FFCorrection=0.00 WBS=0 TOThrustDerates=1 CLBThrustDerates=1 [FMCDatalink] CompanyCostIndex=100 AutoPreflight=0 AutoAltnList=0 AutoPosReportDownlink=1 AltnRwyMinLength=8500 AltnILSRequired=1 [FUEL_SYS] Updated=1 FuelBallast=0 LowTrigger=0 [GPWS] GPWS_AltCallouts=1 GPWS_2500_RA=0 GPWS_2500=0 GPWS_1000=0 GPWS_500=0 GPWS_400=1 GPWS_300=1 GPWS_200=1 GPWS_100=1 GPWS_50=1 GPWS_40=1 GPWS_30=1 GPWS_20=1 GPWS_10=1 GPWS_MinimumsType=1 GPWS_AprMinimumsType=0 GPWS_WarnBankAngle=1 GPWS_TerrPeaksMode=1 GPWS_TerrUseCyan=0 GPWS_V1Callout=0 GPWS_FlareTones=0 [Warnings] Altitude_alert_setting=0 AltitudeApproachAural=0 CrewAlertnessMonitor=0 ResettableSiren=1 AltnMasterCautionSound=0 APDiscSound_isWailer=1 APDisconnectScheme=1 RAASInstalled=1 [TCAS] TCAS_ShowAllTraffic=0 TCAS_FilterRange=40 TCAS_FilterSeparation=2800 [Airframe] FlightTestPackage=0 AntennaOptions=5 Autostart Switch=1 NumberOfCargoBottles=4 MainDeckAuralAlert=0 TaxiLightsInstalled=0 PVDInstalled=0 AltnEfisSwitch=0 WindowFrameOldStyle=1 ControlColumnMemo=0 AntiIce System Option=0 APU_TR_Start=1 JettisonSelMLW=0 DualFireTest=0 Hyd Sys 1 Aux Pump Enabled=0 Sys2 and Sys3 Air Driven Pumps=0 LavInCockpit=0 StabTankInstalled=1 FireDetectionMfg=1 YokePlackards=1 HeadRest.0=1 HeadRest.1=1 HeadRest.2=1 HeadRest.3=1 OldTypeRadioPanel=1 PushToTalkOnGS=0 AutobrakeSwitchLocation=0 CRTDisplays=1 ISFDInstalled=0 RMIInstalled=0 HandsetInstalled=1 EVACPanelInstalled=0 ADF2Installed=1 RotaryMinsBaro=1 [Units] MetricWeightUnits=1 TemperaturesInF=0
  9. Well, there was a time when LH Cargo operated some classic 747 freighters (don't really remember if -200's or 300's).
  10. Well, I can get you the LH configuration as I know someone who flies it. Can you post a generic config.ini file, as I don't have the 747 yet?
  11. Agreed, migh as well give us weight in doughnuts...
  12. This has to be either the worst or the best pun of all time. Can't really tell. Speaking about birds, how is the Wood Pigeon coming along? :ph34r:
  13. You guys should make the manual pdf's pop up after the installation of the 747...but even then people wouldn't read it, I guess. Am I the only one who reads manuals before an addon aircraft is even released? No..? Ok... :rolleyes:
  14. serviceceiling

    777 update?

    Yeah, would also love to see some more customer options, like newer style radios etc. The 777 does not nearly compare to the 747 when it comes to customer options, though. Shouldn't be too hard then.
  15. I didn't say the 'trip wasn't capable. The order books speak for themselves. What I meant is that because of all the automation, you feel somewhat detached from its inner workings and systems. You almost never need to touch the anti-ice system, or mess with the electrics or pneumatics too much, the plane does most of the things for you, without you even noticing it. Now, while the 747-400 might be another LNAV / VNAV, lean back aircraft, so is the 737NG. However, those two require a lot more in depth system-knowledge and management skills than a 777. Just take a look at the overhead of the -400, for example. Apart from that, the 747-400 has no fly by wire, which again, makes you feel a bit more connected to the aircraft. Just my opinion, though.
  16. Very nice read and pictures! I hope this was not supposed to mean "Today we are bound for Munich!" :rolleyes:
  17. All Air Berlin 737's have / had them as well.
  18. My bad, haven't ever noticed them while at the airport. Thought that big aft cargo door would be quite obvious.
  19. Lufthansa doesn't fly the M variant. Never has.
  20. That Lufthnasa livery is pretty wrong. All Lufthansa aircraft have the upper side of the wings and the horizontal stabilizer painted in white. The underside of same components are painted in the same grey as the belly. Someone from the team, send me a PM and I'll provide further details and high res. photos of the real thing.
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