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  1. While sure, most of the major operators such as BA, LH, QF, AF and so on will get rid of the -400 during the next 5-10 years, it will still be seen as a workhorse of a freighter all around the world. And let's be honest, the 747-8i isn't really selling well, I'd be surprised if Boeing continues producton of the 747-8i in the next 5 years. The 747-8 might look all sleek and shiny but it's the -400 that became this icon in civil aviation, that everybody recognizes. It's big, loud, mechanical and doesn't have any fbw. But to each their own. :wink:
  2. I agree, I'd love to see another, bigger update for the NGx after the complete 747-package rolls out. Especially the scimitar winglets, the new CFM56-7BE engines (which have a different, shorter exhaust) and maybe new, more modern equipment options for the cockpit. To be honest, I think the 737NGx is PMDG's best product so far and I find flying it way more often than the 777 ... maybe because a 737 has a little bit more 'soul' than an all digital 777.
  3. Unbelievable attention to detail! I dobted that one could improve upon the 777 or 737 but you guys did it! One question, though (and I know how nitpicky this sounds) - is there any reason why the carpet in the cockpit is blue and not rather brown, like it is in most 747's in the real world? :ph34r:
  4. No way LOL! What's your username then?
  5. Oh sorry, missed that. Thanks for the heads up! Even without this thing will be remarkable! A great workhorse to fly around Alaska, Canada and maybe even Africa.
  6. A W E S O M E! I wonder if the circuit breakers will make it into FSX, though...
  7. As far as I know there's no need to hit APP unless you want to intercept an ILS glideslope.
  8. To be honest QW's 787 looks great and would fit my needs as long as it has all the normal systems and a fully functioning FMS. The visual quality is great! Now, since PMDG made the 777 a 787 would (or could rather) be the next logical step since those two aircaft are very similar system-vise. It'd be tremendous to see a PMDG level 787 with accurate wingflex, sounds and a HUD for both pilots. I've already mentioned this once but I don't see what aircraft they might do next after they finish the 747-400/-8 series and maybe release the highly requested 777-200ER expansion. We were told there will be no 757/767 or 737 classic.
  9. Roger that, I'll probably post a screenshot-report of this flight. I'll use real weather for this exact morning I guess.
  10. As for D-ABKJ - it should have the same configuration as D-ABKK or the whole D-ABM* / D-ABK* series.
  11. No worries, Christian, you've done quite an amazing job with all of your repaints so far. The attention to detail that you have can't be seen anywhere else!
  12. Nice to see you back! Tremendous repaints as always, Christian! I'm very excited for the D-ABKK livery! Just a side-note: D-AGEY once belonged to the Ukrainian AeroSvit which went bankrupt a few years ago. I wonder if they will ever paint that bird, since it has been wearing that red Sterling scheme for quite a while now. Side-note #2: I saw that you also painted D-ABLE, to join your already existing repaint of D-ABLF. Well, both aircraft are no longer wearing the AB colours and were sold to a chinese airline. The only active -700 in AB's fleet are D-ABLA/C/D. Once again, thank you so much for continuing your awesome work!
  13. The author took down all of his repaints due to private matters. Just so everyone knows....
  14. There you go http://fsrepaint.ru/index.php/fsx/item/aeroflot-boeing-737-800-vp-bdf
  15. WOW, what an effort! Well done, Christian! You really did inspire me to begin work on my UIA fleet for the wonderful NGX. :smile:
  16. I agree, that was pretty fast! Once again, tremendous job!
  17. Awesome, great job as always! I really like the new standardised Tui-look. I wonder how fast they will repaint their all-yellow fleet - germanwings, for instance, did this quite quickly - *poof* and all the planes were sporting the new look. :biggrin:
  18. Allright then. I have my final exams next month but after that I'd finally have some free time for the sim again, therefore I might try to do UR-PSB , for instance. If you could help me with some fonts, fsx thumbnails and the registration plackard I'd be totaly happy. I let you know when the time has come. ^_^
  19. Tremendous job on the new AA! By far the best rendition of this livery for the NGX yet. Just...wow! There's an AA 737 pilot on Instagram, I might ask him for some specific information. We wrote about this earlier this year but would you have the time now to do a couple of UIA 737's? As I said before, I am able to provide you with 100% accurate aircraft configuration data and the respecive stickers and plackards of each aircraft's cockpit.
  20. Nice "Reierair" (Only Gemans will get that joke) repaints there! I have all of yours installed in my flightsim but yet I refuse to fly them.
  21. Great stuff! Just added D-ABLB to my collection.
  22. Well, D-ABLB is an ex-Airberlin aircraft, so the hardware should have remainded the same - the only question is whether they changed the software? D-AGEC was directly delivered to Germania and is only sporting AirBerlin colours - its configuration should be the standard GMI one then.
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