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  1. I favorited a YouTube video -- Lockheed L-1011 TriStars In Action

  2. That makes sense. 1st time I've seen one. RT @g1159bw @Airsquad9 likely a Green Flag participant headed to Ft. Irwin

  3. Wish the GPS antenna I ordered for my HP-1 arrived before I left. Updating my location manually is tough when I'm in the middle of nowhere!

  4. Listening to Rascal Flatts "Here Comes Goodbye"

  5. Is it me, or is the EDACS Nevada Shared Radio System junk?

  6. So Bell is working on a new helicopter. "Project Magellan". Time to replace that great workhorse the 412!

  7. Crystal clear skies here in Reno ans nothing. Must be too far to see the Delta IV rocket

  8. Small coffee and a banana to get me going. Time for work!

  9. Thats the spirit! RT @FlyinHP *burp* @kristie777 U drinking...? I'm drinking for the 2 ofUs

  10. Day shift done. We handed it over to the 2nd string for the next 6hrs. Time for #happyhour at Brew Brothers!

  11. Working out at the RTC in Reno.

  12. 2 more hours til the new Southland!

  13. Love this sign near one of the Fallon ranges along US-95!

  14. Whats the drive from Vegas to Reno look like? Like 3 black Suburbans and a whole lot of nothing!

  15. Just finished watching last weeks Southland. Love that show! Don't think I can live without DVR!

  16. A typical end-of year "recalculation of orders" from @Airbus. I don't buy it. Why wait to announce today?

  17. It still amazes me that no matter what vehicle I'm driving, I drive it like a @ford Police Interceptor! Even my F-150

  18. Mercy Air 7 just crossed over my house heading Northwest towards Blue Diamond / Red Rock

  19. What's burning in Henderson right now? A lot of talk on HFD Tac 3 from divisions. Missed the initial call

  20. I'm sure I missed this the first time around but here's a great video of a dead-stick landing in a F-16...

  21. I had my reservations but 30min with this new Uniden HomePatrol scanner and I love it! Might need a second one ...

  22. Took the day off to mess around with my new $500 scanner I ordered with 1-day shipping on Sat. It just arrived via @ups at 5p! FAIL!

  23. Time for some truck pampering today. Oil change is done. Now a wash!