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  1. When the engine start switch is selected to GND, the start valve opens and the bleed air valve for the associated engine closes. The physical engine bleed air switch on the overhead doesn't have any bearing on this.
  2. The operator I fly for has power applied to the aircraft before the pilots get there (99% of the time at least.)
  3. - Full ARINC-424 capability; with that, full (realistic) ability to conduct RF legs. - Option for Probe heat switch logic to include AUTO/ON as well as OFF/ON - Option for Engine start switches to include AUTO logic instead of just OFF - Full integration w/ASN as in the 777 and 747 - Obviously an addition of all the simulation based options that we see in the 777/747 - 900ER variant! - Updated CDU options to include the CDU that has VNAV, ATC, FMC COMM hot keys
  4. Awesome, thank you!! Looks great, all your paints are great!
  5. I'd really like to see an update to the NGX - all the new features included with the 747/777 (automatic wind uplink, etc...) as well as the new LED landing lights, scimitar winglets, new CDU keyboard options, etc...
  6. I searched the OP's name in the Avsim library, they are there
  7. Steve, you should send that AA livery to the real world American! It looks great!
  8. Looks great Ian! I can't wait to download it!
  9. They look awesome Steve! I really like the 3rd one!
  10. Looks great Marcelo! Keep up the good work!
  11. Haven't heard from him in a while.
  12. I really like this one N836BA is Boeing's BBJ
  13. I think it would look great as a BBJ, especially if the orange sections were painted yellow, and the black/blue sections were painted teal, such as this Airbus 9H-AFM.
  14. AAL bird looks great Steve! Definitely gonna give put that one through its paces tomorrow!
  15. A visual approach is just that - visual. It doesn't usually have many restrictions. Usually, once pilots have the field in sight, ATC clears them for the visual approach. Once this happens, as a pilot, you can usually do whatever you want (within the realms of safety) to get your airplane settled on a glide path and fully configured for landing, on VAPP by 500-1000ft AGL, depending on your company. If your not configured by then, a G/A is mandatory according to the specific company. In a little piper cherokee, I feel comfortable making changes all the way down to 200agl, but thats just me. Some people may feel more comfortable, some less.
  16. Chris, sorry about your dad. I offer my condolences, and you and your family are in my thoughts.
  17. I think its easier to paint a bird in rl than it is with the NGX.
  18. Yeah, I agree, would be nice to see some SWA special paints, and I realize that they are extremely difficult to do...heck I've been working on a "simple" airplane, N271LV (Ford Hybrid) for months now, and still can't get rid of the white lines in between the fuselage sections.
  19. Yeah, I've also been wanting that metal effect. Is there anyway you can upload a separate file, so we can add that to any livery?
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