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    Dewitt, KY
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    Ex USMCR,Navy. New Non-smoker as of 7-3-13... now a "Vaper"!
    I am an Arduino tinkerer, actor, voice,and voice over specialist, Oculus Rift backer,past javelin,scuba,tennis,baseball, football ,
    Simulator scenery,cockpit design,Avid SciFi Reader,FICS , Aaron Sorkin follower,gadgets, sharp pointy things, things that go boom,laughter,accents,voices,all things artistic...email for more

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    I've been a Flight Nut most of my life.  In 1964,during the Vietnam War, vacationing at the beautiful the Parris Island, I was a day away from Marine Aviation Cadet Training at Pensacola, when a 4 hour eye test washed me out with a "Sorry Marine, under extreme tension, your eyes might tend to see double...back to boot camp"!

     Ever since then I've been a frustrated pilot. 

    Contrary to Avsim stats, I've been member of Avsim for over seven years.
    -more in profile-

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