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  1. What start up setting like cold and dark etc us the Apu all ready running so just the engines are left to start. Many thanks Rob
  2. Can't start engines keep saying insufficient air pressure where am I going wrong what should I be doing using sop2. Many thanks Rob lambert
  3. Just a quick one as the uk is getting some real winter weather when should i be using wings anti ice and engine anti ice. Can someone explain should there be on all the time or just in low temps and what condtions. Many thanks Rob Lambert
  4. Loving the one world livery could you try the Olympic ones please either one as there looked really good on the British airways planes and be great to keep the Olympic theme flying. But thanks for the great work will be flying it on vatsim very soon Rob lambert .
  5. British airways Olympic theme planes either dove or the firefly would be great or even Go the low cost carrier that is no more. Either in 800/900 both with wing tips would be great. Many thanks Rob lambert
  6. Lokking good just downloaded it and be flying it very soon on vatsim so thankyou would you like to look at doing a british airways firefly on the 800-900. not sure how easy or hard it would be but if you could look at it it would be great. Wouldnt mind using it on worldflight 2012 in november. Robin Lambert
  7. Can you do it with wl please but no problem if you can't thanks. Robin lambert
  8. End of a great company tonight in the uk and was hoping someone could do a Repaint for the bmi baby company that is sadly no more. Hope we can keep the great company in our flightsim skies a bit longer looking for a 800 model if anyone would like to make it. Robin lambert
  9. Marcelo words can't describe your livery's simply stunning. Would you take on the British airways firefly I know it's not for the 737 but think it would look good on the 737. Looking to use it on worldflight 2012 if someone can design one for me. Rob lambert
  10. Could someone do a fictional version of airbus G-EUPC British airways firefly livery but for the 737-800 or 737-900, would be great to fly around Europe in it and use it on worldflight 2012 in November. Robin lambert
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