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  1. DId you try the DA62 GTN mod with the RXP 750? If you did, could you post a screenshot of the G1000? I have not tested my mods with the RXP GTN750, as I don't have one, but since it uses the Garmin GTN Trainer as the underlying software, it should render the same in the modded MFD. Let me know how it works.

    1. mypupdaisy


      Had planned to try it but havd been working just to get ghe 750 to work. Will let u know. 



    To use with the Reality RXP GTN, you need to adjust the gauge size to fit the space available. The GTN MFD gauge extends to the right margin of the engine displays. The spec's for the F1 GTN in this mod are:

    //---DA62_LowerBar_Panel.cfg:       gauge03=F1GTN!GTN750VC,      108,-38,245,273,UNIT1
    //---DA62_TopBar_Panel.cfg    :       gauge03=F1GTN!GTN750VC,      108,-14,245,289,UNIT1
    //---DA62_Both_Bars_Panel.cfg:      gauge03=F1GTN!GTN750VC,     108,-13,245,256,UNIT1

    The first two numbers are the x,y coordinates in the VC gauge. The X coordinate should not be changed as this defines the horizontal start position of your gauge. The Y coordinate refers to the vertical location of the top of the gauge, negative values will raise the gauge and positive values will lower it. The opening in the MFD is 245 wide by ~260 height. Think of the G1000 as a picture frame on top of your gauge.

    The second set of numbers are the width and height of the GTN gauge. I would recommend you start with the X=108, Width=245 and Height =250 Then sneak up to the top of the gauge with the Y value, and after you anchored the left, right and top of your gauge then sneak up on the bottom.

    Disable the SVS and Navigraph so you can reload the plane without exiting P3D or FSX, as SVS requires a restart. I usually get 8 to 10 reloads before P3D crashes.

    Good luck.


    PS  Will send the links to the files as soon as you send me your email address.


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