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  1. So avsim is CPC ? Or is it per 1000 views without clicks?
  2. Why would I donate to a website that generates ad revenue?
  3. Sorry meant to say utter garbage. You can keep trying to defend it, meanwhile everyone in this thread had suggested the QW787 to the OP. What does that tell you?
  4. So, by your logic, you're saying since it's 50 bucks it can be a garbage release?
  5. Aerosoft even says that the 15 fps thing is not considered a bug though, which is ridiculous IMHO. I've never experienced that with any other payware.
  6. Or how about release it when it's flyable? Don't blame us for criticism, you reap what you sow.
  7. QW787...... if your frame rates go under 15 fps for some reason, it actually stays airborne.
  8. Hey can you please send me the Carenado PA31 mod to nickbabouei @ gmail.com   


    Thank you so much!

  9. Of course not, i'm better than you and i have to let you know. /s LOL I can, but I don't go around letting everyone know that i can because i need validation on a flightsim forum, and on top of that belittle the ones that do not. nice try though.
  10. JustFlight's 747 Classic seems to be including an updated INS system, so that's something to look forward to. Coming out soon too.
  11. We get it you're better than everyone else......thanks for letting us know though. LOL flying a fake airplane and you think you have "skills"...
  12. As for the folks looking for anything.....yup we are....they we're caught once, and lo and behold guess what....they we're caught again, and..... It happened with their shenanigans with Aerosoft, it happened with test.exe, it happened with cmdhost.exe, and way back when this certain developer was working on the MD-11 there was a piece of malware that destroyed paying customers FS installs. The company cut ties immediately after that happened. They even knew it was way over the line. Kudos to them! And on top of that, they get caught out there, and their response, Legal Action.......LOL! Coincidence? So yes, we are constantly looking. And are NOT surprised by the results. And we will keep looking.... Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me four times.............
  13. I also hope Avsim lets this thread stay up, as this is the second time FSLabs has been caught using "shady" anti-piracy methods.
  14. This sums it up....well said Sir!
  15. It might not be anything nefarious, but installing anything in the main windows directory is a big no-no....especially with no prior knowledge to the user. But it's FSLabs, no surprise at all. Go to /r/flightsim....they have all the info there, and it WONT be deleted.
  16. And the one's with the errors have ORBX, Activesky...etc. We're the tests run by Umberto with a vanilla P3D? Or with a similar setup like most of us who have the error? Wasn't really specified in the post. And again, mesh, time zone why only westbound? Surely, if it was the case it would happen eastbound also, since the same files are loaded.
  17. And your conclusion will still be COUATL. But thanks for dismissing everyone else's findings.
  18. Never happened to me eastbound, I've flown eastbound through the same area from the west coast and never had a crash. @Eric yeah dunno why, but some other people in the thread also have to use the "kill" method.
  19. @ F737NG Lol I guess I have to take my own advice. @Eric I have tried the restart, and for me, it does not always work. For me killing couatl is the only option at this point. It's probably in the thread, but do you have Vector installed by any chance? @Boeing... with Eric's info we proved his hypothesis, for some restarting couatl works great, for others a kill in task manager works.
  20. So 20+ pages in, did you actually read any of it? It's COUATL, not time zone fixer which users in the thread have said is not the problem.
  21. That's the hit we have to take when no one wants to step up and fix the problem.
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