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  1. Going to BORING SHOPS! Oh no! Just almost saw an #ACCIDENT!

  2. To all followers,Do not DM me today. 5Years if twitter! Wahooo

  3. Not going to Karate today

  4. Feel better now. Had a cold though. NOOOOOOO FORGOT TO SEE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

  5. Really don't feel well

  6. Be happy, it's RND (Red Nose Day) do something funny 4 $

  7. Of to violin lesson

  8. Welsh Assembly buildings reports 2011 Full report on my web ashikjayakumar.webs.comWill be posted soon

  9. Hi guys about to go to school from school field trip to the welsh government assembly buildings for a mock debate and a tour! PLS DONT RT


  11. Hey guys just downloaded the new tweetDeck for Google Chrome

  12. Welsh National Anthem for this evening's rugby.

  13. Earthquake of Japan 2011, Magnitude of 8.9

  14. Haz1133 has changed his pic. follow him!

  15. Almost my 90th tweet!

  16. Excited to go to Birmingham on Saturday

  17. Go on

  18. In bed right now tweeting. Got a delayed violin lesson now at 10 o clock. I'm almost grade 1 in violin.

  19. Hey guys going off twitter for today.