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  1. I_Ignota_Remanere

    Likelihood of a PMDG 787?

    Between 0% and 100%
  2. I_Ignota_Remanere

    How about a PMDG 767 and 757

    Play the Mega Millions lottery. Win. Contract PMDG to build the 757/767 and all derivatives including the 764. We'll have it in no time.
  3. I_Ignota_Remanere

    [Beta Preview] A DC-6 Narrative - Part 2

    What a relief thanks!
  4. I_Ignota_Remanere

    [Beta Preview] A DC-6 Narrative - Part 2

    Will this ever be on FSX?
  5. I_Ignota_Remanere

    Will the new "Queen of the Skies" arrive this month ?

    Either it will be August 2015, or August 2016.
  6. The 787's flight deck is all-new. The 777X flight deck is supposed to follow the 787's, per most recent information. The 787 is a wholly different airplane than the 737, or any Boeing airliner for that matter. Almost all systems are completely electric, no hydraulic systems to speak of. Its a whole new animal. That said the 787 is the most likely candidate, it is new, there are two models flying with the -10 to come soon. While I would love it to be a 727 or 757, I doubt it.
  7. I_Ignota_Remanere

    [27FEB15] Latest News/Release Planning Notes, etc

    I have been injected with a new hope in life!
  8. I_Ignota_Remanere

    Douglas DC-6

    For those of you who thought I'd stir the pot about PMDG's *supposedly* upcoming DC-6, you were wrong! Rather, through my internet searching I have found a Douglas DC-6 for sale, and it looks quite familiar. Here is the PMDG plane, with both henning van Rensberg in the real thing, and PMDG's paint scheme: Here is the listing at Controller.com (Can't link pictures): http://www.controller.com/listingsdetail/aircraft-for-sale/DOUGLAS-DC-6/1958-DOUGLAS-DC-6/1357265.htm Listed as a 1958 Douglas DC-6B, this plane previously served in Zambia, Yugoslavia, and other places. Currently listed at $1,245,000, some negotiating could bring it down to an affordable $1,000,000 for anyone here who can't wait for a PMDG release; maybe we can crowd fund this purchase? I think this very well is the same plane that Henning and PMDG structured their development after. Thought you guys would like to see this.
  9. I_Ignota_Remanere

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    Before or after the 747?
  10. I_Ignota_Remanere

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    That all for radio navigation.
  11. I_Ignota_Remanere

    Boeing 777

    I'm interested in having a fictional repaint done for the PMDG 777F based on a real-life cargo airline, although they don't operate the 777. If anybody is interested, please let me know. Thanks.
  12. I_Ignota_Remanere

    What's next PMDG? B787 maybe?

    Well, the 787 has been flying for nearly five years, in service for three. It has reached 1,057 orders as of today, so it is by no means 'didn't sell as well as the newer airplnes Boeing is making', especially seeing as though they are the newer planes Boeing is making. The main issue is that even when 747 v2 development is complete, say a year from now (as previous cycles would support), is that although the 787 will have been in service for four years, flying for six, and would likely have enough data to satisfy what PMDG needs, the stretch variant (and second most popular, with 435 orders), the 787-9, will have been in service for only a year, and the longest, the 787-10, still a year away from first flight.
  13. I_Ignota_Remanere

    Any Cool Stuff to do with the 777?

    You'll still have elevator trim to cheat with...
  14. I_Ignota_Remanere

    Any Cool Stuff to do with the 777?

    Go to Boeing's YouTube channel (or Airbus) and see their videos on the various flight test campaign items. Recreate these certification tests, it's fun. I also like to test the flight envelope protection systems; you can also try turning off the flight computers and do some approaches and procedures to see how dependent you get on them.