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  1. Play the Mega Millions lottery. Win. Contract PMDG to build the 757/767 and all derivatives including the 764. We'll have it in no time.
  2. Well, the 787 has been flying for nearly five years, in service for three. It has reached 1,057 orders as of today, so it is by no means 'didn't sell as well as the newer airplnes Boeing is making', especially seeing as though they are the newer planes Boeing is making. The main issue is that even when 747 v2 development is complete, say a year from now (as previous cycles would support), is that although the 787 will have been in service for four years, flying for six, and would likely have enough data to satisfy what PMDG needs, the stretch variant (and second most popular, with 435 orders), the 787-9, will have been in service for only a year, and the longest, the 787-10, still a year away from first flight.
  3. But the 737-700ER doesn't have comparable passenger capacity or short field performance. The difference between a 757-200 and an A321 or 737-900ER is that when it comes to the A321 and -900ER, when they do things that the 757 does, they barely do it. Plus, the super stretched other smaller narrowbodies don't have a larger variant for increased single aisle route capacity like the 757-300 provides.
  4. As of an ambiguous post made in their forum a few months ago, it is 'still in development'...
  5. To say they have absolutely no competitors isn't an accurate conjecture. I personally like PMDG's products very much, and speak of them highly. However, Flight Sim Labs is a developer whose systems modeling is near that of PMDG (their Concorde was an excellent acheivement for an airplane that hasn't flown in a decade), and the Airbus A3XX series will be an equal counterpart to the 737NGX, I'm sure. The thing is, there are other developers out there, and therefore they have competition; whether the others equal their abilities is of lesser importance, because others still exist. Next, the timespan for FSX is by no means waning, to the contrary, new technologies are being developed everyday, and things are only getting better. A2A's new Accusim P-51 Mustan came out Sunday, and it is the sixth generation Accusim airplane; each release has produced an incrementlly better product, that does things previously thought untoutchable. Have you seen Orbx's new Stewart CZST Airport? It has 2cm per pixel of resolution on the airport grounds. They have trees that sway with the wind, snow that gathers on the rooftops, leaves that fall off as the days get shorter, and many other thing exist in their newest airports. The fact that Microsoft disbanded the Aces team was the greatest blessing yet given to us. Before, we'd have an new FS every two years, and yes there'd be new products, but seeing that a superior successor was just around the corner already, no new technologies were developed, nothing was heavilt researched, nothing got past the FS itself in being better. Now, it has been six years since FSX was released, and developers are introducing newer technologies, making the sim a more realistic product in all aspects: fligth dynamics, systems modeling, and the scenery. There is only a bright future ahead for FSX: PMDG will release two of the greatest widebodies soon, and a DC-7; Orbx will soon have out a Northern California, New England, and Great Britain, with a myriad of airports to go along (just this year!); A2A now has the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter on its books for Accusim, followed by the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, and for the first time in years, their queue of Accusim in development as reached the pint where the exists only one more product past the current project, many new opportunities; Carenado keeps releasing their general aviation planes, although not the utmost in realism, they do the job, look very nice, and are great for those who want to get up and fly. As we look into the next five years, Orbx, PMDG, and others have already promised that they will continue to develop for at least this next half-decade, and by that time has been reached, I wouldn't be surprised if they keep developing. Now that computers exist that can handle FSX maxed-out (that are commercially available, and economically feasible), FSX is the only way to go, and is by no means waning, it is waxing!
  6. Delta is going to have 88 soon, so I guess I'd be cool with this
  7. I meant the -700 with either a bare-metal or white scheme, and the SI decal, so you don't see the Southwest livery behind it, just the decal. Thanks!
  8. Could you do an SI without the Southwest stuff in the background, because I really hate Southwest's look...
  9. We should wait for the -ER package to come out for that one.
  10. Marcelo, could you do a bare metal 737-600 or 737-900? Also, this is open to anybody, but can somebody do a 737 in the Aerospacelines livery?
  11. Jankees, do you think you could do my Baron repaint request as listed under the Baron 58 section of this forum?
  12. North AmericaUnited States of America (home country)CanadaMexicoEuropeFranceItalyAustriaHungaryVatican City SpainSan MarinoMy list is small, but I'll put states too.United StatesCaliforniaNevadaWashingtonMarylandVirginiaArizonaNew MexicoMaineMassachusettsNew HampshireOregonMontanaUtahWyomingColoradoMinnesota }Michigan } These will occur during my visit to EAA AirVenture This summerWisconsin }I'm quite young, so my list isn't very big, but it will be, soon.
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