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  1. Hello!I'm having some really disturbing problems with FSX, and I can't find any other way around it than reinstalling it from the very beginning (perhaps Windows as well). I've heard somewhere that someone has made a guide for installation of FSX (Windows 7) including all settings in the "weird part of Windows" and so on. Where can I find this?Regards!/Wasso

  2. Hello!I've got a rather big issue with FSX. Just a couple of days ago my FSX started getting fatal errors after less then an hour of flying. I checked the problem reports and it seems to be different faulty modules all the time... Here are the last ten ones:MSVCR90.dllterrain.dllStackHash_fb8bFSCOPI~1.OCXterrain.dllFSCOPI~1.OCXterrain.dllft733.dll_unloadedFSInn.ocxterrain.dllterrain.dll and FSCOPI~1.OCX seems to be the biggest troublemakers. Does anyone have a clue of what this might be?

  3. Hello! I'm sorry that i started a new topic about the same thing, but i want to keep everything about this rig in one thread. So this is the rig i've planned to get: How will this system run FS9/FSX? Will i be able to take the PMDG 747 over the atlantic with good FPS (30+) at the end in FS9 versus FSX? I appreciate feedback of things i can change. Although, the price can't go a lot higher than this! Regards!/Wasso :)

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