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  1. Its a wonderful aircraft. Performance is wonderful too. Did a testflight yesterday, my frames are locked at 30 and never went below 25 at day and at night and with a lot of ai with psxseecontraffic. My specs: I5 6500K, Geforce 1070, 16 GB RAM
  2. just thank you

    Hi i just want to say thank you for your hard work. PSXseeconTraffic tranformed my whole sim experience. Thank you again, btw is there a way to donate? I think your app is to good to be free :)
  3. PSXseeconTraffic just disappears

    its a bit sad because realtraffic is not cheap with the new subscription system and there is no communication or anywhere to get help.
  4. PSXseeconTraffic just disappears

    i have the same problem for over 24h. but its a problem with realtraffic not with psxseecontraffic.
  5. Is Real Traffic down?

    yes, tried it for about 4 or 5 hours, no live traffic
  6. PSXseeconTraffic just disappears

    Hi @kiek thank you for the fast update. I have tested a flight from oslo to london (2h) with version 9.6 and everything was ok again. Thank you for this fantastic program and all the hard work you put into it!
  7. Maybe 20 minutes in the flight PSXseeconTraffic just disappears. This happens since version 9.5. Yesterday this happened 3 times in a 2 hour flight. The last lines in the log are: RYR66GN B738 M EI-DLF STN->LUX === Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Winglets AFL2584 A321 M VP-BTG SVO->LHR === Aeroflot Airbus A321-200 CFMC AZA248 A320 M EI-DTE LIN->LHR === ALITALIA AIRBUS A320-200 CFM SWR425 BCS1 M HB-JBF BHX->ZRH =d= VPA_SBAI_A140_ZZZZ VLG8773 A320 M EC-JGM LGW->CDG === VPA_FAIB_A320IAE_VLG-Vueling 20:23:13 QNH: 1018 {"ICAO": "EGGW","QNH": 1018, "METAR": "EGGW 171950Z AUTO 26013KT 9999 BKN003 OVC030 09/08 Q1018", "NAME": "London Luton Airport", "IATA": "LTN","DISTNM": 12.5} EZY15JC A320 M G-EZOF VCE->LGW === Easyjet Airbus A320-200 'Sharklets' EWG2376 A319 M D-AGWC STR->STN === Eurowings Airbus A319-100 Unhandled Exception ...
  8. Price

  9. Hi, does anyone have experience with the DA Fokker 70/100 in P3D(v3)? I bought it yesterday at flight1, thought it would be worth the try. i can load it in the sim, but its stuttering every few seconds, with cracking sound, and i had a OOM after 10 min of flying, never had a OOM with PMDG etc. before. So maybe it's just too old, but if anyone has a tip it would be appreciated.
  10. No digits on displays

    Hello guys, a was in contact with majestic, because i have the same problem. here is the answer. "For the moment our Q400 addon can not be used under Windows 10 beta. We suspect the font management is different with this operating system. When our product becomes compatible with that OS, you will receive a notification."