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  1. Hello everyone,

    I just came across something on the upper eicam that says ''seatbelts off'' and just bellow ''seatbelts on'' all at the same time. The actual position of the knob was ''on''. Conditions: Just a quick ride on a trafic pattern at 3000' at LFMP. (FMC cruise Alt 3000 also). Is this a somehow a feature of the 747-8 or not ? 


    Thanks in advance 

  2. 38 minutes ago, scandinavian13 said:

    Elaborate, please.

    When I cycle the F/Ds, the behave as they should.

    When you disconnect the autopilot on final for example, you swich the FDs on and off again so that the directors clear on the fd and the autopilot modes are ready for a go around. The reason to do that is to fly the final without an erronous fd indications on pfd after having passed a non-precision minima.

  3. Hello everyone,

    I wanted to ask pmdg if is there a fix coming for flight directors. When you recycle the flight directors, you reset the autopilot and annonciator so the directors on PFD  should disappear which is not the case in pmdg 747/737/777. However this is in 737 i presumed it would be the case for the 747 as they share the same philosophy.

    Take Care

  4. Hi Richard,

    As far as i know the 777 is up to date and flying perfectly fine. They will only add rainmaker and efb. But for me i only need efb for performance calculations for 773 as topcat doesnt. I use navigraph charts on i pad with moving maps.

    I wouldnt say no to a good study level 789 but the last one bought was good but didnt meet my standarts. I think it all depends how you fly it. 

    If you want a change i would suggest to wait for the 747-8. For me its the sole aircraft that has a set for four engines with the practicality of a T7 👌

  5. 7 hours ago, Richard McDonald Woods said:

    I am ashamed to say that I have never attempted an RNAV approach.:ohmy:

    Without being able to tune nav radios, I feel that I am failing to understand important flying practices. Searching online, so far, has not produced any solution for me.

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make a successful RNAV approach?

    Hints are most welcome.


    in glass cockpit aircraft with 3 IRS cuppled with GNSS it is too pricise to live these kind of approaches. All you will do is to fallow the magenta line and check your alt points. How aver if you can get an analogue cockpit aircraft (without EFIS) with a RMI and CDI or HSI so that you will have to chase needles for alignement and direction rather than a a line on navigation display. But since we are talking about state of the art pmdg aircrafts, you can use nd with full vor ils mode without entering the whole approach on fms and fly it by the plates. This is how you learn the basics.

    Good luck and enjoy 

  6. Yea but, you should be carefull buying pmdg products they can make you sign up with a flight school to actually start your training. 😂 Mine starts in a month in southern France, for a european  ATPL, i ll thank pmdg my self at the graduation day, by then i think we will be discussing the release of the 787 🤐😳

  7. 12 minutes ago, Gridley said:

    Is the performance issue P3D specific or are you seeing issues with other applications as well?  Did you reinstall OS and P3D after the upgrade?

    yes i have the pc compleatley reinstalled new os etc. and no i havent tried other applications.  p3d was the first thnig to try. 


    11 minutes ago, Wise87 said:

    It's the gt740 your running. You've been around for awhile so how do you not know this? 

    maybe but im going slowly , first cpu, mother bord and ram than comes the gpu. a decent gtx is around 500€- +1000€ around here in France.  beside i tought the flight sims are more cpu consumer than the gpu  and a gt 740 with 4gb oc sounded ok for now.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I wanted to upgrade a few hardwares on my pc, i started with the cpu, from i5 16gb ddr3 to i7 7700k  and 16gb ddr4  so  i am currently runing on i7 7700k + gt 740 4gb +16gb ddr4 ram on win 10.  altough no metter what i try in my settings, i can get to have a smooth flight. no more than 10 fps. is there Something im missing ? 


    Thank you in advance

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