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  1. Thank you both. I’ve spoken with EE on three separate occasions now and each time I get a different answer: Sales chap #1: "You can’t put an unlimited SIM into a 4G router" - "Maximum allowance would be 100GB per month." Sales chap #2: "Of course you can put an unlimited SIM into a 4G router. Fair usage policy is 1000GB per month." Sales chap #3: "Of course you can put an unlimited SIM into a 4G router. Fair usage policy is unlimited." So all in all, I’m ignoring #1. The other two were very encouraging. Thank you for sharing your real world experiences with 4G and EE.
  2. Appreciated, thank you. The plan is to grab a handful of SIM’s and see which one gives the best speeds.
  3. Very useful, thank you. I was reading EE (in the UK) are the best at providing the fastest speeds. Very much finger in the air this, but I expect MSFS is likely to be played several hours each day. Hopefully that will stay within a reasonable (200Gb ?) monthly limit.
  4. There are several data ‘unlimited’ SIMs I’ve seen for a reasonable price, but it’s whether they has a fair usage policy I will have to look into.
  5. Sorry, I didn’t realise you are in the UK. Would you mind letting me know which provider you get the fast speed with please?
  6. Thanks Dominique_K. I'm looking at 4G Routers at the moment and see antenna come with some.
  7. Thank you very much for your real world feedback, its very encouraging to read. I'm also in rural UK and running a speed test on my Sky SIM (using the O2 network), I'm getting 21Mbps download and 5.8Mbps upload. I believe speeds differ with different providers, so I'll have a look at these (and hopefully get to test them here) and go from there. Thank you again for you fast feedback.
  8. "I occasionally connect with 4G when my fibre is down and performance seems fine. However make sure your phone connection has a connection with a reasonable amount of bandwidth as you can chew through the data.. by Glenn Fitzpatrick" --------------------- All, thank you very much for your fast replies they are encouraging to read.
  9. All, Does anyone have any experience using/playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 through a MiFi, or personal hotspot connection (3G/4G) please? I'm looking to build a new PC for my father where the limiting factor is his terrible internet speeds - between 3Mbps to 5Mbps (at best). So the answer for now, I think, is to use a mobile/cellular (3G/4G) connection but I have no idea what the real life experience would be in MSFS. Many thanks in advance, JC
  10. Thank you for your feedback Novation "and my experience has been very good, with no loss of definition in the terrain using GA aircraft at all" - This is very encouraging. Thank you I didn't know about this, but it makes a lot of sense. With this in mind, I'm now thinking of getting a larger SSD (i.e. 4Tb, or more) to install windows, FS 2020 and still have overhead for more FS 2020 'stuff' I didn't know you could could get a DVD set with FS 2020 on. This is far more preferable for the reasons you have given. It is also what he has for FSX, and all his terrain packs. So with this good news I'm almost certain it will be the route we go down. 🙂 ThrottleUp is right, this is even better news. Thank you Thank you all for your very prompt and informative replies. I'm starting to feel very positive this will work out well for him. In the meantime, if anyone else reading this also has a slow internet connection, I should be very interested to hear of your experiences using/playing FS 2020 too.
  11. Thanks Jim. I should add, I will be building the PC, which will include downloading and installing FS 2020 at my home, where I have speeds of around 75Mbps so I shouldn't have any problems on this front.
  12. Hello All, I'm looking at putting together a high spec PC for my father, an avid FSX fan, so he can use/play FS 2020. Unfortunately though, he his internet speeds are only slightly above 5Mbps. I appreciate the minimum bandwidth requirement for FS 2020 is 5Mbps, but I am hoping there are members here in a similar position (with slow internet speeds) who can can tell me what their real experiences have been like using/playing FS 2020. Needless to say, building a high spec PC will be a costly so I want to make sure he will be able to use/play it. Many thanks in advance, JC
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