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  1. It is all same concept. The computers decide what to use and when.


    This is all programmed into the flight envelope. Like low speed you need more spoiler together with the ailerons and higher speed less or none.

    All is controlled by ARINC signals to the actuators.



  2. Well what exactly goes on is a airbus secret haha.


    But as mentioned above the ELAC are master computers. Them and the 3 SEC are controlling the elevators only sending ARINC signals to the actuators on the elevator, 2 on each side.

    When one elevator is used the other one function as a damper. Damper means to make the movements calm and can be used when there is turbulence.


    So the elevators are hydraulic operated with a ARINC signal to command them. All the actuators only have electric plugs and hydraulic lines, that is it. No cables.



  3. ^_^ I know the bus is a bit confusing.


    The stick the pilot uses to fly the bus is just a joystick. All input are electrical and goes to the computers. To give the pilot the feeling that he is flying a plane the stick are "tricked" with some springs to give it some feel like flying the older planes. This is some different springs that makes the movement of the stick a little harder.


    All the surfaces are controlled by hydraulic pressure. Even the stabilizer, but this is the only one where you can move it with a cable. Again the cable is just giving input to the hydraulic valve to move it in either direction. Auto pilot is moving the stabilizer with electric signals which also at the same time moves the stabilizer wheel in the cockpit. This is the only leftover of the old systems.


    Rest of the bus is just actuators that get's electrical signals to move. 


    What is so great with this new "fly by wire" Is that you can remove all the problems of stability etc. During the test flights and re-program the computers to fix it.


    If you imagine the A318 and A319. Here you have some great wings and a lot of lift. A small fuselage and a big tail. All this together gives drag and makes the plane a bit unstable.

    Here they just fix the problems with the computers and voila the plane can fly stable at all time.


    The story never ends haha. So reading the FCOM etc. Explains a little more about all the systems but Airbus never tell the hole story :wacko:.



  4. Guys very easy.


    Fly by wire means that all the actuators are controlled by electric cables (ARINC BUS). This is like a net cable able to communicate 2 ways in blocks of data. You send command and unit responds with its movement etc.


    The Airbus uses 7 computers to fly. 2 ELAC, 3 SEC and 2 FAC. These together with the 2 FMGC the autopilot is controlled.


    The stabilizer is the only flight surface that uses a wire to control it. Controlled by the wheels in the cockpit you can move the stabilizer, but again you need hydraulic pressure to move it. Can not be done just by the cable.


    FADEC if it dies the engine will also stop. That is why there is 2 channels inside to make sure that one is always running. Modern engines can not run if the FADEC system is not working.


    The flight envelope is controlled by a simple rule. The airplane is making movements of MAX 1G and this is controlled by all the computers together. Also all the computers are talking together at all time via the ARINC buses. ELAC are the main computers together with the FAC's.


    To go much deeper than this FCOM is next :-)

    And remember that the computers inside a Airbus are really old and very slow. Not a new INTEL chip but old save and not to warm cpu.



  5. Hi


    I know how you feel XP really is treat on both FS9 and FSX.

    But I went back and forward last year on XP64 and Win7_64, all I can say is that win7 does do a much better job on the new hardware and in end this is faster than good old XP.


    Also on newer hardware the drivers etc. Are not that good on XP anymore. All in all I would say less problems on Win7 and using SSD etc. You also take full advantage of the new features.



  6. Hi Francis


    New database always comes in 2 versions old and new. Normally they are updated a week before they expire and you can change between new and old anytime. Changing to early will also give you an warning on most FMC's today.


    Regarding the amount of data is of course as mentioned depending on how much you can store in the system, but in the end also depending of how much you want to pay each month. Less data equals cheaper and so on B)


    Where I work we update with 3.5 disks either from a loader or the aircraft have a disk drive installed where you can install disk and select what you want to upload.

    We also have a small kind of laptop where all our software is installed and with that it is possible to load also the database and all kind of other software for computers.

    Like the FADEC computer on a CFM engine you can upload the hole software from this unit and after approx.. 25 min. You have a new software installed on the engine ^_^

    This is how much we are depending on computers today LOL.



  7. Maybe you ask to much for your system like bad OC or to much.


    I have never seen those kind of problems. I recently went back to stock speed on my rig and that made FSX run really nice haha go figure.

    Have a I7 3820 with 16GB DDR1600 and GTX670.


    My problems with PMDG have been as explained above and also the newest NVidia drivers. They have created stutters and freezes worst with B777.

    Now all good again after going back to 327.23 from Nvidia.



  8. Hi


    When I have these problems it normally means that the win reg. database has not been updated correct.

    Where is your fsx installed on what drive and where on the drive? 

    Did you kill UAC in win7?


    PMDG is doing a lot outside fsx when running and when it cannot find the right path it drifts and make all kind of funny things. Also not being an admin on W7 can create a lot of problems.

    Flight1 have a small program on their homepage that can repair the W7 database for fsx that always helped me. But again be sure that your fsx folder and exe have admin rights.


    Try this and see if that helps.



  9. Hi all


    I never had this freezing problem until I installed the newer Nvidia drivers. The last 2 creates this on my machine but going back to version 327.23 and all is good again.

    Don't ask me why but I have changed drivers a lot recently because I couldn't really believe it, but now I have to say that on my machine this have something to say.


    I run now with no OC and only a few of the bojote tweak.

    Have a I7 3820 with 16GB and GTX670.


    Maybe some of you could benefit from this also.



  10. Hi


    It sounds like a turbulence problem. This can also happened in FS9 where I ones fell out of the sky in the PMDG 747 due to that.


    FsGlobalWx normally is not making this, but if your FSUIPC is set to control wind etc. This can cause this problem.

    Make sure that FSUIPC is not handling any wx settings at all.

    Also check that you have a new version of fsuipc installed. You don't have Active sky next installed? That is also a reason this could happened.


    Last can be wake turbulence. In FSX this can cause a crash and even is cruise this can happened if your to close to other aircraft. To me this was always worst on landing when another aircraft was holding short of landing runway.


    But I think your problem is related to turbulence so have a look on that.



  11. Hi Kyle


    What weather program are you using? 

    I had a similar problem and this was caused by wake turbulence created by AS2012. I went into the settings and removed the wake turbulence. After that I never had it again.


    It came during flare and most of the times a plane was waiting for takeoff when I was landing, but it happened also with no aircraft at all on the airport.



  12. Hi all


    Well you are not alone here on this one.

    I have the same that views have moved and each time getting worse. Did not think that at original setup airport all is good again haha.


    What I do is just correct it with my PAN button, this is quick and I can live with that.



  13. Hi Pierre


    I seem to remember that there is some errors in the installer. The PANEL.CFG are wrong and this causes the panels not to open correct.


    I also tried to contact WILCO but they never came back with a real answer.


    Is it all the models that have this problem? I think one is working but dont remember which one.

    If one is working copy the PANEL.CFG to the other 2 and change the MODEL in the PANEL.CFG that is how I fixed it.



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