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  1. Dear Sir!
    How about something for Sweden and Swedish airports again? I have a small requset, when You got the time, the Swedish company "BRA" or "flygbra.se", I guess You have heard about them. Love to se You make that one, since I know You are the master when it comes to repaints!

    Best regards


  2. I think the Carenado A42 is great bird! Yes, she does, and the systems mostley, needs some polish, and about the Milviz ATR? I mean, how long have I been waiting for the complete release of the King Air 350??? I bought it for at least 4-5 years ago, and that bird ist stil not finished... So in the mean time, hats of to Carenado for their A42! Great job guys!


  3. Dear friends

    Something wierd happend a few days ago, (I had not installed any new addons...) and from one day to the other, all of a sudden the key assignments all reverted back to default (?)

    I can change them to settings I prefere, fly a session like "normal", but when I close P3dV4, open it up agaiin for some flying... the key settings and my previus setting are all "gone" and back to default...

    Please help me, I cant figure out what this problem is. So, Dear simmers... help me to find a solution for this

    Best Regards


  4. ...Next aircraft from this top-notch developer af all time? Sud aviation Caravelle! Simple as that, if anyone can do that its PMDG! (even thogh I know it wont happen, but this is just a wet dream... almost as wet as if they release the Convair 340 Metropolitan!)...

    The DC-6 is... beyond words!!! period!

    Best regards

    Per Ståhle

  5. Correct! Money alredy spent, thats for sure! And thats why I want value for my money! I fully understand that problems with glitches and errors could occur when a new release i presented/released, I buy that.  But in this case, after so many years of developing and so many so called "updates" (6 or 7???) under quite a long time, then the issues should have been fixed/solved by now! At least the horrible stuttering slideshow/fps!

  6. you can defenently forget about an improvement regarding fps! still around 10-13 fps at default essa with no ai-traffic, slides turned down, no moving traffic no extra at all etc, and an out of the box fsx/acceleration installation. and its for sure not my hardware! its brand new high tech. this is a developer who has lost it all! after god knows how many, 6-7? updates, they still cant manage to fix this horrible stuttering slideshow! this was money down the drain from day one, and still is! its a shame and embarresing to se a developer taking money from customers and still havent got the skill or possibility to fix this awful fps/stuttering! to save some kind of reputation wilco should stand up and admit this complete disaster and for those customers who wants their money back they should pay it back to them. period. this is without a doubt the worst and most hopeless addon i have ever experienced during my +20 yeras in this hobby! i know this sounds like hard critisism but its the plain and simple fact! this is a true piece of crap!


  7. True Bill! Agree with You all the way regarding PMDG, how they came up with the bright idee of releasing the DC-6 for X-plane first beats me! And for sure many others too... What ever was in it for them, sure there was something, is beyond me! I have like You given up on PMDG and the hope for the DC-6 to be released for FSX in the near 5 years or so, at least... Instead they focusing on the release of the 747 V3 or what ever it is... another computerized modern bird without any "soul" at all if You ask me... So hats off to A2A, and thank You for given us a true classic propliner of the highest standard possible! And thanks for releasing it for FSX first! and not the other way around!...



  8. I'm just after the 350 which i purchased what... 5 years ago?


    Before that's out, i'm not buying anything else from them, sorry. The 737 is buggy in the AP (struggles to follow two waypoints near each other) and in their forum they stated it might be fixed or not. Plus the paintkit is a pain in the rear and they even said to me "it's for professionals only" after i painted over 300 other models. Sigh.


    They're starting to look a bit like Captain Sim and that's not good. I sincerely hope they pull out of that quickly, this sort of replies to customers switches me off REAL quick. Oh and fix the 737 please, it's a real nice airplane.

    completley agree!!! Milviz, give us the 350! We who bought this long ago, and I mean LONG ago, we want to get our hands on that soon! as You might understand. the long awaited T-50"... to refere to the text, what about the even longer awaited 350??? come on Milviz, instead of releasing this one, which for sure i a nice bird, you should focus and give priority to us who payed and still waits for the 350!!! we have waited long enough!

  9. it is clear that this bird is dead! since wikco are not able to fix any of the following issues, (???) the should redraw this crap and straight ahed go and pay the customers their money back! asap! and start from the very beginning. (if its woth it...) this 7x must go to history as the biggest shame and joke in the fs world! after six, (6!) updates, wilco still havent managed to fix these issues that should have been fixed long ago! i am speechless, beyond words about this pice of... well, im not going to use the words here...

  10. Slower frames than 1.4 ?

    I really hope not

    If this is really the case I won't even bother downloading the update

    Usually AH are better than that.

    correct! slower and worse fps than 1.4, so in my point, the "update" is not worth even downloading... and there is defenently not my computer that causes this. a month ago i recieved my new custombuild highend rig that costed over 2500 bucks, so its not hy hardware! its a shame and a complete joke that wilco (or who ever) dont correct and fix these issues! never ever a product from w. again! this was the last one for good!

  11. defenently one of the worst addons i have bought during my 20 years in this hobby! totaly agree with nicovanj, how is it posdible to make a bad thing even worse after an update? i had waited, like many, a long time for this release. and all it turned out to be is one piece of crap! money down the drain! wonder how the update 1.6 will look like... and the 1.7 and 1.8, 1.9... time will tell...