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  1. I stream on twitch most weekends.  I've got a few regular followers who pop in.  I'll usually stream my Virtual Air Canada or Royal Dutch Virtual flights....or if nothing in the particular route structure strikes me as interesting, I'll load up something a bit more exotic... 


    I've had people tell me they really enjoy my stream, as I strive to have a fair amount of interaction with viewers.   I enjoy teaching what I can, whether its aircraft specific systems, or how to interpret charts...



  2. I find a lot of people who are setting out on their first Vatsim flight tend to overthink it.  You won't get booted or banned because you're learning.  Most of the controllers are very patient, and very accommodating. 


    Before I did my first flight, I loaded up in a heavily controlled area (ATIS, GND, TWR, APP/DEP, CTR), during a Vatsim event.  All I did was tune into the various frequencies, and listened.  Got a sense of how formal the parlance needed to be. 


    After that, I focused on flying in uncontrolled areas, all the while monitoring UNICOM (122.800).  This helped me get comfortable flying in situations where there are other pilots online. 


    Finally, I put all my prior experiences together, and I've never looked back.  Love flying on Vatsim, whether there's online control or not.


    Out of curiosity, what Vatsim client are you using?

  3. I only use FTX Global for my ground textures.  As a heavy metal flyer, I don't bother getting photo-realistic textures for (for example) the pacific northwest etc.  Scenery like that has a large memory footprint, increasing the chances for an OOM, and you will hardly notice the scenery from FL300+. I only activate my addon sceneries that actually involve my flightplan, orig, dest, altn.  No sense in loading up JFK + Manhattan if I'm flying CYYZ-TNCM.  


    I just try to keep what is happening in my sim to a reasonable level, and I rarely have a CTD or OOM...

  4. Hi all,


    I'm try to find out if there is a way to create an overlay on Google Earth, showing my FS flight history.  For example, if I did a flight from KJFK to EGLL, i would like Google earth to show a line connecting the two airports.  Then, if I departed EGLL for OMDG, another line would show.  Eventually, there would be a many lines connecting many airports.  


    Any ideas?

  5. I had my first ever OOM in the T7 yesterday going into FlyTampa's YUL with the -300.  ASN producing cloudy conditions, with rain.  No other fancy scenery installed... I've got FSUIPC displaying the available virtual memory in the sim.  At the time of the OOM, I had 1.4 GB left...  I'll re-read the introduction manual to make sure I haven't missed anything. 

  6. 1. Are you a male or a female?

    - Male


    2. How old are you?

    - [20-40] years old



    3. Where do you live?

    - North America


    4. You have been simming since:

    - Flight Simulator 2004

    - Flight Simulator X


    5. How long have you been flying liners in Microsoft Flifht Simulator ?

    - More than 5 years


    6. How often do you fly the 777?

    - Once a week



    7. How long is your average flight with the 777?

    - More than 8 hours


    8. Most of the time, your 777 flights are:

    - Transcontinental


    9. What software do you use to plan your 777 flight?

    - PFPX



    10. Do you use online services to plan your 777 flights?



    11. Do you use AIRAC?

    - Yes Navigraph


    12. For pushback, jetways, ground services... you use:

    - GSX Ground Services for FSX



    13. Do you use "in-flight" addons?

    - No


    14. Do you use a view manager utility?



    15. Do you use time compression?

    - Yes sometimes



    16. Do you use ATC?

    - No


    17. For the weather, you use:

    - The default FSX weather feature

    - Active Sky Next


    18. Do you use environmental textures addon (sky, clouds, water)?

    - Yes REX


    19. Do you use ground textures addon?

    - FTX Global Base Pack


    20. Do you use meshes?

    - No


    21. Do you fly for a Virtual Airline?

    - Yes


    22. Do you fly online?

    - Yes on VATSIM
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