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  1. I really appreciate your help. When I pointed the program to that directory I get a new error message. Default Flight D:\ Prepar3D v2\Flights\other\Prepar3D.FLT not found, cannot continue. I have no Flights file in my P3D v2 directory and I have no Prepar3D.FLT in my saved flights file in the documents\Prepar3D v2 files.


    Mike, I hope Maarten comes to the rescue with this.  :smile:


    What I can do is showing my own (working) SLX setup:




    The default LM flight situation is stored here:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Prepar3D_Default

    When you save a new 'default' flight it will be stored in 

    C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v2 Files

  2. When I launch the application,I get an error box. It says: Error in preferences, Prepar3D flight folder D:\Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3D v2\ Flights does not exist. Where should the program be pointing so I don't get this error?


    HI Mike,

    the flights are normally stored in:

    C:\Users\your username\Documents\Prepar3D v2 Files


    (I could have answered this in the other forum, sorry, but I thought it was important to make you aware of this SLX dedicated forum in case the cause is different :smile: )

  3. AA is always GPU bound ... well, I shouldn't say always, because you can force AA to be "software rendered" but that would only happen if the GPU didn't support hardware accelerated AA and it's been at least 2 decades since AA wasn't handled by the GPU. FPS drop is due to the raw GPU performance needed to accomplish SGSS AA.


    I don't use NI (except when I'm doing screenshots for someone else).  I find MSAA and/or FXAA are enough for nice visuals on my setup (3840 x 2160) ... sometimes FXAA will work better for 3rd party airports that contain objects with narrow geometry that doesn't work with MSAA.


    Thanks for the explanation, Rob. I tried it, and I am very happy now with the following results : P3D 4x MSAA, FXAA off, and SGSS 4x in NI.

    The GTX970 can handle this very well.

  4. If you use nVidia Inspector and run high levels of SGSS AA you might want to OC the GPU, but otherwise I've found no benefit to it.


    That is interesting. I always thought that the (SGSS) AA settings brings down the fps due to the CPU having to work harder. I have a 2600K running OC @4.3.

    This weekend I traded my GTX660 for a GTX970 EXOC BE, but I did not do the whole NI exercise again because I assumed it was fruitless.

    Which GPU/NI settings can I change to benefit from my new GTX970 you think?

  5. it would be great, if one can show only filtered airports on the map.



    In SLX have airport publishers "Aerosoft", "FlyTampa" and "FSDreamTeam". Now I want to display only all my Aerosoft-airports or all Aerosoft- and all FlyTampa-airports. In that case you do not have to plot as much airports as plotting all stock airports, too.


    I like the idea.


    Perhaps it is possible to show all the airports when zooming out, too. At the moment you have to zoom in very deeply to see the ploted airport symbols. So it would be great if I can see all my AddOn-airports when selecting complete Europe or North America or Asia.


    Also a good side-effect of the above.

    In case you missed it: currently it is possible to change the zoomlevel for showing the navigation symbols, in your preferences.

    But of course it becomes too cluttered soon, especially in the USA. In Africa however you can change it quite a bit before it becomes cluttered.  ^_^

  6. My point Eric is that there is no grid or any other line that equates to it. [...] A simple grid that scales to the size of the line as the zoom changes provides a fast reference. 


    Let's see if Maarten wants to add this request to his own 'to-add-features' list.  :wink:

  7. Other than the white bar I am aware of the others. Not what I am asking. A simple scale indicating the map zoom level and the relationship to a fixed distance - ie - 1 inch = 10 NM etc.:)


    The white bar is the simple scale, with beneath it the distance that it represents.

    "1 inch = 10NM" cannot be done because that depends on your monitor size and resolution. :)

  8. Map view should have legend showing distance scale at every zoom level.




    It already has a scale. The horizontal white bar above the scale on the bottom right of the map window.


    Secondly, if you right-click anywhere on the map the distance is shown in the right-click menu.


    Thirdly, you can show range rings, also through right-clicking on the map. The range rings distance is set in the menubar top-right.


    Fourhly, there is a measure tool you can start and stop (menubar top-right). Click start and then left-click on the map to draw lines with distances showing.



  9. I think support for SLX is easier to handle for Maarten and fellow users when questions are posted in separate topics.

    It also serves better as a reference for other users that might have the same question. Nobody wants to read a long thread.


    I have been a beta tester for SLX and I can honestly say that this is the best add-on utility for FSX and P3D that I have ever seen!

    And the personal and helpful support of Maarten is second to none.

    He also provided a very comprehensive manual. I know that nobody wants to read manuals, but please have a look at it because it tells you features you otherwise might have missed!


    Everyone should give Simlauncher X a try. Maarten is planning to post a feature list so you have a better idea what the program does (before you download).




  10. The problem that is being experienced in the entertainment realm is something that literally won't happen in the training environment. We don't 'switch aircraft' in the middle of a training session. So, despite your opinions regarding functionality... it is indeed functioning.


    Dear Ed,


    I am really looking forward to the moment the 'entertainment problem' is solved, and I do not need to restart my simulator to change aircraft.


    It might be functioning in training sessions as you describe, but I feel you would have less disappointed entertainment/academic users if this limitation (after it was discovered) was mentioned with the product on your website. Regretfully I only found out about this problem after I purchased the product.


    Please consider this as constructive criticism, I like your product and your path forward,

  11. Just curious if this issue has been or will be resolved. I purchased the units last night and getting the CTD when changing aircraft! Inconvenient.


    I agree, I am also disappointed about this issue. I recently asked again in email support (you can ask them as well, I assume it is no secret), and I got this reply:


    No news, expect something from us towards the end of the summer regarding this.

  12. With me the sim (P3Dv2) crashes when changing aircraft or exiting the sim, after using/loading an aircraft with the Mindstar GNS.


    I got the following reply from Mindstar support about this:


    Thanks for your email.  We know about this problem, we just don't have a solution for it yet.  In the interim, please be sure you launch P3D by right-clicking on it and selecting "Run As Administrator".  I don't know if that will completely eliminate the issue, but it might help.  We will continue to investigate why this is happening, though.   It happens to us

    too.   With our avionics, you have to completely exit the sim in order to change aircraft.

  13. Here is what I have:  Just the GNS 530

     CARENADO C337     panel.cfg








    gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS530, 0, 0, 342, 331, 1:1:225


    Dave, Mark,


    Thanks for sharing!

    I copied this snipped into my C337's panel.cfg, but I now have the same problem that Mark first had: the buttons on the right side do not work.

    What should I add/change that is not in that text snippet?



    Got it working, I forgot to remove the gauge01 that was 1 line lower.

    However, the tooltip labels are still wrong. How is this with you guys?

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