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  1. The Buttkicker just responds to bass frequencies, doesn't it? It may be that often you would feel vibration when there happens to be low bass, but real FF would be independent of sound and allow you to hear low bass sound with no vibration, or feel vibration with no low bass sound. Although, I've heard good things about the Buttkicker and I'm sure it would add to immersion.

  2. Somehow I don't think Microsoft will be interested in earning $0.30 from a sale. The processing costs would be more than that!
    Why not? The Apple example has already been mentioned, and MS sells clothes for avatars on Xbox Live for as little as the equivalent of $1. Sony sells avatar icons (including from third parties) on PSN for as little as 49 cents.I think you're underestimating how prevalent microtransactions are these days. :)

  3. I guess it would just be too expensive to sell well enough. A FF version of the Saitek or CH yoke would probably cost about $250. And of course that doesn't include rudder pedals. So, the newcomers would be more likely to opt for the non-FF yokes.You already have a niche in the flight sim genre, and then the yoke is a niche within that because some people will buy a joystick instead. And with a yoke, you can't sell to the more casual market that plays the more arcade-like games such as HAWX. The FF wheels like the G27 can sell to console gamers too, which again is something you can't do with the yoke because there's no suitable console software for it.

  4. Sounds good. Hopefully the add-on installer is able to work with the protection of the Program Files folders this time. They should also put any config files under the Users folder so they wouldn't be blocked from direct modification (plenty of games do this already). It would probably still be better to put it on a separate drive for performance reasons, but at least we wouldn't get all those topics about issues with it installed to the default folder.I wasn't expecting this until the fall of 2012, so it's a nice surprise (for me anyway) to hear it's coming sooner.

  5. That is a bad day to be a Nemeth customer. I'm not and probably never be. Helicopter is not my thing.So because they lost 3% of their sales "97% never had intention to buy it anyway", The legal customer will have, in the next future, to accept a restrictive Anti piracy software... Great...
    That's not how the math works. If there are 10,000 pirated downloads, 3% would be 300. But they likely weren't going to sell anywhere close to 10,000 legitimate copies. They could end up selling 700 copies, which when added to 300 would make 1,000. Then it's 30% of their sales lost.

  6. Yeah, just adding another keyboard will work. In fact, there are a few mechanical keyboards that register themselves as multiple virtual keyboards, to get around the 6-key rollover limitation of USB.However, I'm not sure if you can actually get them to send different commands from the same keys (like, say, C on one keyboard sending a command, and C on the other sending something different).

  7. I also have this problem and I live in South Carolina. I'm not sure how to correct it so that it doesn't appear at all, however I have a solution of sorts. I simply go the the appropriate screen and press the "adjust" or "reset" button that appears below and the computer automatically resets the time to time presently displayed on the bottom of your desktop which is, of course, the time you have your computer set to. Maybe someone has some further insight.John
    Choose an aircraft and select the airport you want as the default, and reset the time in that other screen. Then save that as the default flight by checking the box. When you restart FSX, it will load that airport and your local time.When it loads the default Friday Harbor flight, it applies your local time to that location. Then, when you switch to an airport in another time zone, the time is adjusted relative to the time that was just applied to Friday Harbor (Pacific Time). For example, if it's 6AM on your system, it will set 6AM as the time in FH. Then if you choose an airport in New York, the time will change to 9AM because that is the time it would be in NY when it is 6AM in FH.

  8. As someone who has played HAWK and many like it, there is no comparison. 1st, all those games keep you in a very limited area. About the size of a good city. You go outside, they flip you back inside. In FSX, you can fly from LA to London and back no problem. 2nd, you get close too the ground, those photo-real textures turn too mud. 3rd, no real flight systems. No such thing as gauges, FM, or really anything flight sim related. Sure, it looks pritty, and its a lot of fun to zoom around shooting things down, but when you can have an entire team devote there work to a limited area, you can make it look that good. On the otherhand, FSX and hopefully Flight has an ENTIRE GLOBE to work on, not just a single city. Plus the aircraft systems alone take up more time then anything. Its not all about eye candy.
    Yeah, don't the flight dynamics require more horsepower than something like HAWX? HAWX is essentially an arcade game with simplified flight.

  9. I'm not quite sure I understand the question, especially about the hardware, but I never do an "upgrade installation." I always do a clean installation of the new OS.Could you explain what you mean about the hardware? Everything is going to need a driver for Windows 7, which may or may not be included with Windows itself. As long as the network card has a driver, you can always download whatever drivers you need after the installation. Although, I always find the drivers I need beforehand and have them ready on another drive.

  10. WHY can't install FS or any add-ons into the Program Files folder?
    In Vista and later, that folder (which includes folders within it) is protected by Windows and won't allow modification without administrator privileges. You won't be able to edit the CFG files as easily, and some add-ons will not install because they don't request the required privileges. That also goes for Program Files (x86) in a 64-bit version, of course.

  11. Please give us a standard window that can be resized and manipulated. What I want is something like Explorer, where the window can be maximized, and you can resize the columns. The higher the resolution, the more info that can be displayed. I'd like to have less scrolling, and not have some of the airport names get cut off. Perhaps we could even have the ability to turn the thumbnails on or off like someone else mentioned.I'd like to see some sort of "hangar" where we could look at the aircraft without starting a flight. I know they show them spinning, but I want something with the ability to move the camera closer and really explore the models. This could also be a place where third parties could incorporate maintenance, like overhauling the engine in A2A planes with Accu-sim.I don't know if this falls under UI, but let us map mouse buttons, including the side (thumb) buttons.

  12. Read what Microsoft actually said: "The new goal is to provide a fantastic experience "out of the box" on the first day......on your current computer."
    I'm interpreting that realistically to mean that you can enjoy it on an average computer, but not necessarily at max settings and with very high framerates. Anyone interpreting that to mean more is going to be disappointed.Most games are targeted to run acceptably on average computers, with the detail settings at around medium, and with decent but not great framerates. Those who have more powerful systems can turn up the settings and/or get better framerates. Why would Flight be any different? Would you want the max detail levels to be limited to 512MB of video RAM to ensure that average computers are able to use max settings?

  13. Doesn't that mean that Flight will be limited to run on current computers out of the box with all sliders maxed - if there are actually any sliders? It could also mean that future enhancements will be released in step with computer development and possibly have to be paid for, like Acceleration.
    No. They were saying that FSX was so bad in the performance department, that if the settings were maxed, even a powerful PC couldn't run it. Making it so that the average PC could run it with settings maxed would be holding back too much detail. Flight just won't bring a system to its knees like FSX did.

  14. Maybe a doctored screenshot wouldn't be that much of a lie. I'm hoping Flight will have a "photo" mode like in Gran Turismo and a few other games. In this mode, the engine freezes the scene, and you can tweak the image in ways it couldn't do in real time and maintain a playable framerate. You can move the camera around, add more anti-aliasing, adjust the depth of field, add special effects, etc.

  15. I was hoping someone would speculate in system requirements, since many other things about the sim is being speculated :)My own "research", maybe HAWX2 could be a reference, it's a recent fighting sim.HAWX2Recommended system / hardware requirements:CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 or AMD Athlon X2 3600+ or higherVideo card: 256 MB DirectX 10.0-compliant video card or DirectX 9.0-compliant cardMemory: 2 GBPeripherals: Xbox 360 Controller- Andrew
    I wouldn't use HAWX as an indication of what to expect. HAWX is a very different game compared to a flight sim that has to map the entire world and process complicated flight dynamics.Look at how FSX's requirements were way beyond what was needed to run contemporary games of its time (like Oblivion) with similar performance. Flight should be more able to take advantage of multiple cores and the video card, but we don't know to what extent.

  16. If you're getting frustrated with landing, you could bump down the crash tolerance a notch. The A2A manual mentions that this is an exception to the realism recommendations. I don't think they mean it's more realistic, but rather that you could back off and still get the flight dynamics while giving you some leeway on landing. I would prefer to leave it all the way up though, to be sure I learn to do it right.Also, if you have Acceleration, uncheck "engine stress causes damage." This is also recommended in the manual. I guess this setting is only present if you have Acceleration, and they wanted to design it for SP2 without Acc. Don't confuse it with "aircraft stress damages engine," which should be checked. Look at your manual and make sure all the settings are what they recommend.

  17. I saw this same issue asked about in their forum, and the problem was just what Thraini said - the A2A Cub's flight dynamics were designed around the Hard setting. When the guy over there switched to Hard, the issue went away.Interestingly, the book about FSX for real world training claims that medium is the most realistic in terms of difficulty, because in a real aircraft you have the advantages of a real feel for the plane as your weight shifts around and peripheral vision. I don't know if that's accurate or not, but for this particular plane at least, you're going to have to get used to Hard.

  18. I would be very surprised if lighting didn't improve. FSX's lighting dates back to 2006 of course, and even then it was arguably a couple of years behind the games released at that time due to the added complexity of a flight sim. While I don't expect the lighting to look like a brand new game, if they can give it, say, 2007-2008 game lighting, it will be dramatically improved.

  19. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a yoke or a joystick, then look at different models of the type you want. I'm new to flight sims, but my understanding is that the yoke is more commonly found in GA and many of the airliners, while the stick is generally used in combat planes, helicopters, and Airbuses. But there are exceptions.

  20. If you didn't reinstall Windows after switching the motherboard, is it possible you could do that? Something from the last motherboard may be conflicting here. Make sure to back up your data first.And from looking at the manual, you may not have to disable the onboard graphics, since the default is to only enable it if there's no video card installed. But, check to be sure that "Init Display First" is set to PEG (this is under Advanced BIOS Features). It defaults to PCI.

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