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  1. J757

    Identify the aircraft type please

    I've never owned it, but I know Feelthere made one a couple years back. Here's a review of it here on Avsim: https://www.avsim.com/pages/0110/feelThere/ERJ.htm Maybe you could look up some YouTube videos of it too and see what you think, I have no opinions since I've never had it, sorry I couldn't be more help buddy!
  2. J757

    Identify the aircraft type please

    EMB ERJ-145
  3. J757

    a320 on different engines?

    The only commercial plane I can think of with something even remotely similar was the re-engined 727 Super 27. Engine 1 and 3 were "new" JT8D-217's and engine 2 remained the same, a JT8D-15
  4. J757

    Captain Sim 757 in beta

    I hope everyone who gets a copy is permitted to show images etc. Or if CS would just show us some more, haha! I'm getting so impatient!!!
  5. Am I the only one who's genuinely super excited about this?! I feel like their L1011 was DEFINITELY a winner (except for the terrible sounds, but TSS was an easy fix). Already the modelling looks insane! The PW2000's look perfect in that one photo they posted already, something that can't be said for the modelling accuracy of the FF 757 for X-Plane, or even the old CS 757. I honestly have a really good feeling about this :) Not just because I'm a total 757 fanboi ;)
  6. Why do the aircraft all sound like the Level-D 767? Just an observation is all
  7. J757

    Aircraft You Have Been On

    L1011 Tristar (Delta, Air Atlanta Icelandic) RJ85/100 (CityJet/AF,Atlantic Airways, Titan Airways) Emb-120 (United Express) CRJ-200 (American Eagle) CRJ-900 (Delta) ERJ-175 (American) MD-80 (American) 737-200 (Ryanair) 737-400 (Futura) 737-800 (Ryanair, Delta, American) 757-200 (Titan Airways, Aer Lingus, American) 767-300 (Delta) 777-200 (American) 777-300 (American) 787-8 (American) A319 (British Airways) A320( LTE International, Eirjet, Aer Lingus, Delta, British Airways, First Choice) A321 (First Choice, Lufthansa, American) A330-200 (Aer Lingus) A380 (British Airways) Actually, this has been a good exercise in helping me realize how fortunate I am for a 20 year old. Especially since many of these flights were in First and Business class. Never take it for granted what we have at our fingertips in the first world!
  8. J757

    747 Easter Egg

    Any sign of a pogo stick? :Big Grin:
  9. The most basic ways are: Right click mouse and drag. Use arrow keys.
  10. I was testing the water spray effects and general water interaction when I hit the surface a little too hard! You should have seen my face when this happened on my screen!!! That's right! The wing completely detached, burst into flames and remained stationary as the rest of the plane continued it's journey of disintegration across the waters surface!
  11. I'm having a problem where I can't load anything because the "sound banks" were damaged. I ran the installer and that didn't fix it. Any ideas?
  12. J757

    FF 757 v 2.0

    The cockpit looks a ton better, proportions more correct etc. The exterior model is quite poor I think. I mean, what is going on with the monstrous gap between the flaps? The winglets are a bit odd, as are the engines. It just doesn't look right. When starting the engines, at maximum motoring the fan blades don't budge. Only when you add the fuel do they slowly turn into a blur, they don't spool up really, even when there is N1 movement on the EICAS. Tut tut tut! The sounds are still quite bad, my pet peeve! There is ZERO wind sound and when you go into reverse the sound just fades to nothing outside. The texture pack that I paid for is of EXTREMELY low quality, but I kind of expected that anyway. I really hope they bring out some updates fast, but I won't hold my breath. In saying all that, I have not touched the FMC or autopilot, hopefully when I dig deep I will be happily surprised. TO THE NEXT TEST FLIGHT WE GOOOOOO!!!
  13. J757

    Aerosoft A318 Research Edition available now!

    I've got it working fine. Nothing immediately jumps out as "new and improved"... yet! I did notice the air conditioning sounds were stuttering, so maybe a bug somewhere there.