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  1. i haven't had any issues either, i found out one thing, removing msi afterburner that puts info on your screen fixes stability issues in p3d v5.1 completely for me. prior, i couldn't even get it to load, just a suggestion. msi afterburner itself is fine, its the software built into it, that crashed the hell out of p3d and caused all my problems.
  2. you might want to join some facebook groups for p3d, they have alot of suggestions, alot of people are saying it could be related to ram. one guy had his ram running at 3600 and turned it down to 3333 and it stopped, i believe it's a p3d problem, sorry i couldn't help.
  3. i had this error as well, the facebook group suggest changing UIHardwareAcceleration=False in your p3d config file and it stopped for some
  4. i read a fresh install, completely remove p3d v5 and then reinstall
  5. i still find myself using p3d v4 and msfs alpha more than p3d v5 until active sky and pmdg and fslabs planes are compatible
  6. thanks, any chance the quality wings 787 collection is the same way? i prefer my pmdg and fs labs plane, but i will settle for anything i can get working first. thanks again.
  7. did you just point the captain sim installer to p3d v5 for it to work? i own almost every heavy aicraft for p3d v4 and none of them have been updated
  8. I am using the alpha and x-plane after dumping p3d a year ago,I find myself still using x-plane more because I prefer heavy aircrafts.msfs has great eye candy,but I honestly see myself staying with x-plane long after msfs is released.i will be months or years before we have heavy aircraft that x-plane already has.thats my opinion.
  9. is the scenery installer update really needed? i installed the first 2.
  10. i think we need Indianapolis Indiana, largest fed-ex hub in the world.
  11. i am waiting patiently, the old airbus is useless now from aerosoft
  12. x-plane 11 owner's need to buy as much payware as possible that will fit in our budgets. the developers are taking notice of x-plane and we need to give them sales, so more content is created.
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