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  1. the rotate md80 has the best textures for an md80 compared to the p3d version
  2. the pmdg 777 is smooth as butter on my 1800x and 1080ti,everyone says amd stinks for p3d, but it works great for me.
  3. disable ai traffic and buy world traffic 3, it works extremely well and you will have a ton of planes in traffic uses actual flyable planes and can cause frame rate issues.also look at my post in this thread..
  4. here is the rotate md80, it's due for a big update soon with a load manager, a very good plane
  5. i own the stand alone version and actually considered buying the steam version as well to support the developers and steam downloads x-plane 11 ten times faster, x-plane is so much easier to manage, almost every addon is drag and drop with only a few installers, moving scenery around is a breeze, if you run out of space, you simply drag your scenery to another drive, create a shortcut where you put the scenery and just put the scenery shortcut in your custom scenery folder. plugin's, scenery,planes are all pretty much drag and drop. out of the 18 planes i own for x-plane 11 only one requires an installer which is the ixeg 737.I only use p3d for my pmdg and flight sim labs planes. with fsx-se still installed for the quality wings 787,146 and 757 still lagging behind.flight factor is coming out witth the a320 soon, can't wait for that one, x-plane has the best md80,757,767,a350 there is. the jar design a320 and a330 aren't bad to fly.there is a ton of free scenery and plugins, hd 4 mesh was just released for free for the majority of the world, almost everything from p3d there is something comparable in x-plane11.of course x-plane 11 supports native vr now. i will post some good links to some software for free and sky is actively working on a weather engine for x-plane 11 as well.i listed the flight factor a320, but it's not released yet, i posted what i own or suggested scenery, planes and plugins. hope this list will help you get started, almost all scenery is free,but alot of payware developers are coming out of the woodwork.
  6. why wont the vr checkmark uncheck? i don't even have vr installed, i sold my vr headset a few months back and waiting for better resolution hmd's. 1080p is to bad for flight sim vr in my opinion, we need at least 1440p for it to look right.
  7. merry christmas to you as well
  8. hi guys, i have a question about orthoxp. after everything is generated and the tiles and overlays are put in the custom scenery folder, does the osm data thats created from orthoxp of any use? can it be used for roads ect... or do i just need to discard it afterwards? there is a masks and osm data folder, i was curious if it can be used for anything. anyway thanks for any replies, merry christmas and a happy new year.
  9. monitors always work better than tv's, eventually the 4k monitors will come down, i hope the 32 inch 4k monitors come down in the next year, 32 inches is plenty big enough for me sitting up close. i had bought a 43 inch 4k tv and it worked well, it was just too big for my liking i guess. scaling is the only way to fix text size in windows 10 settings. if you are on windows 7 it's almost impossible to scale correctly at all. happy holidays.
  10. you need an absolute min of 16 gb of system ram and recommended amount of 24-32gb or more, you need an absolute min of 4gb of vram and a suggestted 8gb or more. make sure your page file is not off or set to low, i would raise the pagefile to 24-32gb with you having such a small amount of system really need an nvidia 1060 or faster gpu and that min 16 gb of system ram. i am using 32gb of system ram and 11 gb of vram and i still can't max x-plane, the next series of video cards should solve the problem. happy holidays.
  11. i went ahead and purchased the e170 and e195 together for 65.00, thats pretty good for 2 planes, now 300 pages of documentation to print out and read, i loaded the e195 up in x-plane 11, it's a nice bird, the only thing i don't like is the rain effects are strange on the windshield compared to jar design and flight factor aircrafts, i also noticed nimbus atlanta was given an overhaul today and comes with world traffic ground routes and now has all gates and parking included. thanks again, have a happy holidays my friend.
  12. thank you for the reply, i will go ahead and pick it up, i was looking for a plane for 100-200 mile hops to practice heavy landings, these should work well for me then, thanks again.
  13. is the e195 just an extended version of the 170? i was gonna buy the twin pack, but never flown one of these planes, i am only familiar with boeing and airbus, i don't want to cross over to another heavy aircraft if it takes hours to learn, any thoughts from anyone?
  14. you can buy a windows 7 pro key cheap from just about anywhere online, also google windows 7 pro iso downloads, you can get those anywhere for free, i bought a windows 10 pro key for 10 bucks and also found windows 7 pro keys for 10 bucks. sadly any new hardware won';t work with windows 7 anymore.
  15. you really need to have at least 24-32 gb of ram or more, x-plane 11 will continue to be demanding on ram.i plan on upgrading to 64gb when the 9700k is released.