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  1. ummm ortho xp is not mediocre and i get the same results above 30 in both sims at large airports, xplane 11 i can have world traffic 3 maxed out and still hold the 35 fps mark, its a flat out fact that flight sims are moving to become more gpu pc is far from mediocre regardless of what you say. Colonel X why don't you have your pc specs listed so we can see your magnificent computer.what you just said is pointless.
  2. i 100 percent agree with you in p3d 4,i took a 7700k and my 1800x and ran them side by side, in x-plane 11 i came out with higher framerates, in p3d 4 it was 10-15 fps difference. p3d v4 is perfectly playable on a ryzen 1700 and a 1080ti. i also ran fsx, it ran like complete garbage on the ryzen and ran like a top on the 7700k. lockheed has come futher than we give them credit for. in x-plane i have everything on high or max and keep 30-60 fps, on the 7700k i was holding 30-60 fps, i was also using process lasso for both.i raised the settings until it wouldn't drop below 30 and also used nvidia shadow is p3d 4.0 and x-plane 11.05, the single thread performance argument is falling apart as time goes on.
  3. i am using an 1800x at 4.1 ghz and 32 gb of ddr4 at 3200mhz, yes p3d runs well, x-plane 11 runs amazing, i thing the 20mb of L3 cache helps alot, you just can't get that on intel. with that said, i plan on buying an 8700k to compare, whichever runs the worst will become my media home server.people think that just because the ryzen won't run over 4-4.1 ghz they are no good, x-plane and p3d are becoming more gpu bound, the cpu is starting to make less and less difference in gaming. everything is being dumped on my 1080ti.
  4. maybe that explains why my ryzen 1800x and my 1080ti runs x-plane and p3d 4 so well, both sims are becoming more gpu bound,i have considered buying the 8700k, but it's up in the air right now.
  5. i don't see how it's good business to spend 380.00 on the 8700k and then have to take a chance at it no working because of a delid.i would like to buy the 8700k when it comes back in stock, but we shouldn't have to modify an already expensive product to get full performance.
  6. i was gonna buy it until i watched this video and read that article,ya you can do 5ghz on water, but will more than likely need a delid to keep temps under control, thats what i had to do to my 7700k. i use my 7700k pc for p3d 4 and my ryzen 1800x for x-plane 11 and everything else. intel is becoming a huge let down to me at least. if i am not dead, zen 2 comes out in january with a die shrink and hopefully higher clocks.i honestly think amd has ryzen locked to not be able to go over 4.1 to 4.2 ghz. zen 2 will probably open the flood gates for clock speed. but if intel does stop disclosing clock turbo boost clock speeds, people are more and more likely to end up with a dud overclocked cpu. for people that complain they lost the silicone lottery now, wait until the disclosure.i was an intel word not allowed most of my life, but i am about ready to run the other direction. we shouldn't have to delid a cpu to be able to get max performance, thats complete bullsh@t.
  7. before anyone buys an 8700k, this is bad for overclockers. one article and one video, keep your 7700k's
  8. all fsdreamteam and flightbeam airports work, flightbeam airports are being charged upgrade prices to be compatible with there own flight beam manager as they are upgraded, it's a really nice feature.
  9. sorry for the confusing, i simply meant orlando kmco is my home airport, i didn't mean to confuse ksdf with kmco.
  10. i begged for memphis, louiseville and indianapolis, now 2 of the 3 are out or coming, memphis is the fedex hub of the world and louiseville is the ups hub, indianapolis is the second largest fedex hub, sadly noone has given indianapolis any attention and it was a brand new airport in 2008 and also my home airport from birth. now orlando is my home airport, i am glad fsdreamteam is creating so much detail. i just hope i am alive when it's released. i was diagnosed with cancer 3 months back and hope i can get rid of it, but it'd unlikely. anyway great video.
  11. turn off hibernation, it can use up to 30 gb of space as well.
  12. i was excited about ryzen, but nothing intel is exciting anymore, we should have 10ghz cpu's by now running on air.then all the flight sims would run at 100fps, we also should have 500mb of cache for scenery loading and games that require high single threaded performance.we have been hovering around 4 to 5 ghz for 10 years now.
  13. my framerates stayed the same, but my load time increased alot on my ryzen 1800x,i use process lasso for all my programs, not that it matters, i have everything on high accept for textures which are uncompressed,it works great.
  14. with max uncompressed textures on my 1080ti, vram takes about 9gb, so a 4gb videocard can't handle it even at 1080p, i can almost max x-plane out with 60fps, its very videocard heavy on my end
  15. after years of intel screwing the consumer, i went with amd with my 1800x, i can run my sims just fine, i am closing the book on intel,i will stick with amd until i am dead.