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  1. I agree, I think p3d v6 is right around the corner. Although i enjoy version 5 very much, I just can't see lockheed taking p3d v5 to the expo. Lockheed has also been too quiet these past few years.
  2. pmdg works just fine, i just finished a 777-200 LR flight, and i did a 737 flight this morning. GSX and all fsdreamteam airports work fine as well.
  3. Well we can all hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. I have all 3 flight sims installed, x-plane 12, MSFS and p3d v5.3, And i always find myself back at p3d with my pmdg planes. I am more of a cockpit person,I don't spend much time on the outside of my plane or below 30,000 feet, so that's why p3d has always been so special to me. I started out with fsx and p3d was like upgrades over the years from fsx. I guess i just hold a lot of expectations for p3d v6. If Lockheed could at least overhaul the the start screen and give us better default scenery.I think i will be satisfied with what they offer us. I realize money makes the world go round, but it's sad that so many consider p3d dead after MSFS released. I guess i am one of those guys that likes to stay with what works.
  4. I honestly believe when p3d v6 comes out, it will be much better than p3d v5. Just the fact it's supposed to be using the unreal engine 5, that's a game changer. Train Sim World 3 is using unreal Engine, and it looks really good. If p3d v6 could have overhauled the Ui as far as the start screen, I think it will be amazing. Just my opinion, I think P3D V6 has been worked on much longer than just 2 years. I bet Development started at the end of p3d v4. I know this is all speculation, but if anything I suggested is true. p3d v6 will be my main platform and i still use p3d v5,and do p3d v5 youtube videos. If Lockheed could have streaming scenery, It could be above my expectations. Microsoft may have more money, But Lockheed is in no way in the poor house. I can only hope.
  5. I believe MSFS was targeted more towards gamer's in general, not simmer's nor xbox user's. The only thing MSFS has over p3d and x-plane 12 is eye candy. I am in no way a real pilot, But pmdg for instance doesn't behave correctly in MSFS like it does in P3D. Systems for instance are far more realistic in p3d than MSFS, That's why I see MSFS more as a game than a simulator. Lnav and Vnav for instance doesn't function right in MSFS. The pmdg 737 was the only aircraft i could really compare with. I am very much looking forward to the pmdg 777, But if it doesn't behave like in p3d, They can keep it. I want the full systems experience with pmdg products in MSFS like p3d. I can only hope p3d has something in the works for a future sim. I can only hope MSFS and pmdg get things sorted. With the pmdg 737 if i wanted to use auto land, it's extremely hit and miss with my experience with MSFS anyway. With p3d I am able to land every single time.
  6. As strange as it is, the rtx 4070 is rumored to have 10,12 and 16gb versions, but slower than the 4070ti. the only advantage to a 3090 is vram, it doesn't have dlss v3 and a few other updated features on the 4000 series.
  7. I am not impressed. I have tried AMD CPU's and video Cards over intel and NVidia. My personal opinion AMD is just too buggy. Ryzen has certainly pushed intel to come up with much better products, but AMD just wasn't for me. The higher resolution, The worse AMD seems to get.
  8. If people keep buying this garbage, CS will just to continue to create it. It's time to quit buying the product, and hopefully they will go away. Sadly we have so much more garbage products in the sim, Than actually good simulation products.
  9. AIVLASOFT EFB has just about everything, and has a free 30 day trial. Also you can run the server part on your sim machine, and the EFB on a laptop, optional. https://www.aivlasoft.com/
  10. I own both and use both. For the ones talking about the EFB we went years with no EFB in the planes, and it's not all that hard to program your fmc without an EFB with sim brief. Both planes are worth the cost for sure. I highly recommend you download simbrief panel from flightsim.to, I am not talking about sim brief downloader, sim brief panel is free and can be used in any aircraft to show all your weights and numbers to put into the fmc. https://flightsim.to/file/48336/simbrief-panel I also recommend Flow Essential from Orbx , There is a free version, Essential, and a Pro version. It replaces the tool bar at the top of the screen, and makes opening in flight items much quicker and easier. https://orbxdirect.com/product/p42-flow-essentials Happy flying
  11. CS makes such great external models, why would they ruin their reputation like this? Captain Sim is the George Santos of Flight Sim. Because flight sim has spilled over into Xbox, We have to pay closer attention if you are a PC user wanting Study Level Planes. I don't understand why Microsoft would let developer's sell the systems built into MSFS. Developer's should have to use their own models and systems. Why would someone buy a C130 with no Cockpit? I spend 99 percent of my time in the cockpit.
  12. I would imagine 8gb would be plenty for a few years yet, just don't max out your settings. The majority of people on steam have 4-6 gb video cards, i know that's not related to P3D, but I am sure lockheed are paying attention to what hardware people are using. I realize most sales of from big corporation's, but they do make a little money from us. When everyone can get their hands on the 4000 series at retail prices, the vram won't be an issue anymore for many years.
  13. Another update is already out. Must be to fix the performance problems.
  14. I have just never been a fan of ryzen, regardless of performance. Intel and nvidia together just feel quicker to me outside a select few games. I haven't bought a high tier cpu in the last couple cycles because of cost and heat anyway. Just my opinion.
  15. I just hope something new comes along for p3d, P3DV5.4/ V6, It seems like developer's are dumping p3d left and right. Thankfully most of the airports i wanted actually became payware. I plan on staying with p3d for a good while. I have x-plane and MSFS installed as well, each sim has it's own good and bad.
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