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  1. I apologize. I will make future post's correctly.
  2. i bought the rotate md11 a couple days ago, there is a patch already for the aircraft. anyway i did my first flight from memphis to atlanta without any issue's. all vnav and lnav worked fine for me, and i did a successful ILS landing and it was right on, with the only problem, which was human error, i forgot to arm the spoilers and i didn't have the reverse thrust mapped to any keys, so i used up all of the runway for landing. i personally don't like the flight deck textures, i wish there was an option for the flight deck to have newer textures, instead of 40 years of use. the textures are well done in my opinion, i just simply don't like them. i prefer slightly used cockpits, vs heavily used. the outside textures i have nothing bad to say at all, it's top notch from top to bottom. people are complaining about the cost of the aircraft. all developer's are charging too much, but rotate is just following everyone else. the price is worth it, because you get the plane for xplane 11 and x-plane 12 when it's released. i have no problem paying a small fee for the passenger version, as long as it's not over 25.00 or so. i don't think it would be worth anything more than that. i am just happy developer's are creating these planes for x-plane. i have shelved p3d, and i am just not a fan of MSFS. i bought it, i just don't like the user interface and the way controls have to be setup, so i fly x-plane 99 percent of the time. i tried many times to try and use MSFS, and i just don't like it.
  3. the 12900ks comes out april 4th with a 5.5 ghz boost clock. I am still using a 10900k and plan on holding off a few generations. the cost to upgrade each gen is becoming too expensive in my mind.
  4. are you folks using 4k textures and maxing your settings out? i am on a 2k monitor , using 2k textures and fly the pmdg 777, aerosoft a319 and the fsl a320 and never gone above 3gb of vram on my 2080 super. i keep all my settings on normal or high and never had an issue, i am just curious why people have so many problems with vram. i was patiently waiting on the videocard to drop in price, and hopefully the 4,000 series nvidia cards will all have 16gb of vram. i bet p3d developers are kinda holding back with better scenery textures, ect..., until the videocard market gets better. just a guess.
  5. I am 44 and plan on staying with p3d and x-plane. i bought MSFS, but it just wasn't for me. i have just spent way to much money on current sims to start rebuying add-ons for a sim i am not all that into. Maybe down the road. I started with fs9, but i did play fs98 a few times. I am just the type if it works don't change it i guess.
  6. windows 11 will install on any machine if you install from scratch, tpm is only required through windows update, and you just need to turn tpm on with boards 2018 and newer, you don't actually have to buy a physical chip for it to work. at least on intel boards.
  7. i bought msfs, but i am just not fond of it, it kinda looks cartoonish too me, it's a pretty sim, but i will stay with p3d and x-plane until msfs has decent ifr. i don't like the control setup in msfs either. maybe me being 44 i just go with what works.
  8. i don't understand why so many people are just so picky about some things, that's just my opinion.
  9. people are making tpm out to be much more than what it is, you don't have to have the actual chip on your motherboard, you just simply need to enable it on intel boards. tpm has ben used since 2016, if your pc is within 4-5 years old, chances are you have the feature. i upgraded to the insider preview as well. p3d works fine. for most everyday users, i wouldn't suggest upgrading until the offical release. windows 11 does have alot of bugs and is a heavier os than windows 10. windows updates are much harder to catch or stop all together in windows 11. in my opinion windows 11 has a nice new skinned them, kinda like windows 7, with more control for microsft to one again continue to force new updates that we can't control.windows 10 is good until 2025. most likely i will revert back to windows 10. this new windows 11 is in very early stages, and microsoft is making it harder and harder to find locations everyday users need, such as the control panel. after windows 7, microsoft kepts slapping one os on top of the next. everyone at microsoft needs to be fired and start over from windows 7.
  10. i have the windows 11 developer version on my pc, it is much better in my opinion, no flat tiles, windows looks like windows 7. p3d 5.2 and x-plane 11 work fine. the servers are overloaded for MSFS because of some update. when it levels off i will give msfs a try.
  11. active sky has an update on the website. it's been their for 12 hours already
  12. i am not having any issues at all after just upgrading the client and content to 5.2, performance is pretty much the same, right click is so much better in sim, and yes shift-x is white, but in my opinion it's more readable now than before. the whole interface just feels smoother and looks cleaner. i have my sim loocked to 45fps with most settings maxed.
  13. i haven't had any issues either, i found out one thing, removing msi afterburner that puts info on your screen fixes stability issues in p3d v5.1 completely for me. prior, i couldn't even get it to load, just a suggestion. msi afterburner itself is fine, its the software built into it, that crashed the hell out of p3d and caused all my problems.
  14. you might want to join some facebook groups for p3d, they have alot of suggestions, alot of people are saying it could be related to ram. one guy had his ram running at 3600 and turned it down to 3333 and it stopped, i believe it's a p3d problem, sorry i couldn't help.
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