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  1. Launch Date for 25th June 2016 announced We are pleased to announce that GulfJet will be launching it's operations on 25/06/2016. GulfJet Headquarters and main hub located at Dubai International Airport (ICAO:OMDB) with second hub in Europe operating from Dublin International Airport (ICAO:EIDW). The Virtual Airline will provide services to virtual corporate clients around the world. We have wide range of aircraft available in our fleet to choose from. Our operations will include both routine schedules for our corporate flights and charter flights. Scheduled Flights We currently in the process of contracting our services to various conglomerates, multinational corporations and business entrepreneurs who are in need of flying from place to another on regular basis. We have already entered in contracts with several such clients to whom we will providing routine flights. Our goal is to provide our clients with best flying experience so that they can meet their corporate obligations. Apart from providing scheduled flights to different corporations for their business trips we have entered into contract with Luxury Tours Inc. and will be flying their customers on LJ45 and B737-800 BBJ2 to exotic tourist destinations in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Chartered Flights Our pilots have the option to fly charter flights all around the year and there is no restriction on number of charter flights you can fly. However we do ask Pilots to submit a Charter Request Form along with their log. Charter request form is a way to simulate that you as pilot have been hired to fly a certain client to a charter destination. Job Opportunities We are in urgent need of individuals to fill the below positions: - Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Hub Managers - Brand Manager (Photoshop Expert with experience in Livery Paint) For More Information: http://www.gulfjet.org http://www.facebook.com/GulfJet http://www.twitter.com/GulfJetVa
  2. Hello Flight Simmers, I am launching a virtual airline (focusing on corporate airline operations and charters) and it is work in progress and I was hoping if anyone is willing to help me out I am basically looking for Staff Members who will help me test the website. Someone who is good with Photoshop would be a plus. I have a really busy work routine and launching this airline has been my dream, so I was hoping if anyone is willing to help me out in this initial phase. I have a very autonomous kind of airline structure planned and i don't want this airline to be alive as long as owner i.e. me is alive I will stay the owner of this airline despite being the first CEO I will transfer control to other staff members if I am getting busy with my work. I will keep on paying for the hosting and domain even if I am flying only once a weak due to busy work routine. For those who are interested in joining the team can either reply in this topic or send me an email to personal email address below: ahsanshahbaz@hotmail.com You can also have a look at the airline's website (We are using VAM): http://www.gulfjet.org Note: This is not an airline launch press release so pilots looking to join this airline will have to wait I just gave the website link to give a general idea to potential staff members who might be interested. Kindly do not register.
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