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  1. Excellent bit of UX on the flights search, other airlines would do well to adopt similar!

  2. No thank you Lion, I like to scroll like a normal person! Setting changed!

  3. Having fun writing some old school document.getElementById() et al javascript today!

  4. Sat on the train trying desperately not to puke, not sure what's wrong this morning?!

  5. Little miss I've just been caught at the top of the clothes airer!

  6. LOL lulzsec have hacked the sun!

  7. In a cab, this is far more me!

  8. WHAT? paid for first class and there is none on the main part of my journey!! £10 more than everyone else for what!!?

  9. spread the word the sun on Sunday will just be #newsoftheworld re hashed!

  10. Nice to see Liverpool fans jumping on the band wagon, can we keep it to one issue at a time? #newsoftheworld

  11. Goodbye #newsoftheworld you scum bags!

  12. Fricking! So many credit checks and I didn't even go through with any of the policies!

  13. Well the traffic is unreal tonight! Currently in Woking after going off piste to get home!

  14. How forbidden can a peach be?!

  15. Big shock in the local one stop as woman wins £99 on lottery, high fives all round!

  16. So murray going to lose again, yet he'll be congratulated for getting this far. This is why we lose everything cos you're praised when u do

  17. Quite looking Google+, given some time I actually think it might be a FB rival if they don't sort their performance issues! #googleplus

  18. Fully supporting teachers today, it's not ideal, they don't want to strike, but who wants a bitter 70 year old teaching their children?

  19. Fedora out!! GET IN!

  20. Could @glenswinfield wish for a better lock screen?

  21. Oh how I love my journey to work! It's Friday thought the roads were meant to be quiet?!

  22. Git pull @Keithamus and @ryangrenz back to the office to fix broken git repo