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  1. Your reply explains everything.
  2. Just referring to thin skinned folks there big guy.
  3. The fact that folks get all bent out of shape because someone disliked their post blows my mind. You should really not go out in the world if your skin is that thin. Heck, even certain people who run this site have skin that thin. It's really quite sad.
  4. hoser70

    vpilot is relased

    vPilot was not designed to be an FSINN replacement. It was designed by someone who has given the community many innovative programs for FREE! He never intended for this to be everything. He designed it to WORK and work without the need for an IT degree to connect to VATSIM, which is accomplishes marvelously. If you like FSINN and it works for you, great! If you are looking for something that works simply and also works with P3D then you can't go wrong with vPilot.
  5. Thank you sir. I just figured it out as you were posting... definitely an improvement.
  6. Hey Dave, what files am I looking for to do the same? Or would you be willing to share your aircraft.cfg section with this window info?
  7. hoser70

    What's your WORST Flightsim Payware of 2013?

    My worst "Flightsim" payware of 2013 was the awesome goodliness that I didn't buy! I love love!
  8. hoser70

    757, soon?

    I'm not sure they are aware of their own existence...
  9. hoser70

    Realistic Zoom Setting?

    Humm... thanks for the link. I don't really understand what they are saying really as I haven't seen any of these settings "in-app." If they are there, I missed them.
  10. hoser70

    Realistic Zoom Setting?

    I think you just said the same thing I did Paul... However, those would need to be some rather LARGE screens, or perhaps a projector to make .3x work.
  11. hoser70

    Realistic Zoom Setting?

    I wish there was a way to only "zoom" the view of the VC in or out and not the scenery outside. .3x - .7x is simply so wide of few that it becomes unrealistic. As mentioned here already the approaching scenery is zoomed out too far and is in no way a real representation of what it would look in real life wile coming in for a landing. While I've gotten used to it, I've always wondered why the only option was moving my seat back in the VC to see more of the panel. And before you call me out there, yes I realize zooming the VC is also not realistic, but I can not move my head around while sitting at my computer like I can in real life while sitting in the cockpit. Track IR is annoying and I can't use it so a way to zoom the VC only while retaining the zoom level outside the plane sure would be a nice feature. Heck, simply two zoom options. One for the VC and one for the exterior. For those of you saying you are using .3x zoom - - how in the heck can you even see the runway while landing??? LOL!
  12. Hummmm... I'm trying this now and it seems to work... sort of. I have it locked at 22, but it's bouncing as high as 27. Is that normal?
  13. hoser70

    757 Query

    Level D is no more... I'll gladly eat my words if a LDS 757 is released though.