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  1. Mark II

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Jim, let me disagree with you not because I am an IT Pro but just because that's crystal clear that if my own pc runs like a charm since 1 year ago whatever game thrown at it at 4k 60fps but P3D, that clearly narrows down to P3D and its addons only. One fact should convice the skeptical ones, disabling the vast majority of up to date P3D addons ( which btw always worked fine in P3D since 2-3 years.... ) and flying the very same plane at the very same airport with the very same weather etc... during night, the chance of CTD increases by 800% vs daytime. Now, which add on in your opinion is sensible to the night time ? Only P3D ! P3D, despite its 64 bits tweaks, still relays on a 15 years old ancient manipulated code, that's the explanation. Of course whatever regedit tweaks, drivers & bios update, downclock etc didn't work and I have played at least 12-15 games at full details in 2018 at 4K without a single crash in one year............ No need to add anything, the murderer still has the smoking gun in its hand and you still defend him ??? -
  2. Mark II

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    New NVIDIA October drivers, same error. Even worst now because I started to fly my QW 787 1.1.2.a at night, worst than day time. Now I just reach the state of turning engines on and...CRASH Why LM doesn't fix this ? All of my games played in the last year never had a single crash, P3D crashes all the times. The error is from P3D therefore LM is to be blamed. LM silence speaks by itself -
  3. Mark II

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    I wonder why LM and Nvidia are silent on this, do they perhaps feel guilty and have no clue / time or willingness to undertake a deep troubleshooting preferring to focus on cosmetic marketing stuff instead ?
  4. Mark II

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Sorry my fault, I forgot to mention the most important thing, this bug happens with P3D only. Only a tiny percentage of users is experiencing this on other games while the vast majority has this issue in P3D only, given by 2018 Nvidia drivers + a modern quick GPU and a random factor. Anyway, if LM would, it could fix it in many ways, because it happens on hundreds of P3D users and only within P3D. C’mon LM, do your job please !
  5. Mark II

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Here the same. That’s definitely a combination between latest nvidia drivers and certain GPU. My PCs runs like a charm at 4K full details whatever game and my 1080ti performs perfectly with dozens of games but P3D where, starting in the last weeks, I see the error in the OP title. Guys, don’t blame anything inside your rig or OS but the above mentioned random combination. We are in the same boat and only LM + Nvidia can save us from this pathetic bug.
  6. That would match all of the clues but 10 years to develop such a tech that would be pretty much an insane amount of time for such a limited API interface which f.i. FS2Crew develops in a year timeframe usually.
  7. According to Lockheed Martin CEO interview and according to my guess the new PMDG product line will be ......... CHOPPERS.
  8. Mark II

    I had a dream...

    I will stay happy with the ones who released a positive feedback on my thread and posts, just in case you tought all are like you ...... in a perpetual bliss. But, the more I write the more Scandy is shaking to pull the " power " button, GO ! Kill the troll !!!
  9. Mark II

    I had a dream...

    Guys, I didn't read within forum rules that personal attacks were allowed when a forumer or a bunch of them have different opinions from the mass. I am sorry to have injected into Mr. Randazzo thread to brag again, but I bragged without offending anyone while many of you simply tried to attack not my opinions but myself directly. That wasn't a classy touch indeed and probably not within forum rules too, but, if these are the rules I can gladly leave this forum where personal attacks are allowed against free opinions and braggin which btw was more than necessary, fact Scandivanian, you were wrong, again. You can hide, delete this one as well or you can drag me straight into court if that would help to make this forum better and to fill your moderator ego :) Nothing to say to you Mr. Randazzo, your position perfectly makes sense, just please bear in mind that even a moderator can make a mistake, once in a century. Adieu
  10. I'll second your question, that would make a lot of sense, not everybody has a Navigraph relationship therefore freeware PDF charts within the EFB would be a classy touch indeed. Told that, I am pretty sure sometimes even Mr. Randazzo dreams about a PMDG 787 and I think the chance to annihilate the competitors by skills shows, it is growing in him too. Am I totally wrong on that ?
  11. Mark II

    I had a dream...

    I am really glad that finally rain effects have been added to always great PMDG products. I knew Mr. Randazzo is always miles ahead the business and I thank him for his top quality products. Sorry Scandivanian, you fought me and deleted my thread ( even if within forum rules ) about my request of having rain effects saying that I was a dreamer and due to fps hit and many other reasons stating that was absolutely not feasible ! One of your reasons, behind fps huge hit and lack of P3D technology, it was also that airliners pilots can't see rain drops on the windshield. I posted a self explanatory cockpit video of a NG into a storm and you deleted my whole thread in response Few months later rain effects will be a reality ( next 747-8i preview ) and all the PMDG fans are happy and thank Mr. Randazzo and all PMDG members
  12. Mark II

    QW 787 or FS Labs a-320x

    Knowing the " legendary " speed of QW about 787 release, it is crystal clear the P3D version of 787 won't surface before 2019-2020, optimistically. IMHO better to postpone the discussion of 3-4 years.
  13. Mark II

    QualityWings releases 787....promotional video

    FSX sold milions of copies, true, but nowdays the average FSX user is a young guy which want to try flight simulation via colored and funny GA planes and sounding it with mouth like bruuuum, talatalat, fffrrrrrrrrrrr, schhhhhhhh, kapow ! The user which like to simulates jets has moved to P3d since some years therefore the 787 target customer is not the young guy fiddling in 2017 with FSX GA colored planes but the average aged man which like to simulate jets piloting via pro procedures etc.. Told that, I am under the impression we will have to wait several years more for the P3d version, at least 3-4 years in which QW will keep on doing what it did in the last 10 years, therefore speaking about how a product can go trough 1874 beta versions and missing deadlines.
  14. Mark II

    QualityWings releases 787....promotional video

    Be P3d mates for 7-8 years of infinite quantities of betas......
  15. Mark II

    QualityWings releases 787....promotional video

    Fake video, fake news. It will never be released and this sadic game must end sooner rather than later. guys, pls wake up !