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  1. Dan is back! Great work Dan! Looking forward to seeing the new tricks you've learnt
  2. Thats a real beauty. Will the Etihad livery be updated?
  3. Dan, the cleaner look is absolutely gorgeous and really brings out the colours that the aircraft have on their livery. Especially FlyDubai. Thanks alot man. Any chance of the Fiji Airways paint getting the clean look too? Excellent work my man! And FDB has painted wingtips.. Amazing Dan!
  4. Thai.. Def on the list.. Thanks Dan!!
  5. Nice stuff man. Is Fiji Airways almost ready too?
  6. Yes there is. If you search for the Aerosim 787 in the Avsim Library, it should be there.
  7. Im hoping on the Fiji Airways one :rolleyes: Those chevrons though
  8. Sorry to have to add to the ever-expanding list Dan, but could you try making a livery for B787 in FlyDubai colours?
  9. Reckon Fiji Airways might be coming out soon? Or Virgin Atlantic?
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