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  1. Be aware its essentially just Manhattan, the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge for example is unchanged.
  2. I bought it yesterday and detect no loss of performance on my mediocre rig. The new buildings, and there's loads of them, blend in really well. For the price I think it's an essential purchase if you love New York or want a place to showcase just how stunning this sim can be.
  3. Thanks for the comprehensive response Les but unfortunately I must confess I probably didn't understand more than about 10% of it! If its not already abundantly clear, I bought the VA MCP primarliy to add immersion when flying the default 737 in X Plane. I've no interest in study level aircraft and spending ages loading FMC's and the like, I just like being able to turn a knob when changing heading and that kind of thing, nothing too complicated. Hence I haven't invested in any of the more complex 737's available for X Plane but wanted to explore if there was a simple and straightforward way to use the MCP with other aircraft in X Plane. It is clear that Spadnext does support x plane and that its perfectly possibe to create a profile to get the MCP communicating with suitable aircraft in X Plane, however unrealistic a the VA MCP that may be. However, I singularly failed to find a suitable profile in the spadnext library and could not make head nor tail of the instructions for creating one from scratch, so the 14 day trial expired and I'm now faced with the choice of laying out £25 plus VAT for a licence with no certaintly of having any more success in future! When I said I found Spadnext unintuitive what I meant was that I stared at the options without really having the faintest clue where to begin. I watched your video with the 777 (I think) and tried to follow it but got nowhere. I have searched high and low and not found an active forum populated with people using the VA MCP with X Plane. My search will continue and I also live in hope that the manufacturers will update their software to support MSFS2020 in due course. Thanks again and take care. Paul
  4. Hi Les, many thanks for responding, I was beginning to give up hope! Unfortunately my 14 day trial of spadnext has now expired and I never managed to get it to connect to my MCP. I could see a list of profiles but none seemed to fit my requirements in terms of sim/aircraft combination. I don't find it the most intuitive of programmes though so there's a very good chance I was doing something wrong. Spadnext are very clear that its up to the user to test the software before buying, its no use complaining afterwards if it doesn't work, so I'm intrigued by your experience, particularly with MSFS2020. I've got the all bells and whistles version but only fly GA at the moment because I find the airliners totally unrealistic in their handling (not to mention the multitude of bugs reported). However I'm curious to hear that you have used spadnext to connect the MCP to MSFS2020 and at least one of the aircraft. This gives me hope for the future! If you have the time perhaps you could explain a little more. I only fly X Plane when not wrestling with MSFS2020 and left P3D behind a few years back. If you use your MCP with X Plane (I'm guessing you don't because you don't mention it) then it would be great to know more. Many thanks for replying
  5. I just bought a ppre-owned VA MCP and although I am quite happy using it with the default 737 in x plane I am frustrated that there don't appear to be any simple ways of connecting it to the Zibo mod or say the default 747. Have looked at spadnext but that is too complex for me and the VA MCP doessn't seem to have any profiles for aircraft that I can test. Also I can't find any active forums where owners can help one another, such a shame cos its a great panel!
  6. This isn't the most active of forums but I'm not sure where else to find the support I'm looking for so nothing ventured... In short I've bought a second hand VA MCP and have successfully got it working with the default 737 in X Plane. So far so good but I suspect that the MCP could also be used with other default aircraft in XP like the 747 but I can't figure out how to get it working fully. Some features work but I don't seem to be able to engage or disengage the a/p using the mcp switches, they have no effect. In my efforts to find a solution I ended up at Spadnext and it would appear that using spadnext instead of VA software, I can not only get the MCP working with any aircraft in X Plane but also with the new MSFS2020. I have tried installing some of the online x plane profiles for default planes but the MCP just sits there, turning dials doesn't do anything even though spadnext is confirming its connected etc. As you can tell I'm a complete novice so if anyone out there would be kind enough to confirm if what I'm trying to do is even possible, and if so, where to start, I'd be very grateful. Thanks
  7. I saw no noticeable difference with the new driver.Right now I can't imagine how they'll get vr running well with this sim, particularly with airliners as there's a noticeable drop in fps when sitting in their cockpits. 3440 x 1440
  8. Vast improvement on the beta version which is very basic and even has a row of terraced houses on the north side of the terminal!
  9. Hmmmm. I've just updated to Beta 14 and XP is crashing. Log file blames RXP GTN 750. I've got Traffic Global running so wonder if that's conflicting again. RXP GTN 750 was working fine yesterday with Beta 13 using the workaround of disabling the ai count. Trying different aircraft to see if its a global or specific issue. Quick Update - Now up and running with default cessna, Traffic Global running with TCAS enabled. AI Count disable fix still working - all good so far with B14
  10. Hope I'm not jumping the gun but think I've fixed it, went into to keyboard settings and deleted a bunch of things and seems to have stopped the problems I was encountering - fingers crossed Forgive me if I am asking the dumbest questions imaginable but I've tried googling this issue without success. I am just starting to get grips with using the RXP GTN750 with Little Navmao and the default 737 in X Plane. I have successfully imported the flight plan into the GTN750 and activated it and can get the 737 to follow the plan using the GPS. However, when I engage the autopilot the value in the Pilot HSI OBS window on the 737 panel goes nuts and constantly flickers back and forth between a range of numbers. Also in the main electronic display there's a small bit of text constantly flashing showing my course plus DME and ILS. I have tried selecting and deselecting a few things in the GTN750 menu but to no effect (other than to disengage the unit). It's s if something is fighting with the GTN750 for control but I cannot figure out what. Have any of you any ideas please? The GTN750 is working correctly but the constant clicking of the Pilot HSI OBS control and flashing is spoiling my enjoyment. By the way, not seen this issue on any other aircraft. Thanks in advance
  11. I only ever run programmes as Admin if I'm explicitly told to during installation so I hadn't selected that option with any of the software. However, at some point in the past I must have hit a problem with X Plane so I was running my old version as Admin. I forgot about that when I reinstalled, hence I hit a problem when I came to try and run RXP. Hopefully my experience will help someone else that hits the same issue.
  12. Found the answer in a post from November 2017 - I just needed to run XP 11 as Administrator! That's 4 hours of my life I'll never get back...
  13. After trying to fix this myself for the past 4 hours I've finally conceded defeat and come here for help. I've looked back through the multitude of threads and can see lots of other folk with the same problem, GTN options appear as expected in Plugins menu when running XP and the GTN750 pops up but with no power on. I had it working before but have reinstalled XP and reinstalled RXP but i cannot get it working this time. The Garmin trainer software is installed and working. When I run the RXP installer it confirms that the trainer is installed and doesn't give me any error messages. The log files give no clue as to what's wrong:- 18/12/23 15:37:05.953 01696 - ] # win.xpl version 18/12/23 15:37:05.953 01696 INFO ] 18/12/23 15:37:07.847 01696 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 18/12/23 15:37:07.847 01696 INFO ] 18/12/23 15:37:29.994 08616 INFO ] 18/12/23 15:37:30.347 11832 INFO ] Using latest installers, as I say, I had it working this morning so whether there's some traces still in my registry that's messing things up I don't know, not sure where to look to be honest Have tried with several aircraft, makes no difference, not so much as a glimmer. Absolutely stuck now, any suggestions please?
  14. I've also caught the bug and have generated a couple of terabytes of tiles covering most of Europe and the USA. The majority is at zl 16 but the UK is 17. Around airports its 18. I don't have a drive large enough to hold them all so they are spread over several including an ssd, traditional hdd and an external drive which from memory I think is USB 2. I only have a gtx970 so have to keep the texture quality slider at high so as not to swamp its memory. I don't experience any delays or stutters at all when transitioning across tile boundaries but I don't know how xplane preloads scenery, I guess it loads a circle of dds files around your plane in which case you might see a lot of hard drive activity well before you get to the tile border. However so long as your hdd is well defragmented and optimised I can't see why loading dds files from a different folder should be an issue.
  15. I'm delighted to hear that you plan to address the non default default airports, that is really good news. I'm sure you'd agree that it would have been helpful to have made this clear in advance, might have saved a lot of people getting hot under the collar like me. I do challenge your assertion that this issue was highlighted in advance but life's too short to get too worked up about that!
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