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  1. I only ever run programmes as Admin if I'm explicitly told to during installation so I hadn't selected that option with any of the software. However, at some point in the past I must have hit a problem with X Plane so I was running my old version as Admin. I forgot about that when I reinstalled, hence I hit a problem when I came to try and run RXP. Hopefully my experience will help someone else that hits the same issue.
  2. Found the answer in a post from November 2017 - I just needed to run XP 11 as Administrator! That's 4 hours of my life I'll never get back...
  3. After trying to fix this myself for the past 4 hours I've finally conceded defeat and come here for help. I've looked back through the multitude of threads and can see lots of other folk with the same problem, GTN options appear as expected in Plugins menu when running XP and the GTN750 pops up but with no power on. I had it working before but have reinstalled XP and reinstalled RXP but i cannot get it working this time. The Garmin trainer software is installed and working. When I run the RXP installer it confirms that the trainer is installed and doesn't give me any error messages. The log files give no clue as to what's wrong:- 18/12/23 15:37:05.953 01696 - ] # win.xpl version 18/12/23 15:37:05.953 01696 INFO ] 18/12/23 15:37:07.847 01696 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 18/12/23 15:37:07.847 01696 INFO ] 18/12/23 15:37:29.994 08616 INFO ] 18/12/23 15:37:30.347 11832 INFO ] Using latest installers, as I say, I had it working this morning so whether there's some traces still in my registry that's messing things up I don't know, not sure where to look to be honest Have tried with several aircraft, makes no difference, not so much as a glimmer. Absolutely stuck now, any suggestions please?
  4. I've also caught the bug and have generated a couple of terabytes of tiles covering most of Europe and the USA. The majority is at zl 16 but the UK is 17. Around airports its 18. I don't have a drive large enough to hold them all so they are spread over several including an ssd, traditional hdd and an external drive which from memory I think is USB 2. I only have a gtx970 so have to keep the texture quality slider at high so as not to swamp its memory. I don't experience any delays or stutters at all when transitioning across tile boundaries but I don't know how xplane preloads scenery, I guess it loads a circle of dds files around your plane in which case you might see a lot of hard drive activity well before you get to the tile border. However so long as your hdd is well defragmented and optimised I can't see why loading dds files from a different folder should be an issue.
  5. I'm delighted to hear that you plan to address the non default default airports, that is really good news. I'm sure you'd agree that it would have been helpful to have made this clear in advance, might have saved a lot of people getting hot under the collar like me. I do challenge your assertion that this issue was highlighted in advance but life's too short to get too worked up about that!
  6. Thanks for responding but I can now clarify my earlier post as there have been significant developments. The reason why I wasn't seeing improved airport buildings was because by chance I'd tested at a high detail default airport. Unfortunately we've only now discovered that these aren't improved by your product other than by installing better jet ways vehicles etc, the main buildings are unimproved. To be clear, I did not expect every airport in the world to be magically transformed into payware quality, but equally, I did not expect to find that a number of the largest airports in the world would be only partially enhanced. If your developers knew about this limitation in advance then I'm astonished you failed to draw it to the attention of prospective buyers.
  7. soppie

    Zinertek or REX WA? Comparison screenshots

    Well they really ought to have made that shortcoming clear in the pre-publicity. I don't think I'm the only person who'll be furious on finding out, that'll teach me to be impatient!
  8. soppie

    REX Major announcement

    Hi Reed, Good to see you dropping in to help out customers but while you're here can you please comment on the issue that's been found with the high detail default airports. I bought the product in good faith but am extremely disappointed to find that there's a long list of major airports that wont be improved. It's no good having faboulous hi res jetways sticking out of low res default buildings. At the moment I'm feeling like I've been hoodwinked into buying this and wouldn't have if I'd known of its limitations in advance. Paul
  9. soppie

    REX Major announcement

    Just posted this on another thread. This is a real disappointment "Uh oh, it appears that the problem at some airports has been confirmed by a user over on the REX forum. There are a number of large airports dotted around the world that are high detail (see here http://www.simtours....ailairports.php). It looks like the REX product will install jetways and vehicles there but not change the terminal buildings. Not happy!"
  10. soppie

    Zinertek or REX WA? Comparison screenshots

    Uh oh, it appears that the problem at some airports has been confirmed by a user over on the REX forum. There are a number of large airports dotted around the world that are high detail (see here It looks like the REX product will install jetways and vehicles there but not change the terminal buildings. Not happy!
  11. soppie

    Zinertek or REX WA? Comparison screenshots

    Hi David, I too have bought and installed REX WA but am having problems, some airports have improved buildings but not others. I see the same as you at LFPO but can you do me a favour and port to Charles de Gaulle. The textures are still default there on my setup so I'm keen to see if yours have changed. Thanks.Paul
  12. Nope. Using Orbx global but afaik that doesn't change default terminal buildings. One other thing to note. Where the new textures are displayed it's a shimmerfest unless you're able to run sgss (which I haven't got the horsepower for). Many of the new vehicles "sparkle" from a distance and some of the textures for the buildings feature multitudes of thin vertical lines which play havoc as you approach them. Some of the alternative textures will be less prone to that I suspect.
  13. soppie

    REX Major announcement

    According to what I downloaded, Cab 1 to 6 are 512,000 kb. Cab 7 is 99,297 kb
  14. No, don't think that's it, got the files from FSS and size is correct and no issues at all with unzipping and installing. I can see the new HD files are in the correct folder but for some reason they won't display. Some hangars have definitely changed but the main terminal buildings are stubbornly staying default. I'm hoping it's a simple fix.
  15. I've only found one default airport where the terminal texture has been changed, all the others are still showing default textures. The new jet ways and vehicles are working and look good but something is preventing the terminal textures from showing. Not only affecting me, someone else has reported the same issue at the REX support forum. Unfortunately Rex staff don't appear to be actively responding to support requests yet...