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  1. Yup engine bleeds are left on. Dont worry about the Dual bleed light as it will go away after you start up and get configured for taxi. I believe the restriction with that light is to remain at iddle power so you dont back pressure the APU bleed. For us, the emergency light will be off when we show up to the airplane. Everything else as Andrea said.

  2. Personally I always read back full clearance, " Miami One departure Mnate transition As Filed maintain 5000 expect 260 in 10 departure on 25.5 squack 1234". Say "with you" i.e " songbird 1801 with you out of 10 and a half for two six O direct maxim".. i keep the hand offs short and sweet when there is alot of traffic on freq " tower for 1801, seeyaa!"

  3. His technique is definitely not correct, you only need to use enough correction to keep the wings level (not full deflection like this guy is using) and you don't do it from a stop, you start rolling into it as you get closer to rotate and after wheels up as you need it. Specially on a heavy jet. On a light single or twin you might have to hold aileron in on the take off roll depending on how strong the crosswind is.

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