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  1. Hi

    Because I saw 3 Youtube videos were, the LatinVFR SUMU airport worked in P3DV4.5, I tried a lot of things "forward and backward" and finally it worked out!

     I deactivated the default Airport (0405/scenery/Apx33440.bgl) and the the 3 ORBX Vector SUMU Airport Files (.bgl to .off). 
    So only LatinVFR SUMU Airport bgl. file is active. 

    Then I run the AEC tool in the ORBX Vector Settings.

    At last I copied the LatinVFR SUMU Texture files in the P3D/Scenery/Texture folder, but I have no idea if that has any effect at all. 

    Than it worked, I did a quick test flight on a PMDG 737 Ngxu, Start at RWY 06 and landing ILS RWY 19 - no crashes 


  2. Hi

    I am on a roundtrip in South America...

    I brought the missing Airports SUMU Montevideo (LatinVFR) and SGAS Asuncion (Taxi2Gate).

    I know they are only for FSX but often the old FSX Airports are working with minor issues in P3DV4 and they are much better then the default airports.

    SGAS Asuncion (Taxi2Gate) works fine, but SUMU Montevideo (LatinVFR) has serious problems with the runways and Taxiways.

    I use P3D4.5 ORBX LC SA, Base, Vector, Simstarter NG, Pilots Mesh 2020.

    I assume they are multiple factors working together or may be against each other.

    I see in SimstarterNG the .bgl files of an Airport and often it helps to deactivate the default Airport, or the ORBX Vector Airport (.bgl to .off) 

    I did some research at youtube and some simmers seem to mange to run Latin VFR SUMU in P3DV4.

    Here ist the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgt8lWbjzqY (around 30 min you see the LatinVFR Airport Building) 

    Do you have a workaround for me? 




  3. Hi 

    I use P3DV4.5 and brought Taxi2Gate TKPK St. Kitts & Nevis (Karibik). Officially its only for P3DV3, but I manage to install it, and the Airport looks fine, much better then default ... (I use ORBX Base & Vector & LC NA & SA)

    As other users wrote, they had problems with black autogene buildings around the airport. 

    There are 2 Layers in the Scenery Library , the TKPK Airport Layer and below the TKPK Terrain layer. 

    If I deactivate the TKPK Terrain layer, the ORBX Buildings "take over" around the airport , but I have some trees at the apron, where the planes are parking.

    Can I remove these Trees wits ADE (Airport Design Editor) with some kind of Exclusions?

    Is there a tutorial out there how it works P3DV4? 

    Thanks Erik


  4. Hi

    I still use P3DV4 because I have a some of airports, that still only available for FSX or P3DV2-3.

    I use ORBX Vector and LC North&South America, Africa and Europe.

    In Asia an Africa there are some add-on Airports - there are better then the default Aitrports but still have issues.

    In some cases there is a photo.bgl inside the scenery folder of the airport that covers the airport and surrounding with a satellite image.

    The problem seams to be, that in some cases at some airports the photo.bgl "blocks" the surrounding area of the airport for ORBX Buildings. 

    If I "turn of" the photo.bgl ( to photo.off) then the ORBX Buildings "come" close to the Airport, but I have the satellite image pattern of streets and houses (ORBX) below the runway - not good.

    May Question is: Can I edit and crop the photo.bgl (possibly with ADE) so that the satellite image of the airport is only used up to the fence of the airport site and can take over behind ORBX?

    Thanks for help!




  5. Hi,

    after a disappointing weekend with MSFS I am happy back tor P3DV4, with my PMDG & FSLab Aircrafts, my 100 Airports and ORBX Senerys and 0 data traffic.

    Everything works fine in P3D, nothing works for me in MSFS!

    I don't wont to pay again for alle the aircrafts and airports again in MSFS.

    So I hope that the developer will continue their support for P3D, because MSFS is a nice looking toy 

    but P3D is a serious tool.



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  6. Hi 

    thanks for your post, wall said.

    I struggled today with MSFS 2020 and was more disappointed then convinced. 

    Yes, the scenery looks very good,  like Google Earth/Bing 3D Buildings with a good looking weather engine,

    but I had so many small frustrations: with import of the 320 liveries, the bad flight dynamics and bad working 

    autopilot of the DA62, no helicopter etc, no cold and dark modus (or not easy to find) ....

    I had the feeling that I am not free to manipulate everything like I used to in P3DV4

    with the EFB, PFPX, Navigraph, GSX2, Active Sky etc...

    So I am back to P3DV4 and will wait for MSFS updates and improvements,

    120 euro spent on curiosity 



  7. Hi,

    short question, will P3DV5 be backwards compatible with P3DV4 Adons, who might not be able to use all the new features of P3DV5? 

    I have 150 airports from 20 different vendors, plus 10 airplanes from 5 vendors, that will be a lot of research to find out if they all work and are compatible...

    Do you think that you have to reinstall everything or is an update function possible? 

    Otherwise I would wait and see, because everything is going well with P3DV4 and I am satisfied, the biggest gap is rather Landclass Asia...

    Thanks Erik

  8. Hi 

    Do any of you have experience with the Tokyo Scenery of Samscene V2?

    I use ORBX products (Base, Global, Vector) in P3DV4 and the result is a

    dense urban development, but not very accurate. 

    I have the impression from the product photos of Samscenen that there

    are many specially modeled buildings, but there are also some free areas

    in between, where you can only see the satellite groundimage, where there should

    be a "sea of houses". 

    At the moment Simmmarket offers the sceneries for about 27 Euro

    and I am thinking about it.

    Greetings Erik

  9. Hi

    I brought yesterday Mumbai Airport VABB from Stinns Pacific.

    Because the GSX Profil was really bad, I startet to edit the GSX 2 Profile with new Jetway Positions etc.

    Then I thought I could edit some Parking positions and Taxi lines???

    I must say I am completely new in this topic!

    But I installed Airport Design Editor and P3D SDK.

    I opened  the VABB_ADEP4_ADE.bgl file in Airport Design Editor  and I could see the schematic Airport layout. 

    I could change the Parking Position, so that a AI plane would stand on another place, but I could not found out

    how I could change the "graphic" yellow taxi line etc.

    Is there an easy way to do it, or a good Tutorial at Youtube?

    Thanks for help!


  10. Hi

    I brought yesterday Mumbai Airport VABB from Stinns Pacific.

    Because the GSX Profil was really bad, I startet to edit the GSX 2 Profile with new Jetway Positions etc.

    Then I thought I could edit some Parking positions and Taxi lines???

    I installed Airport Design Editor and P3D SDK.

    But I must say I am completely new in this topic!

    I opened  the VABB_ADEP4_ADE.bgl file in Airport Design Editor  and I could see the Airport layout. 

    I could change the Parking Position, so that a AI plane would stand on another place, but I could not found out how I could change the graphic yellow Taxi line etc.

    Do I have to load the textures in ADE? 

    Is there an easy way or a good Tutorial at Youtube?

    Thanks for help!






  11. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts here. 

    I am self-employed in the film industry and many projects of the coming months are cancelled. 
    I still have financial reserves for 5 months and don't know if the crisis will be over by then and the film industry will start up again?

    Personally I am very hesitant to spend money, actually only for food and the running costs, such as rent, electricity, gas and health insurance.

    Now I am at home a lot and flight simulation is a welcome "distraction". Recently a few new interesting airports came out, Kevlafik and Islamabad, which would interest me, but I am totally "on the brakes" to spend money on them.

    Instead, common sense says: fly to the 100 airports you already have.  

    I know the topic is not really important... but in the crisis we might "grow up" and set new priorities?

    The interesting question is also whether we will have changed when the crisis is over, maybe in a year...?

    Everybody stay healthy!



  12. Hello

    Do you think the Corona virus will have an impact on the flight simulation market?

    Will the addon manufacturers be "winners" or "losers" of the crisis? 

    Winners because people are now at home and have a lot of time to fly virtually or losers because people are now busy with survival, earning nothing and keeping their money together? 

    What do you think? 

    Do you expect discounts or price reductions? 

    I wish you all to stay healthy! 



  13. Hi thanks for your recommendations! 

    I am not interested in combat and weapons simulation, I am just interested to understand the Airplane systems and the Flight Management computer etc.

    So I googled your recommendations 

    Milviz Phantom F-4 E/J/S                                         80 USD

          TacPac is optional 

    Vertical Reality Simulations FA-18 Superbug           60 USD

          but requires the TacPac mandatory?                  50 USD

    JUSTFLIGHT Hawk T1/A                                          38 Euro

    MILVIZ F-86 Sabre with TacPac                                50 Euro

    Aerosoft Rockwell OV-10 Bronco                             30 Euro

    LOTUS SIMULATIONS - L-39 ALBATROS               28 Euro   (I am not shure if its working in P3DV4)


    It seems that Vertical Reality Simulations FA-18 Superbug needs the TacPac mandatory for flying, so that would be expensive with 110 USD.

    What would be your choice? 

    Wich airplane hast the newest technology in light systems (like the 747-8i instead of the 747-100) ?




  14. Hi

    I installed the Dash 8 again and got an error message while installing Direct X (something like a package could not been found) but the airplane is working. I am not sure if this anything to to with my problem here.

    I changed the "mjc84.ini" file in the section "UDP_Connector_3" "to "UDP=ENABLED=1", you see the ini file below.

    Is the entry "UDP_BROADCAST_ALLOWED=0" right or should it be "1"?  

    The "Check Compatibility of my Addons" inside the simserver  is saying "MJC8 Q400 is compatible - All set"

    In the browser of the Flightsim computer the FMC is also not working, it means it shows the buttons, but only a black screen,

    but its saying "Connected to: Q 400 L CDU" 

    All the other Airplanes (PMDG 737 etc) are working fine!

    Thanks for help!

    Greetings Erik







    SEND_RATE_DIVIDER=0; // 128 times per second

    SEND_RATE_DIVIDER=0; // 128 times per second

    SEND_RATE_DIVIDER=4; // 32 times per second

    SEND_RATE_DIVIDER=8; // 16 times per second

    ;  1 for KG, 0 for LBS
    ;  1 for hPa, 0 for Inches
    ;  1 to syncronize pilot and copilot side altimeter settings

    Enable =1
    ;VECTOR_RATE 0=1x, 1=1/2x, 2=1/4x, 3=1/8x
    ; Q400 will make sure the screen drawing thread always consumes power. 
    ; If this option is enabled, recommend to set VECTOR_RATE to 0

    ; timing source  0=Queue Timer, 1=Multimedia Timer
    ; disabling the FDE to FSX syncronization might be necessary if unlimited fps setting is used
    ; by default Dash-8 will not load it's tasks onto the CPU core where the FSX process runs
    ; Here one can specify which CPU cores the certain function threads will prefer to run
    ; 1 bit per core. For example, 2=CPUid2, 4=CPUid3, 6=CPUid2+3  Only takes effect if disableFSXCPUBypass is not 0

    ; All parameters generally from -1.0 to 1.0

    ; this means, no real force feedback available
    ElevatorInFSXmode = 1
    ; TillerInput = 0: tiller control is with mouse only
    ; TillerInput = 1: turning ailerons below 40kts will steer the plane
    ; TillerInput = 2: tiller is mapped to the spoiler axis
    TillerInput =0
    ; Tiller dead zone in percent/100

    ; Flight Controls positions from FSX


    ELEVATOR0_CENTER    =32768

    AILERON0_CENTER        =32768

    RUDDER0_CENTER        =32768
    RUDDER0_DEFLECTION    =32768

    BRAKEL0_OFF        =1
    BRAKEL0_ON        =65535

    BRAKER0_OFF        =1
    BRAKER0_ON        =65535

    ELEVATOR1_CENTER    =32768

    AILERON1_CENTER        =32768

    RUDDER1_CENTER        =32768
    RUDDER1_DEFLECTION    =32768

    BRAKEL1_OFF        =1
    BRAKEL1_ON        =65535

    BRAKER1_OFF        =1
    BRAKER1_ON        =65535

    TILLER_CENTER        =32768




    ; now tuned to the noisy sim

    PL1_REVERSE        =-4096
    PL1_DISC        =0
    PL1_FLTIDLE        =18000
    PL1_RATING        =65535
    PL1_MAX            =65535

    PL2_REVERSE        =-4096
    PL2_DISC        =0
    PL2_FLTIDLE        =18000
    PL2_RATING        =65535
    PL2_MAX            =65535

    CL1_FUELOFF        =5000
    CL1_START        =23370
    CL1_850            =38158
    CL1_900            =53264
    CL1_1020        =65152

    CL2_FUELOFF        =5000
    CL2_START        =23092
    CL2_850            =39032
    CL2_900            =53080
    CL2_1020        =65280

    ; This section is for the Flght Training Device Vision
    LeftViewAngle    = 0.04
    LeftViewOffset    = 0
    RightViewAngle    = -0.03
    RightViewOffset    = 0

    ;Set the following to 1 if experiencing sound problems under Windows 7
    Win7CompatibilityMode = 0
    ;    Device on which all sounds in this section will be played. 0 Sound Mapper, 
    ;    1..n is a device number as it appears in the "Default Device" list at the audio page of the windows sound settings.
    MainPlaybackDeviceId = 0
    ;    Device on which the headphone sounds will be played, can be the same as the MainPlaybackDeviceId 
    HPNPlaybackDeviceId = 0

    ; the next entries define to which speakers the respective sounds will be routed to. The map is created by adding the flags, corresponding to the particular sound channels in a SB 9.1 standard, as follows:
    ; SOUND 3D              -1
    ; SOUND INACTIVE          0
    ; SPEAKER_FRONT_LEFT              1
    ; SPEAKER_FRONT_RIGHT             2
    ; SPEAKER_FRONT_CENTER            4
    ; SPEAKER_LOW_FREQUENCY           8
    ; SPEAKER_REAR_LEFT          16        ( if you dont hear any sound from it, try SPEAKER_SIDE_LEFT instead)
    ; SPEAKER_REAR_RIGHT          32        ( if you dont hear any sound from it, try SPEAKER_SIDE_RIGHT instead)
    ; SPEAKER_SIDE_LEFT               64        ( microsoft would usually play it at REAR LEFT)
    ; SPEAKER_SIDE_RIGHT              128        ( microsoft would usually play it at REAR RIGHT)

    ; the XXXX_sound_level has 3 values in % (from 0..100), for cockpit, cabin and external views

    ;     The map for left engine sounds. Engine sounds will also be played by subwoofer in anycase
    left_engine_sounds_map         = -1
    left_engine_sound_level        = 50,80,75

    ;     The map for right engine sounds. Engine sounds will also be played by subwoofer in anycase
    right_engine_sounds_map     =-1
    right_engine_sound_level    = 50,80,75

    ;     MAP for left side headphones navigation sounds. 
    leftpilot_hpn_sounds_map    = 1
    leftpilot_hpn_sound_level    = 75,0,0

    ;     MAP for left side speaker navigation sounds. 
    leftpilot_spkr_sounds_map    = -1
    leftpilot_spkr_sound_level    = 75,0,0

    ;     MAP for right side headphones navigation sounds. 
    rightpilot_hpn_sounds_map    = 2
    rightpilot_hpn_sound_level    = 75,0,0

    ;     MAP for right side speaker navigation sounds. 
    rightpilot_spkr_sounds_map    = -1
    rightpilot_spkr_sound_level    = 75,0,0

    ;     MAP for observer navigation sounds. 
    observer_sounds_map        = -1
    observer_sound_level        =75,0,0

    ;     MAP for synthetic warnings (same for left/right side). was 48
    synthetic_warnings_map         = -1
    synthetic_warnings_sound_level    = 75,0,0

    ;     avionics fan
    avionics_fan_map        = -1
    avionics_fan_sound_level    = 75,0,0

    ;     sounds, coming from the cabin
    cabin_sounds_map        = -1
    cabin_sounds_level        = 110,100,0

    ;     clicks from the switches and knobs (is it possible to do this dynamically)
    switch_clicks_map        = -1
    switch_clicks_sound_level    = 100

    ;     Nose Gear sound
    NoseGear_sound_map        = -1
    NoseGear_sound_level        = 100,100,100

    ;     Sound for left langing gear
    LeftLandingGear_sound_map    = -1
    LeftLandingGear_sound_level    = 75,75,100

    ;     Sound for right langing gear
    RightLandingGear_sound_map    = -1
    RightLandingGear_sound_level    = 75,75,100

    ;     Ambient wind sound, left side of windshield
    LeftAmbientWindSound_map    = -1
    LeftAmbientWindSound_level    = 50,50,50

    ;     Ambient wind sound, right side of windshield
    RightAmbientWindSound_map    = -1
    RightAmbientWindSound_level    = 50,50,50

    ;     Sound when aircraft rolls
    GroundRollSound_map        = -1
    GroundRollSound_level        = 75,75,75

    ;      APU/GPU sound
    APUSound_level            = 0,0,100
    GPUSound_level            = 35,0,100

    ; passenger entertainment settings
    ; flag to enable/disable all announcements of flight attendant
    entertainment_FA_announcements_enabled    = 1
    ; flag to enable/disable all announcements from flight deck
    entertainment_FC_announcements_enabled  = 1
    ; flag to enable/disable music
    entertainment_music_enabled        = 1
    ; if set to 1, announcements will be played according to the announcements script.
    ; if set to 0, the announcements still can be played manually using FMS     
    entertainment_auto_announcements    = 1

    ; See SpecialFeatures.pdf Joystick Connector section for description
    ; Ailerons
    ; Elevators
    ; Rudder
    ; AP DISC

    ; Maintenance Deprecation Factor specifies how much faster the aircraft is weared off compare to the real life
    ; Pause the sim when FMS1 Top Of Descend is reached

  15. Hi 

    I am using P3DV4  together with Active Sky / ASCA and ENVTEX and ENVSHADE.

    I like it in daytime and in dusk & dawn but at night I think it is to dark. 

    In the cities you have normally the "light pollution" and the clouds are "illuminated" from the city lights, 

    so there are not completely dark. 

    Even in a remote area, if you have moon light and your eye will adapt and you will see anything 

    in black/white with a bluish tone. 

    I would like to have the late dawn settings for the hole night. Is there a chance to adjust it? 

    How are your "night" settings?

    Greetings Erik




  16. Hi

    I have an LG 4K 43" Monitor and run it with a 2080 Graphic Card.

    I got the 2080 this spring and put it in my 4 year old system (I7 6700K & GTX 970) and it helps a bit, but last week I did a major hardware update to a new Mainbord Z390 and I9 9900KS and 2 x M.2 NVMe SSDs (256 +1000 GB) for Win10 and the Sim.

    Now P3D runs stable at looked 30 fps, and the workload fo the CPU at 30-60 % and the GPU at 50 - 90%.


  17. Hi, 

    I updated my computer hardware today to an I9 9900KS on a 390er Motherboard. I tried the previous P3D Installation from my old System (I7, 6700K) 

    but it seams not to work as good as I aspected, so I decided to make a fresh install.

    I have the following hard drives:

    Drive C        960 Evo M.2 SSD              256 GB    for Win10

    Drive D        970 Evo Plus M.2  SSD          1 TB    for P3D

    Drive E        950 Evo  (normal) SSD       465 GB   for Addons ? 

    Drive C and D are M.2 SSDs and faster than Drive E because its only a "normal" SSD


    I have to install: 


    Active Sky, Chaseplane

    ORBX (Global, Vector, LC; regional Areas: all North America Areas, Australia, Neuseeland, Germany, England, Wales, some Airports)

    UTX USA, Europa, Canada, TAC

    FS pilots Mesh (9 DVDs) 

    50 Airports from

    Flytampa, Flightbeam, FSDreamteam, MK Studio, Justsim, Aerosoft...


    Which order would you recommend to me and which addons would you install where? 

    Thanks Erik





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