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    #BiggBoss5 is a BIGG disappointment of the year. Back to not watching Television... #BB5 #BiggBoss


  2. BiggBoss 5 in 15 minutes. Will be watching TV after the IPL! Not updated with current TV commercials too.

  3. Damn, you survived! :( RT @Ramblinggeek: Almost got killed :| . Need to give bike for service and fix some faulty parts :|

  4. Also got to see Tim McInnerny (after a long time) in the movie who co-starred with Rowan in Blackadder.

  5. I can proudly say that I have enough knowledge to fly Cessna 150/152 in real life.

  6. Sony mdr-xd100 is the best pair of headphones I've ever used! Amazing! Lacks sound isolation but that's ok ;)

  7. Very generous of FOX to show the Redskins Wi-Fi password on national tv. --

  8. Spare 14 seconds of your time for this disaster: :D :D

  9. And it's a touchdown! :D

  10. I got a profanity warning in a Flight Sim server for using "Damn" in public chat. Dayum!!!

  11. Santhanam = Gounder mani!

  12. Try BESTEST!!! RT @v3nka7: DeConstructed - One of the best shows from The Discovery Channel...

  13. Anxiously waiting for the release of TabCo tablet, but have a slight feeling that we all might get trolled.

  14. 2 most awaited game as of now for me are: Age of Empires Online (releasing in 4 days) & Counter Strike : Global Offensive (early 2012)

  15. TeamSpeak RULES! It feels like I'm actually flying a plane and many lives are depending on me :D