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  1. There really is no point moaning or complaining about what PMDG has claimed, said promised or anything; PMDG never make promises, we all know that. Why try to push and rush the Dev teams? It wont get you or any of us products any quicker!!!! We have some awesome products in the T7 and the NGX and the JS4100 and the MD-11 and the 747, if you rush, everyone knows what happens; awful products are produced.


    PMDG will not have forgotten. Wait and be patient. That's my few cents worth :)

  2. Hi all, I seem to have sorted the problem. Still not exactly sure what it was that was causing the trouble. I started with the clean cfg and did a couple of tweaks from kostas guide and transferred the AI to the graphic card, seems to have done the trick.


    Thanks for all your responses,



  3. I have considered this some more, I do not think it has anything to do with FSPS Xtreme, only in the fact that it turned on the land detail textures that weren't on before, but should the grass in this screenshot be like concrete? is it actually showing the right thing?


    It's still flickering on the trees considerably.


    It's as if the sim is trying to render the land detail textures from 2000ft in the air at a 10nm radius.

  4. Hi All. I have a problem.


    As seen in the (hopefully) attached screenshot, I am getting hugely fuzzy/pixelated/bad (how else can I describe them?) textures. This happens to the trees all the time and most of the ground when the land detail textures are on, compared to not as much when they are off.


    I have been trying settings with all sorts of things including the graphics card and the in game settings but nothing seems to work. I have recently started with a clean install of FSX which would have cleared any other problems I may have had.


    One other thing which I think is the problem, I got FSPS's Xtreme FSX PC editor to do stuff with the cfg but I cannot for the life of me find out which setting it is to remove these ghastly textures. Grr. My pc was running this stuff fine before.


    In the screenshot you seen Orbx PNW with Orbx trees activated, you might see a bit of Fall City stuff and the default Cessna. 





    EDIT. Pic now attached, see? I knew it would go wrong.

  5. I have FTX - EU, and if you can give me an ICAO for the airport I'll putll it up and take a pic for you.



    It's EGLW as the ICAO, is there any chance of a screen shot of EGJJ to?




  6. Hi Guys, hope one of you can help me out with this. I'm looking at getting the FTX England, but I want to know if the London Heliport is included in the package? Can anyone confirm or deny this and post some screenshots? It's EGLW.


    Any help would be appreciated.



  7. In that case: just steer the aircraft as you normally would, but remember that where you're actually going is somewhat to the left or to the right of where your nose is pointing. Switching on the flight path vector on the PFD and/or using the HGS can help you see where your plane is actually going. So basically you would point your nose to the up-wind side of the runway, using normal control techniques and then adjust as necessary to ensure you are flying towards the runway.In general it's good to remember that where your nose is pointing is only roughly related to where your plane is actually going.John-Alan Pascoe
    At the risk of sounding like a complete and utter fool, how do you turn on the flight path vector on the PFD??ThanksMatt
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