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  1. Who cares about moving forward with simulation technology, lets keep developing for a outdated platform.  The whole FSX vs P3D is like the A vs B argument on anet. Ill vote with my dollars and Ill support company's that develop for P3D. Fame Suit On!



  2. I'm not sure how you can use P3D for training with out getting it certified, I worked in a sim center for several years. ATDs and PCADs were the lowest things we had. So for P3D used for training on your home computer you cant log the time, So I don't understand all the hopla about its for training... If you want to get something certified buy a redbird or a frasca.

  3. Thanks Handle for laying it out. PMDG can do what ever they please, Hey all we can do is hope for the next gen of simulation on the consumer level right, whats progress anyway. Oh well off to the airport to burn some 100LL. Sim on guys and gals!

    That's your decision..Just checked vatspy and as I look, there are over 20 777's in the air...All PMDG..Also there are a near 600 connections to Vatsimn at the moment, and it doesn't matter if it's FSX, 9, Xplane, or p3d...I am not going to accept the notion that 'The simming community 6 years ago'. Plus, it's PMDG's decision, if you don't like it, get over it an get on with life. I'm sure you have a lot more to worry about then complaining because a company for flightsim made a decision you don't agree with.

    VatSpy is a program you can download, there is always Vataware.com, its a lot like flightaware but for vatsim.


    About VATSIM, there was an app that showed their online activity but I cant find it, anybody know of it please?

  4. I will not support PMDG any more, FSX is a dead platform, P3D picks up where MS left off. Carenado is doing just fine developing for FSX and P3D, why can't PMDG. I cant allow my self to go out and buy a copy of FSX. The simming community 6 years ago was so much more exciting, hopefully we can only climb from here.

    -Positive Rate Gear Up!



  5. Here we are in the last few months of 2013, seems like its 2 steps forward and one step back with our flight sim products. I ran a Flight sim club back in 2006-2008 at a major aviation university, FS9 was the way to go back then and we figured in the next 4-6 years FS would be light years ahead. Well here we are still using the same sims and inefficiently coded software. Our Hardware has made leaps and bounds, but here we are. I cant see my self going out buying a copy of FSX and tweaking that back up to spec and buying the PMDG 777. Does anyone know if CAE is or was going to make a civilian flight sim for the masses, I heard that one a few years ago.

  6. Alright you guys sold me, just when I type .metar KPHL I want the wx in P3D to reflect what is really going on. Thanks for the feed back! I got one of the other instructors at our flight school turned on to P3D, built a computer for him last month finally went P3D this weekend, maybe I can get him into Vatsim soon.

  7. Hey guys,

    Is anyone running the new updated Active Sky 2012 that is compatible with P3D? Not sure if I'm one of the rare ones but some how I managed to get P3D and vatsim working a few months ago. Only thing missing is the weather. Vatsim fails to inject the weather into P3D. I was wondering if active sky will solve this problem, I just don't want to spend the $$ to find out it doesn't solve the problem. Thanks guys I enjoy the P3D forum here!




    thats my gravitar for Battlefield 3, C4rlyRaeJepsen. Not sure why its linked with the forums here lol

  8. Hey guys long time FS9 vatsim user when I went to Riddle, just got into P3D with a new GTX 670 really want to vatsimming again, wish someone would make a compatible client for P3D, Get the this industry moving forward again. I had a vatsim club at Riddle we had 25-30 pilots. Right now is there anyway to get SB4 running on P3D?

  9. Hey guys, Just ordered a MSI GTX 670 Power Edition should be here tomorrow. I am running a i5 2500k overclocked to 4.4Ghz, I play BF3 a lot. I used to be a pretty big simmer back in the FS9 days but havent had a system to play FSX or P3D. Looking to get back into vatsim but I did some testing a few months ago on FSX wish SB4 but everytime ran SB4 I lost all AA and fps. FSX wasnt that bad on my current Radeon 5850. Is the only way to use SB4 or FSinn running it on a seperate computer, I have a netbook that might be up to the challenge. Thinking of making the jump to P3D but worried about PMDG and other programs working correctly. I know this is a lot but thanks for the help!

  10. Solution 2: Override Antialiasing via Nvidia Inspector (not Enhance) I did this and it seem to work but I am still having proformance issues when I open SB4 in FSX. Maybe my card just isnt powerful enough... Solution 1: Run SB4 as the separate app, not inside FSX, you can do that even on one computer. I can open SB4 outside before and or after starting FSX, but I cant get back into FSX to use it and if I do I cant get it to show up in FSX. I have been searching how to use SB4 as a external program but people ask that question and said they fixed it but no one is posting how to do it. Can I get around all of this by grabbing a new GTX 560ti or GTX 570 here in a few weeks? Thanks

  11. Hey everyone two questions, I have been enjoying FSX on my new rig i5-2500k with my old Geforce 9800GTX. Sim does pretty well on med to med high settings. Im waiting for funds to get a new GTX 560 ti or GTX570. But when I open SB4 I seem to loose anti-aliasing on the aircraft and I go from 30 fps locked in game to 18-20fps. I have tried using NVIDIA Inspector but with no real luck. Im excited to fly on vatsim with FSX but there is no way with the performance hit when I open SB4, when I close it again im back to normal. Also I posted a week or so ago when I used FSXMark11, I average around 26fps. Any ideas or thoughts. Thanks guys!!

  12. Was just working on FSX, I try using Bojote's FSX.cfg tweak mod. With a external FPS limiter and with one or the other and both I only got 15fps vs the 30 locked in before. Also all the textures displayed wrong and the airports didnt load. So I undid all the tweaking I did and Im back to just FSX SP2 and locked @ 30fps plays great, Sliders are above half way and it looks great. I dont have time today to start increasing them but when I get back from the weekend it start tweaking again, I should have screen captured what I saw. Thanks again, I cant wait to get on vatsim again!! Also the Vsyn I dont like, is there a way to turn that on?

  13. Hey guys, Thanks for the warm welcome and all the great info!!! I cant wait for to get the Geforce 570 but I have to wait for the funds to build back up maybe late next month, the longer I wait Im hoping the price drops! :) Any particular brand of board you guys are using, I have been partial to EVGA in the past and I am happy with this PNY card other than it is dated. I will start tweaking FSX and overclocking, I am downloading SP2 for FSX as I type. I am going to jump on the LDS 767 upgrade soon, I cant give up my heavy! Thanks Ill keep you posted on what I figure out here and if anyone has any other info keep posting I have a few other friends who are interested in getting FSX up and running. -Jon

  14. Hey guys, I am returning to Flight Sim after taking 2 years off, Last time I flew it was on FS9. I flew on vatsim often and had a fair amount of payware (LDS767,PMDG 737, ect) and freeware Scenery. I even ran a Vatsim club/flightsim club at ERAU for a year or two. I was up to par with most FS9 stuff but FSX seems like a whole new world to me. But after a computer refresh yesterday I am ready to start simming again. Computer specs: i5-2500K not overclocked yet8 gb of ramPNY GeForce 9800GTX 512mb left over from my previous set up- Thinking GeForce 570 sometime in October... I guess that's the important stuff I have the Standard version of FSX from my friend, I installed SP1 for FSX and I noticed it started using all 4 cores from the i5, on almost maxed out I had the fps locked at 30 and it held right in that ball park with no break up. I am confused if I need FSX gold edition with the acceleration package? vs FSX standard and SP1??? What Payware and Freeware would you guys suggest. I have yet to test out FSX very much so I would like to try it with freeware before I start dumping money into it and make sure my computer is able to run it well. I don't even know where to buy any FSX payware online. Only thing I have my eye set on is the new PMDG 737NGX. I don't think I can use my LDS 767 fs9 lic file to get it to install the LDS 767 FSX version any thoughts? Also any tips or tweaks I should know or any sticky's to read, seems like FSX is a CPU hog and doesn't use the GFX card like it should. I know for FS9 I used Nhancer to force it to use the GFX card. Will I or do I need to use anything like this on FSX? I know I am asking a lot but thanks for the help everyone! -Jon

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