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  1. Just tried support.aerosoft.com again (8/14/17)  and it wont take either of my keys. PMDG777 or PMDG737 both for FSX.

    I submitted a  help request to them but they never responded!!  Very frustrating indeed!!  Why can't updates come through the operations center?

  2. Thanks Mike for your reply!

    I am trying to update the version I have to the latest version (Box version update (v1.10.8395)) and so far have not been able to. Aerosoft has been no help I keep getting the same message from them. 

    From what I have read the new version will work in p3dv4.


  3. I purchased the boxed version of PMDG777 from PCAviators.com  some time ago.  I installed and  have used it in FSX for some time now with no problems, but recently purchased Prepar3d v4 and wanted to try the aircraft in that program.

    I went to support.aerosoft.com to download the latest update but it wont acdept my key from the box.  I have tried several times and even contacted aerosoft support and I get this reply:

    Tom Weigandt (Aerosoft - Support Service)

    Jul 31, 20:27 CEST

    Dear Sir,

    We have seen some customers whose serials were not accepted by our servers when updating to the latest versions. This issue is tracked down to the fact our database did not contain all key series (mainly for the boxed release). Our mistake, sorry.  
    This is now corrected and all serials should be accepted. Please try again, when things still fail send us the serial that is not accepted via email at support@aerosoft.com
    Kind regards

    This issue is still unresolved because I still can not access the update.  I'm hoping someone here can offer some much needed assistance.

    Thanks in advance!

    Glyn Bolyer

  4. HelloI need to reduce the size of the 2d Main Panel so it will display on one screen in Eyefinity but can't find where the cfg for the main panel is located. I have looked in the panel.cfg file but main panel is not listed. Am I overlooking something? Thanks in advance!!GB

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