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  1. Dear Umberto, As you suggested , let's : 1: Move back to FSDT forums 2: Stop the argument, we both have better things to do, like for exemple solve this issue that unfortunately I am not the only one having. 3: Yes I said " little" which is not ZERO and never implied such a thing ... again I do understand you have thousands of issues to solve , but sometimes a customer can expect a little friendlier experience, please do not take it personally because it is not. Thank you
  2. Dear Umberto, Excuse me, but where is the issue ? You and I are in Europe, which, as far as I know allows free speech and I am just looking to solve an issue that maybe I am not the only to have. Who on earth do you think you are for telling me not to write here ? I never said that there was lack of support, I said that for such a big player in the sim world, just having the forum for support and not a direck ticket system for paying customer is a surprise , once again I am not saying you are bad or do not provide support, I am just giving my opinion, which I am allowed to give. I really like and support your company by buying ALL of your products and NEVER had an issue in more than 12 years of ownership which is great and I did always provide positive feedbacks when it was due ! Being a grown up is being able to take criticism and not go on a forum telling someone to " stop speaking " because you disagree, and please read back , I never said virtuali or FSDT did not provide support ! Have a nice day !
  3. I remove the antivirus completely and turn off all the windows protection and still have the same issue. What is weird is that this appeared after installing Basel ... Before that I have never had an issue.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes of course, I have tried everything I could before posting on the forum ... I just ran out of options and apparently I am not the only one having the issue. TBH, I am a little shocked by how little support they give you while you own their entire product library ...
  5. Hi guys, I am having an issue with my Live Update. Would anyone have an idea about how to fix it or where it is coming from ? Thanks a lot ! P.S. I havbe posted this on the FSDT forum a few days ago but have not had any answer yet.
  6. We are all exited about MSFS2020 for sure but please let's not forget that it will be heavily bandwith dependant and will consume a lot of data to operate. People with slow internet speeds or data caps might still have a better overall experience with a good P3D setup. Do not wait for the " next best thing " ... there will ALWAYS be a next best thing.
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering what is the issue with P3D 4.2 , I get " This device cannot be used on current aircraft " with VAinterface 2.25 and the PMDG NGX. Thanks !
  8. Hifi keeps the program curent and TBH it fits my P3D very well, does the job without the feeling of it being a nuclear powerplant operation. If I recall correctly they updated it for P3DV4. What would you like to see/have that you do not have now ? Cheers
  9. Hi guys, Does anybody else have some elevation issues again with Vector ? Did a quick flight arounf KTNP , 29 Palms , and I have the " Ilsland effect " or " Platform effect " again ... With or Withoutr the Airport Elevation correction. All the best
  10. You are right, it's not an easy region to fly in ( Got RW King Air time there ... ) however, the 738 doesn't have the TRUE north option , the BBJ has ... I updated the to the latest data from Mr Sors and it solved many issues.
  11. I know , default P3D Airport ... Not much I can do about it, I was thinking that the proximity to the magnetic North pole might have something to do with it. Anyway, I'll just live with it , no big deal ;)
  12. I guys, I have used this before and it did correct a lot but apparently not everything, I guess it is just a PC sim after all ;) so , let's live with it .
  13. I flew the ILS34 into CYFB. On the approach chart, waypoints " BILKU " " TIBEG " and " ONGAT " should all be alligned with the LOC, However in the sim , I encounter a fw degrees off.
  14. I do have them all. I would not recommend you moving anything over from V3.4. Did you un-install all your previous products before installing the new ones ?
  15. Good evening , Just installed the latest installers on a vanilla P3DV4. I flew a " delivery " flight from KBFI to CYFB and noticed both times that the waypoints that should be on the RWY extended centerline do NOT line up with the latest but are a few degrees off. I checked before flight , the database was Navigraph 1707. Is there some file I should update ? Is it a known issue within the Sim and should I just ignore it ? Thanks for your feedbacks .
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