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  1. I've had The PMDG 1900 C and D Imported into FSX for quite some time with no Problems. I hadn't flown the B1900 for awhile and upon loading the Aircraft the AutoPilot Gauges  Alt, Hdg, App, BC, Nav above the HSI are blacked out. Anyone have any ideas as how to fix this issue. I love flying the PMDG 1900. Great AC. Thanks for any Help.   Eddie 

  2. Hi Ray,    Thanks for all your trouble in this matter but I have no idea as how to access a PM from this forum. All the other forums that Im a member of the PM is located in your Profile but I don't see anything like that.  Could you please explain to me how to access it. My email address is the same as  when I purchased Radar Contact so he has had to be the one to delete it....Eddie

  3. I just recently purchased RC ver4 and everything seems to be OK except I never get an initial altitude. The clearance reads backs [COA2683 Cleared to KEWR as Filed. Fly Rwy Heading, Climb and Maintain {Silence}... I've looked in the manual and this forum and don't see anything relating to this particular problem......Eddie

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