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  1. Hi Maarten,


    I just sent you the files you requestd... But while I had p3d and SLX open I tried some other things and noticed some strange behaviour...


    Fiddling with the 'startup camera' drop down and pressing the 'fly now' button to send the changes to P3d, 'RadarCamera' seems to consistantly give me the same view as the screenshot I posted above (which was set to the default 'Virtual Cockpit'). 'Cockpit' seems to give me a green/yellow texture corruption. 'Weapons' gives me a green/black corruption. and 'Virtual Cockpit' seems to give me either 'whatever it was last set to' or the correct normal behaviour, randomly. 'Static' gives the same green/black as 'Weapons'. Other views all seem to be normal.


    At least now I have a temporary work around (send my flight to P3d, if it comes up corrupted hit the startup camera choice and manually select 'Virtual Cockpit', even if it's already on that, and spam 'fly now' until I get a non-corrupted view).




  2. I'm not sure if this is what the poster was talking about but it seems ever since updating SimLauncherX to the latest version I am getting this problem....


    Yep, seems to be the same problem Brandon is having, just my colours always appear to be a variant of red and blue - looking closer they're not anaglyph since everything is red OR blue, never both...




    (P3D v2.5 if it matters)


    edit: Also, whatever is set in the saved scenerio file that is opened that is doing this, is carried over with the green button method too, as launching p3d normally brings up the standard p3d without freaky textures mode, then hitting the green 'play' button loads the scenario and brings in the freaky textures & colours with it.



  3. I doubt LM can leave the parser in its current condition.  "Oh, all you have to do is go back and clean up all your code..."  EXCUSE ME!?  Some of these guys are no longer alive.


    People assumed that Auran would cave when they did the same with Trainz assets, 'just fix up the [what are now] errors, and it'll all be golden', it was ~3 years of long pain while they refused to back down on the strictness of the new parsing, and they still refused in the end, they just conceded defeat by allowing the community to modify content that had been written by others on the download station.


    LM doesn't have the benefit of a partial copyright transfer as with the trainz download station, and thus if LM digs its heels in, all we can hope for is that others come along and replace the aircraft that have been rendered 'obsolete' by the new XML parser.


    I hope that you're right, that LM realise they can't dig their heels on this, but if not, it's going to be painful, and it may even be enough to kill P3D as the 'progress from FSX' path.

  4. Well, actually, going back to FSX for now also crossed my mind… but I am afraid the popping up autogen will be even worse to me than it was before I used P3D v2. But I am very close to giving it a try, I have to say! If not to actually use it, then to see why I was loving P3D v2 so much…  ^_^


    After being frustrated with 2.1 I was suprised when I went back to FSX and noticed that the autogen'ed trees stretched out far further than I remembered, the only thing I can think of is that with 2.0 I'd set my slider to 'dense' and between having to dial that back to 'normal' and the change to the autogen radius in 2.1 that it's brought it back so far that FSX looks like 'forever away' in comparison.


    Of course the real problem with FSX's autogen has always been the buildings, time will tell if I can get used to a reduced radius of that again.

    Do not know why it's not gone in like less than 20 minutes just sitting on the runway.  Strange.



    I suspect it's a memory leak when some 'exceptional event' is occurring, maybe it allocates vertex buffers for trees based on the size of VRAM, and if it generates too many trees for the buffer size it might lose track of trees, which then become 'lost memory'. NOTE: This is not a hypothesis of what is happening, just an example of how such a situation COULD happen.

    Who knows? There's too many factors between any two - even identical - machines to be able to say 'it works for me' and therefore dismiss other people's reports. Yes, brian is lucky, it doesn't affect him, truth be told, it doesn't affect me if I'm willing to live with a 3nm or so circle of tree coverage (which I am, till LM fix it, but I do want them to fix it, and soon)

  6. I'm sorry guys and gals but no need to be going to where the forests are located.  I was able to easily get an almost OOM message fly from the default P3D location to Washington DC, a less than 15 minutes flight by the Raptor or F35.  No addons.  Used default scenery with Vegetation slider set to max.  There's plenty of trees and vegetation in the State of Virginia and the max Vegetation slider will give you a lot for sure.  I had buildings Autogen turned off.  I also used the FSUIPC set up to show the VAS and had it logged to my FSUIPC log.  This can be set up easily by using J van E's guidance earlier.  I did another test with just the building slider engaged and the vegetation slider off.  I also lost VAS but not as fast.



    You're losing VAS fast!!!


    Best regards,


    Jim, this is the thing tho, I was one of the first to report the runaway VAS problem, but I only have the problem with the setting at Dense or above, once I turned it down to 'Normal' I don't have a problem with it running away. It's still using a LOT of VAS, but that's OK. The downside of course is that the tree circle for 'Normal' is pretty small, and ruins immersion.


    At the time I reported it, I also noted the weirdness that 'Normal' uses more VAS than 'Dense' at the start of the flight, but Normal only climbs as you enter and exit areas, whereas 'Dense' would runaway rapidly to OOM.


    It's all a very strange do, and there's simply too many factors to say 'It works for me, therefore it's not LM's fault!', or to blame it solely on 3rd party planes, like many have.

  7. Try it from Europe Brian, where we still have a green season.  Take off from London on a heading of 100 at 4000'.  Be interested to see how far you get.


    Don't forget to set Unlimited fuel :)


    My test area for this is actually Borneo (WALR and fly west), it's pretty much nothing but trees once you get inland.


    e: WALB starts you a little deeper into the rainforest, but I haven't tried that airstrip in FSX/P3d, and a lot of these are disused/30° slope/tree infested, so YMMV.


    e2: WALB isn't in P3D, try Bario at WBGZ, that's nice and deep in the rainforest too.

  8. So I guess I'm asking two things here. Is it possible to have an axis input in or alongside EZDok or a way to use only the effects? I should point out here that the effects in question are pretty much my sole concern, whilst I like some of the cameras EZDok adds, I have no intention of creating my own.


    I did make a post over at EZDok's forums, but I've noticed that nobody had posted a thread prior to that for six months or more.


    Any responses will be greatly appreciated, I'd really like to sort this issue out!



    The more idiomic way of doing this in ezdok would be to define 8 views for each a/c and assign them to positions on the hat switch. With fsuipc and a 'on button release' type mapping you could probably get the hat centre position to return to the forward view too.


    Personally, I tend to define 'Pilot' which is my default looking forward view, then 'R' looking to the right wing, then 'L' looking over the left wing, then I use right on my hat switch to cycle to next view, and left to cycle to previous view. For in-between views I use the hat switch with a modifier to get the pan view feature.


    If I have any switch/GPS centered views, I squeeze them between R and L, so that the order flows the right way.

  9. Any word on a release day for v2 of this program or even the added features/benefits?


    Or is v2 just a rumor and not really being worked on?


    It's been a year since 'v2 is nearly ready', so I think it's fair to say that it's either not being worked on, or it takes a very very far back seat to whatever is going on in their life/lives.

    Either way, if it does ever materialise, is support going to be there?


    I've almost given up on ezca so many times in the last year due to how buggy it is, particularly the sensitivity of their copy protection and its propensity for crashing (itself, and more often than not, fsx as well) if it detects a whiff of a debugger anywhere near the system.


    It's a shame there isn't a viable alternative (opus's cameras felt far too clunky when I tried it), so I'll probably end up upgrading to 2.0 if it ever does appear.

  10. It would be great if it was possible to select which button I want to use for mouselook. Its a problem having it hardcoded to middle mouse button, because the middle mouse button is used for other things in some aircraft


    Agreed, especially since most mice have 5 or more buttons these days

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