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  1. Hi Kevin, At last It is working. I have TIR set only to my pilot view and disabled it for all other views. And suddenly it started to work. Nice! Thanks for your patience. best regards, Ed
  2. Sorry I was to happy :-( It works with disabling Global Settings, but I did not know, the camera views are disabled too and that's not what I want. Any other ideas? Thanks, Ed
  3. Hi Jovara and Keven. Thank you! I solved it by disabling Global Settings. Removing the 2 simconnect.manifest resulted in no longer working of TIR and I had to reinstall TIR, before it worked again. Again thanks and regards, Ed
  4. I am a happy beta user of CP after using EZdok for many years. Today I am using CP with TIR. All TIR preferences of CP set up enabled. However it seems, that's what I read on the forum too, that these two are interfering each other. Working alone, no problems. I aslo followed a lot of suggestions to try, but no luck. It even forced me to reinstall TIR. I have attached a short movie to let you see what I face. I hope there will be a solution for it. Thanks and regards, Ed Prepar3d v3 http://www.cuevision.nl/737/IMG_3449.MOV
  5. Hi Bryan, Read the post and your right its about the 737 default. Looking forward to it. Best regards. Ed
  6. Hello Bryan, Thanks! This nice to know that someday it will be P3D compatible. I am sure that this version will be sold again if it will be P3D ready. When this will be done, I will make a topic on Prosim737 forum, As I said, a lot of users will buy it. Looking forward to it. Regards, Ed
  7. Okee a PM, And could you please share your solution? Thanks and regards, Ed
  8. Hello Bryan. Although it is an old post, I am still curious if you have succeed in doing tests with the default 737 for FS2CREW. Any results? Still trying to get it work overhere. Thanks and regards, Ed
  9. Hello again, After about a day, I have a little progress. The FS2Crew configuration panel is started up well. The main panle however, is returning black and causes P3D in freezin. And I noticed into the configurationpanel that sound could not be determined. Have look at the screenshot please. Any ideas how the last part can be fixed too? Thank and regards, Ed
  10. Hello to you all. Its a pitty FS2CREW does not make the default 737 ready for prepar3d! I know there are a lot of other packages, but that aint the issue. I have made my own Home Cockpit with the use of Prosim737. Its all based on a default 737. I read a lot of support Bryan gave to other users to get it working (in the beginning) into P3D, but the default 737 has never been mentioned. I am willin' to pay for that support. But as I said I can not switch to e.g. PMDG 737. I am sure that if this will been solved sooner or later, a lot of (there are thousands of them) Prosimusers will also keep on using FS2CREW 737 default. Hope anyone of you can help me in integrate 737 default too in my default 737 Thanks and many regards, Ed
  11. Hello Ludo, Did you find a solution on this? I did not and am curious if you succeed. Thanks an regards, Ed
  12. Hi there SOLVED. P3D loaded another plane first I started up new and first choose PMDG and pressed ok. This solved it. Thanks and regards, Ed
  13. Hi to you all Today I bought the G737 NGX reboot for P3Dv3. Installation went seamless. Now I have started up the plane I noticed a terrible problem. Most of the buttons in the whole cockpit are not reacting on my mouse actions. Even all buttons on the CDU are not acting on the mouseclicks. I bought at the same time FS2CREW P3D too. I cann call the panels, but no butttons respond on mouseclicking. Can anybody tell me how I can solve this please? Thanks very much and regards, Ed
  14. Hello Steven and Bryan, What I meant which package I should buy. This is the answer. Thanks and regards, Ed
  15. Hi there, Can you tell me what I should choose? I do not have the PMDG NGX 737. This reboot version however, seems to be worth buying it. Can I use it as a new standalone, or can it only be used in combination with... Thanks an regards Ed
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