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  1. I'm sure we've heard Meyer's problem with patent trolls suing him for "infringing" on vague patents. Here's the update, uploaded a few days ago: Very infuriating stuff... Thankfully, his videos are receiving quite a lot of coverage and hopefully some action will be taken against those that participate in this.
  2. linux731

    Sleeping compartments of long haul jets

    That looks claustrophobic as hell without any windows.
  3. linux731

    A visit to the Nvidia failure lab.

    Wow.... So this is why their products are so expensive... :Money Eyes:
  4. linux731

    Win10 clean install, or stay with 7?

    Upgrade, then clean install. Sorry, I don't run FS9. I was just commenting on the fact that the computer itself responds much better in the new OS.
  5. linux731

    Win10 clean install, or stay with 7?

    Your 2435M/HD3000 would probably run much better in W10 with an SSD than in W7... I had a 2330M/HD3000 laptop that performed much better under W10 than in W7, with a mechanical HDD.
  6. linux731

    Interesting observation. Win 10 may be overestimating CPU usage.

    Let's be honest Jessica, nobody really relies on Task Manager for accurate readings on anything related to the CPU. I recommend you download Process Explorer from Microsoft TechNet. It's much more robust and accurate. Task Manager still claims that my i5-2500k is running at 5.8GHz, even though it's overclocked to 4.4GHz.
  7. linux731

    Windows Updates

    Right click start button, click "System", click "Advanced system settings" on the left, click the "Hardware" tab, click "Device Installation Settings", and check "No". Restart your PC. This should stop driver updates. No it doesn't. W10 Pro allows you to defer UPGRADES, not updates. An UPGRADE is like a "service pack", such as the November 2015 1511 W10 update, or the upcoming "Redstone" upgrade later this year. Neither Pro nor Home allow you to stop updates completely (unless you use the Group Policy Editor or the Services.msc in the MMC).
  8. linux731

    Windows 10 Upgrade Or Stay......

    5. Right click start button, click "System", click "Advanced system settings" on the left, click the "Hardware" tab, click "Device Installation Settings", and check "No". This stopped W.U. from installing a non-existent Canon driver on my computer. 6. Download this: and choose the updates you don't want installed.
  9. linux731

    New Computer Windows 10 - What do I need to know?

    This is what I do on a clean install: 1. After W10 installs, you will go through the setup. Make sure to choose "Customise Settings" instead of "Express Settings". Disable everything you feel should be off. 2. Create a "local" account to login to the OS. (I don't use the "Windows Store" or "metro apps", nor do I buy "apps") 3. Go to the Settings "app", Privacy, and disable everything possible. Turn off everything under "Allow apps to use X", and on the last box, disable " Allow Windows to ask for my feedback" and "Send device data to Microsoft." 4. Open Control Panel, go to Default Programs, and change default programs that open pictures, videos, and audio from "metro apps" to Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player. 5. Disable OneDrive from starting up when the PC starts up. I'm not sure why this is on by default. Open OneDrive in the task bar notification area, go to Settings, and turn off the option. 6. Make sure to set Windows Updates to ask when it needs to restart your computer. Also, disable P2P updates in the same section. 7. Uninstall all the other "metro apps" that can be uninstalled (such as "Money", "3D Builder", etc.) 8. Disable Defender Cloud Protection and Automatic Sample Submission. There's a huge guide for configuring W10 here:
  10. linux731

    Why the Windows Store is BAD news for PC users

    The "Windows Store" is a joke. And it has been a joke ever since Windows 8 launched in 2012. Microsoft keeps trying to push their "apps" on desktops in an attempt to unify their unwanted mobile phone OS with desktops. Who the hell wants this? Why would I want to run a desktop program on a phone, or a phone "app" on my desktop? I don't see it. With Windows 10, MS introduced their so-called "universal Windows apps" (UWP) that are written in the same Windows Runtime architecture instead of Win32/64. As the OP of this thread pointed out, these "apps" are extremely limited and simply cannot compare to a regular program as Win32. Some say MS's ultimate, distant-future goal is to create a "walled garden" in Windows, in which the user can only get third party software through the "Windows Store" and nowhere else (including regular programs), similar to iOS or Android with the App Store and Google Play store. Whatever they're trying to do, all I know is that reinventing the wheel is not necessary... What's ironic is that Microsoft themselves said they don't want to compete with Steam with their "Windows Store" garbage in August 2015, yet here they are, restricting their games to their store only.
  11. linux731

    News on DTG Simulator is coming soon!

    Okay, I stand corrected. However, that still doesn't mean MS isn't trying to compete with Steam, which Phil Spencer said they wouldn't. Their silly "app store" is essentially GFWL 2.0.
  12. linux731

    News on DTG Simulator is coming soon!

    How's it unrealistic? Mickeysoft is heavily pushing their "app store" in W10. Even the default picture and video program is one of those "apps". Recently they announced that other first party games would be exclusive to the "app store", such as Quantum Break, Fable Legends, GoW, etc. Also, you might want to read the title of the blog post... It says "coming to W10" not "coming to PC". What else could/would that mean? I may be wrong but so far it's not a bad assumption...
  13. linux731

    News on DTG Simulator is coming soon!

    Sounds like good 'ol Microsoft will restrict the simulator's distribution to the W10 "Windows Store", which is garbage, full of useless "apps" for phones. Just yesterday, the developers of Quantum Break announced the same thing. M$ must be paying some good $$$$ for that. It's funny since Phil Spencer promised that MS is not interested in competing with Steam, yet here they are, restricting your choice.
  14. linux731

    News on DTG Simulator is coming soon!

    When asked for release date and pre-release information for a game, the CEO of TakeTwo simply said: "We're not going to announce it, we're not going to announce when we are going to announce it, and we are not going to announce a strategy about announcing it or about when we are going to announce it either, or about the announcement strategy surrounding the announcement of the strategy."
  15. To be honest, we're talking about security/1st party support, not compatibility. Of course Skylake will be compatible with 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, and prior if you want it to be.